Asbestos Claim Success for former Pleural Plaques Victim

Corries Solicitors Ltd have settled an asbestos claim for a former Tar Distiller employee who was diagnosed with the asbestos condition, Pleural Thickening.

The Case

Our client, Mr S, first approached Corries in 2008. At that time he had pleural plaques for which there is no compensation.

In 2013, Mr S returned to us as he felt his health had got worse. We had to carefully investigate this as he had other health problems. We were able to prove that the asbestos pleural plaques had changed over the years into pleural thickening. It was necessary for us to show that this thickening was playing a part in his day to day disability. We formed the view that a claim for compensation could now be made.

We picked up the investigations we had made in 2008. These established that he had been exposed to asbestos whilst working on boilers and handling or working in the close vicinity of disturbed asbestos lagging for the defendant.

With robust evidence from Mr S, along with well researched medical evidence, we were able to show the changes over the years.  This case now met the criteria for a compensation claim.

Corries managed to secure Mr S a five figure settlement.


Charlie Bradley picks up the story.

“Pleural thickening is one of a number of conditions that can develop following exposure to asbestos. It can cause breathing disabilities for the victim. In the majority of cases pleural plaques do not develop into a more serious condition. Unfortunately in Mr S’s case his condition did develop and his life was affected by it.

Mr S was delighted with his settlement figure and the conduct of Corries throughout the course of his claim.  He was particularly pleased with our personable approach. We visited him at home and clearly explained the evidence we needed and what was involved in securing his compensation”

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