Asbestos Claims are stressful for a victim and their family. If you are a victim or family member there are a number of practical measures you may want to think about:

Practical Points

  1. Writing a will. Only 24% of the population leave a will. Many people assume that if they have modest income, savings or assets that they do not need a will. Corries do not have a will writing department but we  recommend everyone has a will written out. The Law Society may be able to recommend someone – they can be found at


  1. Sorting out funeral arrangements – as morbid as it may seem it is sensible to consider what arrangements you want in place. You may consider pre purchasing a funeral plan to protect your family against the expense of your funeral in the future.
asbestos claim

Tackling things to do one at a time is a good idea

  1. Power of attorney – you may find it helpful to have a family member or trusted friend to look after your affairs now or in the future. This link above may be helpful if you are thinking about such measures.


  1. Trusts – we can recommend putting any settlement monies into a trust. This will help ring fence the monies for benefits and other purposes. The following link may be helpful:


  1. Insurances – if you have any car, life or income protection policies then you will need to inform them of your condition. You will need to contact the insurer to see if this affects your cover or premium.
asbestos claim insurance

Asbestos Claims may affect your insurance cover

  1. Informing your doctor. Your doctor should know about your asbestos disease. We can provide copies of any medical evidence we gather for you to provide to your G.P.


  1. Financial advice – we would recommend you take independent financial advice about your options after settling your claim.


No one wants to talk about the stark matters which arise when you are ill. We hope that this gives you some comfort and guidance.

Have you have been affected by asbestos in the last three years. if you think you might have a claim then call us no on Freephone 0800 083 7839.