Asbestosis claim win in five months for Asbestos “Big Six” worker

A retired labourer with asbestosis who made “Big 6” Asbestos sheets has secured quick fire compensation using specialist asbestos solicitors.

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Asbestosis Claim- the case facts

Our client Mr B, who is 78, approached us in December 2018.  He had been having investigations into his chest for many years.  Doctors suspected that heart issues were causing his breathlessness.

He had been born in Ireland and came over to England in the 1960’s.

Mr B was not convinced about his diagnosis and asked if we could help. He had seen on our website that we had won many other asbestos cases as can be seen from our home page here

We picked up the case and noted that Mr B had made a claim for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.  He had worked as a labourer in building and factory work. In later years he worked on pipe laying and various other jobs.

A link to finding out more about this benefit is here

As a working man he had various work health issues including Vibration White finger. He was given a 7% award for disability due to his chest but no benefits directly for chest disease.

Working out his working life

We spent time talking to Mr B. We talked about his early life in Ireland. He told us about when he came to England like many other Irishmen in the 1960’s.  Mr B tried his hand with various jobs and had two separate periods working for the well known Turner’s Asbestos Cement Co Ltd.  He worked on production of the 10 foot long corrugated sheeting (known as “Big Six”) which is commonly seen on buildings even today.  He was heavily exposed to asbestos during that work.

Mr B also worked in construction jobs and close to power stations.

We got to work to to find out exactly what was wrong with him.  We ruled out any contribution to his health problems from working with fly ash over the years.

Asbestosis – The medical perspective

We sent the papers to our medical expert. He confirmed Mr B’s exposure to asbestos whilst working for the Turner group of companies had caused mild asbestosis

The Turner & Newall group of companies filed for insolvency in the 1990’s. Following a long legal process a Scheme of Arrangements for former workers was set up in 2007.

Corries have made many claims against the insolvent T & N group of companies. Using this knowledge we lodged the claim with their claims handlers. Having prepared the case so well they admitted the claim straight away.

The Claimant has received five figure compensation for asbestosis and our costs have been paid.

Asbestosis Claim Comment

Corries lawyer Maria McMurray whose won the case commented

“I am really pleased to have dealt with Mr B’s claim so quickly. The medical and benefit system do not always work together nor always appreciate the effect that the asbestos can have on a person’s health. I found that he could only make a claim against the Turners group of companies. This required detailed knowledge of their scheme of arrangements.

I was able to get the case prepared, lodged and accepted in good time. Because of this Mr B’s life should be made a little easier by this payment”

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