COVID-19 UPDATE : 17th April 2020

The government yesterday announced that the lock-down is to be extended for at least another three weeks.

During this difficult time at Corries we want to stress that we are carrying on as normally as we can.

Our team are working remotely with secure access to your files and to fight for your compensation. They are ALL available on the phone.

If you have a case with us then do not avoid our letters, emails or calls if you think nothing is happening. If you want to know what is going on with your case then call or e mail our team. We will be glad to update you.

Whilst there are some practical matters which are affected by the crisis we remain in constant contact with insurers, solicitors, experts, barrister, courts and other people involved in the claim making progress.

We are writing and emailing clients and others. If you have heard from us in the last few weeks then please work with us to move your case along.

Along with telephone and email, we have facilities for video conference calls. If you would take comfort from a face to face conference call at this difficult time, then get in touch with us to organise this.

Our team are still settling cases and offers are being made.

If you or a friend or family member has a claim that they have not yet started we offer a FREE initial discussion by telephone to see if the case has merits. If they want to speak to a lawyer then call us FREE on 0800 655 6550 for a no obligation chat.

At Corries we will keep you updated about developments. When we are able to hold face to face meetings and return to normal office practice we will inform you.

Stay home. Save lives. Protect the NHS.

What is Coronavirus COVID-19?

Coronavirus are the collective name for a known large family of viruses. These viruses may cause illness in humans. Many of these viruses are known to cause chest infections. The symptoms can range from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

This most recently discovered Coronavirus is called COVID-19. Most people who get this will not become very ill but people who are older or have another underlying health condition may suffer much worse symptoms.

The virus affects all ages and there have been fatalities from a broad age range.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The most common symptoms of COVID 19 are:-

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry cough

Some patients may also have aches and pains or a runny nose or sore throat. These symptoms are usually mild.

Most people recover from the disease without needing any treatment and the statistics affirm this.

How is it spread?

People can catch COVID-19 from others who have the virus.

The disease can spread from person to person through small droplets on the nose or mouth which spread when a person with the virus coughs or exhales. These droplets land on objects and services around the person. Other people then catch the virus by touching these objects or services, then touching their eyes or nose or mouth. People can also catch the virus if the breath in droplets from a person with the virus who coughs.

What can you do to stop the spread of COVID-19

Government guidance suggested following measures to stop spreading this virus:

  1. Stay at home and only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work,
  2. Stay 2 metres away from other people,
  3. Keep your hands clean washing your hands plenty of times during the day for 20 seconds or more,
  4. Keep your hands away from the eyes nose and mouth,
  5. Always cough into a tissue then throw away the tissue and wash your hands,
  6. If you are over 70 or have any underlying health conditions then reduce your interaction with people,
  7. If you develop symptoms stay at home. If you are living alone stay at home for seven days and if you live with other people stay at home for 14 days
  8. If you have symptoms and need guidance call the NHS 111 online service or the website call NHS 111.

What are Corries doing during this crisis?

We have placed our team into a well supported working from home scheme. All our staff are contactable by telephone and email as if they were in the office. Some staff are making very short visits to the office for certain essential matters to check on post and other matters in your absence.


Our staff will not undertake any face-to-face meetings until there is new government guidance. However we are using technology such as Skype and other measures for meetings requiring video transmission.

In addition our team are happy to contact you by telephone or to exchange emails.


We are keeping a close eye on courts system guidance. At this time we know that the civil courts remain largely open to deal with cases. Such cases are being dealt with by remote technology either by email or by telephone conference call.

Our lawyers are continuing to progress cases using the court system and we expect this to continue. The Lord Chief Justice has stated that civil justice is the cornerstone of society and must continue.

Settlements and money

Our lawyers are continuing to settle cases during this COVID-19 crisis. We are not allowing this crisis as an excuse for insurers or large companies to escape responsibilities.

If your case should settle in the coming weeks we are arranging to send money electronically rather than bank cheques to reduce social contact and comply with social distancing guidelines. If your case settles during this time were will work with you to find the best practical solution.

The Easter period is likely to see a slowdown in cases generally as people take time off particularly in the school holidays. Our lawyers are using this time to catch up on cases. It is possible that if you have not heard from your lawyer for a time then you may be contacted.

Further advice or links

Please find below some links with some useful information about Covid-19;

The government link is

NHS guidance

For older clients, advice on practical matters can be sourced at


Client Reviews


£28,000 - Asbestos Claim

Gloria Langton

“I don’t think I could have coped without you and your professionalism especially on the day of the final inquest which was particularly harrowing for me. Your kindness and patience towards my father whilst he was ill was also very much appreciated.  I have and will continue to recommend you to friends, colleagues and family for your services.”

£55,000 - Asbestos Claim

Charles & Ann Parker, Bracknell.

“Ann and I want to thank you very much for all your hard work in the successful conclusion of my case. It has been a great pleasure, once again thank you for everything”

£1,024 - Road Accident Claim

Pamela Tegg, Southampton.

“I thank you most sincerely for all the effort you put in on my behalf. I hope your employers are proud of the fact you work so efficiently and to such high standards.”

£19,000 - Pension Claim

Ms Meakin

“I am very happy that this claim is now finally settled and thank you so much for the service you provided. It was exemplary. And you have been most patient with my numerous phone calls.”

£130,000 - Asbestos Claim

June Abbott, York.

“Thank you for handling Peters claim and getting settlement.”

£9,000 - Work Accident Claim

Keith Aston, Bristol.

“Thank you for the cheque for £9,000 in settlement of my claim. Fingers crossed there will not be any further accidents; however I would like to thank you for the professional manner you dealt with my accident claim. The most important part of a solicitors job is communication and I must thank you for the way you kept me updated on what was going on.”

Industrial Disease Claim

Ben Roalfe.

“I would like to express my gratitude to you personally and also your team and company for achieving such brilliant results on my behalf.”

Industrial Disease Claim

Ian Lawson.

“Just to update you. The cheque has arrived. Many thanks for all the hard work you put in to bring things to a positive conclusion. It was refreshingly straight forward and easy to work with you during a challenging time for us all. Thanks for your empathy, help and support.”

Asbestos Claim

Sue & Roy.

"I have to say the service provided by you was excellent, being able to keep in contact and have that professional support is not something we often see and from my experience not a service provided by all solicitors. The last 12 months have been difficult but having your support has made the journey easier. Please pass on our thanks to Howard."

Pension Claim


"Thanks again for all your efforts and I am sure you will realise from my reaction how happy my family are with this fantastic outcome. Your service has been fantastic from start to finish"

Silicosis Claim


"Thanks to you and your staff for all your work and time you have given my case. Thank you for your service and I would recommend your company to anyone who asked."

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