Corries 4 Women Hip Claim Victory

Corries4Women report on a recent successful medical claim

Our Client, Mrs W, underwent a left total hip replacement operation in April 2011. She made a satisfactory recovery, although the outcome was never as good as she had hoped.

Some 12 months after the surgery she was aware of an audible “clunking” in the left hip. There was also a feeling that the hip might give way. She was unable to stand still due to pain. Her GP referred her back to hospital where investigations revealed that the cup component of her hip prosthesis had been implanted incorrectly in an “open” position. She was advised that if they did not operate to revise the hip the pain was likely to get worse and the hip was at risk of dislocating.

Mrs W underwent further hip surgery in March 2013. In this surgery they removed the original hip replacement components and replaced them with new, correctly positioned, ones.

Mrs W had 6 weeks on crutches after the revision operation. She required help from her husband with personal care and house work.

Following this surgery Mrs W was pain free but her mobility was restricted and she was unable to walk as far as she had done prior to the original hip replacement operation. She continued to use a walking stick and found it difficult getting in and out of the car.

The case against the hospital was settled for £33,000 but without any admission of liability.


Corries 4 Women Solicitor Emma Kirkland commented;

“There are a large number of hip replacement operations every year and, whilst most are successful, some of them are not performed to an acceptable standard. My client became aware of problems with her original hip surgery and did the right thing in getting prompt medical and legal advice. Because of this I was able to gather evidence to present her claim effectively and recover compensation for the problems the first surgery had caused.

My client was pleased with her settlement and for the help and support we provided during the claim”.