Corries Solicitors Ltd report on a recent successful case taken over from another firm of solicitors.

Our client, Mr G, came to us having suffered an accident at work. He stumbled in a pot hole in his employers car park and fell forward onto his outstretched hand causing injury to his arm, shoulder and neck.

There was clear evidence of age relate changes to the neck and shoulder.He required a long time off work. He also needed several operations to ease the pain and to try and recover function in his right arm.

Mr G had started his claim with another firm of Solicitors during which time an offer was made of £5000 to settle the case. He did not feel that the case was being properly investigated. He asked Corries to take the claim over.


Corries Director/ Solicitor Howard Bonnett picks up the story:-

“My client was aware that his past medical history was a factor in his case but felt that his case was worth more. The expert chosen by the previous solicitors had not reviewed all aspects of his history and the damage caused.

I sat with the client and carefully assessed his injuries and what evidence would be better suited to get to the bottom of his problems . We carefully checked what could be rightly blamed on the accident and what could not.I instructed a leading neurologist. Together we were able to prove that the accident caused damage over and above that which would have happened in any event. We proved that the accident was was playing a role in his immediate and future problems

My client had surgery which helped him to return to work . However the accident had made him more vulnerable on the labour market than he otherwise would have been.

I was then in a position to settle the case for a lot higher sum, worth many times the initial offer. My client was very pleased with the settlement which has helped him deal with his losses to date and for his pain. He can now  make provision in the event that he becomes unemployed for any spell during the rest of his working life.

It is this practical help which has made this claim very rewarding”

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