Corries praise Mesothelioma Scheme Claim Handlers for swift settlement

Corries praise Mesothelioma Scheme Claim Handlers for swift settlement

Corries Solicitors Ltd report on a recent settled mesothelioma scheme claim. Our client, Mr D, approached Corries with a diagnosis of mesothelioma. He was visited at home and a statement taken at his home bedside.  He was very poorly and passed away a few weeks later.

The Background

Mr D worked for two separate employers where asbestos exposure occurred. Despite extensive searches no insurer for either company could be traced. We made enquiries of insurance brokers and exercised all options. We then lodged the claim under The Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS). The claim was dealt with very quickly and the family received £162, 000 in compensation.


Director, Solicitor and Manager of Corries Specialist Asbestos Team Howard Bonnett commented:-

“It was unfortunate that we were not able to settle this case whilst my client was alive. However I must record my thanks that the claims handlers for the DMPS dealt with the case so quickly and professionally. Most insurers defend cases robustly. They drag asbestos victims and their families through a multitude of hoops it was refreshing to see this claim handled quickly and sensibly. It has meant my client can help to move on and deal with the massive loss in her life.

The scheme is nearly three years old. My firm has recovered millions of pounds under this scheme and millions more at common law. I would like to see the scheme extended to all persons who are unfortunate enough to develop mesothelioma who cannot otherwise make a claim.

Hopefully one day no one with mesothelioma will go without compensation”

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Justice for mesothelioma victims

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