Once,twice and three times for a lady asbestos cancer victim

Corries asbestos compensation team have won six figure damages for a female asbestos cancer victim who had her case turned down by well known asbestos lawyers and a barrister.

Corries are leading asbestos claims lawyers. No one works harder to get you the compensation you deserve. Read about how we took on and won a case turned down by a national law firm and a barrister

The case facts

Our client Mrs N was born in 1947. She was brought up by her parents. Her father worked at a power station in Bedfordshire

Mrs N would see her father after work and helped her mother wash his dirty overalls during her childhood. She would occasionally help out as she got older.

He died in 1969.

Asbestos compensation -First Try

Mrs N has a normal working life. She was never exposed to asbestos and never suspected that this innocent exposure to the deadly dust would come back to haunt her.

She started to suffer with back pains in Summer 2017. Tests were performed and they revealed she had the asbestos cancer mesothelioma.

First of all she instructed a nationwide famous firm of solicitors during this time who investigated the claim for her. Within a year they closed the file as they did not think her case would win.

Asbestos compensation -Second Chance

Mrs N let the matter rest but then saw our national media advert in November 2018. We talked to her and thought that more could be done.

She continued with treatment for her cancer. Our lawyers got her previous file of papers. We knew that more could be done.

Because of this belief our team enquired further and asked more of her and her family. Then we researched extensively and found out more about her late father’s work.

Our view was that one of our panel of barristers might now support the case. We gathered the papers and sought his opinion.

Sadly he too turned the case down and did not think it would win.

Asbestos compensation – Third time the charm

Our team take rejection of claims personally. It hurts us to let any asbestos victim down. Therefore we looked at the case again.

We looked again at the evidence. Our view was that the others were wrong. We decided to press on and invest in the case. Our solicitor pressed on with medical evidence and valued the case and put it to the defendants.

Our letter to the defendant set out why, as an innocent child, we thought the courts would look favourably at her claim. There followed some months finalising matters.

Our work led to an offer in settlement of six figures and over 80% of what we thought the case was worth was made.

Mrs N was delighted and the offer has been accepted.

In addition the defendants will pay Corries legal costs.

Case comment

If you have asbestos disease you need a good technical solicitor and one who is prepared to fight your corner.

Corries Solicitor Charlie Bradley who won the case commented

I am seeing an increasing number of female mesothelioma claims. It is a sad legacy of the asbestos timebomb that is affecting more people.

Mrs N could have easily have died without getting a penny in compensation. The law does not always deal fairly with female victims, particularly those with light exposure in workplaces or from family members dirty work clothes.

I was determined that this wasn’t going to happen here.

Having a supportive team to back you up and fight these cases is crucial. Our team ethic is to fight cases as long and as hard as we can. Our team are fighters.

I was not prepared to accept what the previous solicitors had said and nor was I simply going to let the barrister put me off.

I am really pleased that we fought this one and that the insurers saw sense

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