Overseas Asbestos Compensation Success

Howard Bonnett Corries Solicitors reports on a recent overseas Asbestos compensation claim victory.

Corries client, Mr H, was employed by the Ministry of Defence in a naval dockyard. He was exposed to asbestos during his work in the 1950s and 1960s.

From there he went to spend the rest of his life living abroad in various countries including Malta and Canada.

In his later years he started to suffer with illness. During 2014 his treating doctors found that he had asbestosis and had been suffering from that condition for some time.  This, combined with other illnesses, meant that he eventually ended up in a care home.  He died in June 2016.

Corries got his Canadian medical records. We used our panel of medical experts to produce a report. This confirmed that he had disability of about 80% of which 40% of this was due to his asbestos disease.

shutterstock_347398340We thoroughly investigated all matters relating to the value of the case. This included care home provision in Canada. We also calculated the care provided by his wife in the years leading up to that admission.

A schedule for compensation was prepared and the case was settled swiftly by the defendants.


Howard Bonnett commented

“ I believe that there are many British people abroad suffering with asbestos disease from their work in the UK. It was only by chance that my client was provided a copy of one of our adverts. We were then able to investigate the case.  This involved various technical difficulties. We had to separate out the problems due to the asbestos disease and those due to other health problems.

 I have to say that the defendants for the Ministry of Defence dealt with the claim very sensibly. At a time when defendants are generally being more robust with claims, this was a compensation settlement achieved reasonably quickly and fairly”.

At Corries we strive to try and do the best for our clients in these difficult circumstances. We aim to get the maximum compensation.

If you or any member of your family in the U.K or living abroad and suffer asbestos disease and worked in the UK then please contact Corries Specialist Asbestos Team on (0800) 083 7839.