Pension Annuity Claim Success by Corries Solicitors Ltd

Pensioner awarded global sum of £4137.36 and Pension Annuity rate enhanced

Corries Solicitors report on a  pension annuity claim success resulting in a sum in compensation and enhanced annuity for one or our clients.

The Pension and Annuity Issues

Mr D, from Coventry applied for an enhanced annuity in 201 due to his health concerns. He had a history of cancer and high blood pressure.

His pension provider, The Prudential, used a medical questionnaire from the client’s GP. They made a decision that he did not meet their medical criteria for an enhanced annuity.

In Spring 2016 Mr D saw an advert placed by Corries in a national newspaper. He instructed us to make a claim on his behalf about this decision on his annuity.


What we did


Pension Annuity products need medical input

We assessed his case and made proper and full investigations about his health and the enquiries that had been made. We put the claim to Prudential and highlighted their failures to take account of our client’s health when deciding his annuity.

The case was pushed on by our Specialist Pension Advice Team and Prudential agreed on, a without prejudice basis, to review our client’s annuity.

They have now agreed an award of past arrears and distress of £4137.36. Our client will also get an increased future annuity rate.


Mr D was very pleased with the result and service he received from Corries Solicitors Ltd.

Corries Specialist Pension advisor David Lamb commented:-

The pension industry does not often admit to mistakes or admit that someone has been not been properly assessed in their pension annuity. My client was not aware that he could challenge the decision.

I am pleased with this outcome. My client gets a sum to reflect what he has missed out and will get an increased sum for the rest of his days.

I am sure that there are many more people out there not getting the pension to which they are entitled.”

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