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Work disease – are the scales tipping for victims?

Work diseases affect thousands of people every year.  In this article we tell you how some recent cases will help those affected make a claim – even where the damage caused is slight. Corries Solicitors are specialist in work disease claims.  Our team has unrivalled experience in dealing with work diseases caused by exposure to…

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Have you worked with dust? – Could silicosis be killing you?

Silicosis and other work dust diseases continue to blight and claim lives as recent statistics show. Workers who have worked in dust continue to suffer and die as a Health & Safety Executive report for 2017 confirms. The report also accepts that there is huge under reporting and that the true number of dust victims…

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Silicosis – the Unknown Killer

Silicosis is a silent killer that many people may suffer with but few are diagnosed. Many people will be aware of the dangers of asbestos dust. Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry.  The dust and fibres given off mean it is the biggest killer of UK construction workers. But what about other dusts…

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