Taxi Accident Claims

We specialise in acting for Taxi Fleets and Accident Management companies who Credit Hire Taxis.

Corries Solicitors are one of the leading Solicitors acting for private/public hire drivers for over 15 years.

Recovery of Credit Hire

We understand the importance of recovery of credit hire for our clients. With our wealth of experience in recovering credit hire charges, we ensure that the maximium amount of credit hire is recovered. We understand that it is an essential requirement that all public private hire drivers are back on the road following a non fault accident.

Credit Hire Advice

We offer free credit hire advice on rates, period or liability to all our clients. Just call Richard Walton or Lee Jones on 0844 273 2890.

ABI Taxi Hire Rates

Storage and Recovery

We ensure storage and recovery charges are recovered in full wherever possible.

Personal Injury

We are experts in recovering compensation swiftly for injured taxi drivers.

Loss of Earnings

We are experts in loss of earnings for self-employed taxi drivers. We understand that a taxi is a livelihood. If a driver is unable to work because of an injury or because his vehicle is being repaired, we will reclaim those losses.

Damaged Equipment and Licencing Costs

Sometimes equipment such as radios, meters, sat navs and mobile phones may get damaged. We can help reclaim these together with any costs for recalibration or licencing.

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