Vaginal mesh developments in Australia and the death of a Canadian mesh campaigner have hit the headlines. They have brought into sharp focus the massive impact that the mesh implants are having on people’s lives.

Australian ban on vaginal mesh

Australian authorities have introduced a ban on the use of trans vaginal mesh products. The ban – started by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) takes effect in January 2018. The implants are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse.

The ban mirrors the work being done in Britain by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). They have rallied for a similar ban or suspension of use of the products.

The TGA believe that the benefits of using the products do not outweigh the risks. In addition the lack of adequate scientific evidence on safe use leads the way to recommend they be removed This will take effect from 4th January 2018.

A leading campaign group called “Sling the mesh” have welcomed the ban. They have also asked the Australian Government to suspend all implants and to make open and wide investigations into the scandal. The outcome is awaited..

More than 700 Australian women have lodged a Federal court class action against the medical giant Johnson & Johnson. The action confirms that the trans-vaginal mesh medical implants have left them in great pain and unable to have sex.

In America they have not gone quite so far. There is support for a strong regulatory framework for special access and for information to be published to help sufferers.

The article detailing this is here

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Vaginal mesh problems are massively underreported

Campaigner death

A Canadian vaginal mesh campaigner Chris Brajcic has died due to sepsis. This was triggered by her implant. She suffered a four-year battle with persistent infections.

Mrs Brajcic had the mesh implanted after she suffered mild stress incontinence after the birth of her sons. She suffered with nerve damage with constant pain following the procedure. This led to many infections to the extent that she became resistant to antibiotics. She was readmitted to hospital in October this year but died due to sepsis.

The article is here

Vaginal Mesh in the UK

It is hoped and expected that NICE will follow the recommendation to ban mesh procedures in the UK. This will affect the thousands of women who have this surgery each year.

In England there are at least 800 women suing the NHS and device manufacturer’s.

Our comment

These stories confirm the sorry state of affairs which will affect thousands of women for years to come. Each country has its own legal system. However the fact that similar group action is taking place in Australia gives some comfort. They have a similar court system to our own. Corries dual qualified Barrister / Solicitor Helen Richardson added

The Australian agreement to withdraw the product echo’s our own worries. I truly hope these cases give hope to victims. First of all the victims of this product will be recognised and heard. In addition there is hope that justice may be theirs in due course.”

Because of changing time Corries are keeping a close eye on such developments. If you think we can help then call us.

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