Mineworker from Sutton-in-Ashfield

Mr W of Sutton-in-Ashfield was advised in 1989 by an IFA, Bale Insurance to transfer his pit pension of £5,807 to Standard Life. The IFA was no longer in business and therefore the Financial Services Compensation Scheme agreed to deal with the claim and awarded compensation of £48,000.

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Rolls Royce worker from Crewe

Mr M from Crewe worked for Rolls Royce and was persuaded by an IFA, Moray Financial Services to transfer his Rolls Royce pension fund of £3,422 to Scottish Equitable. He was awarded £35,047.20 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme after a successful claim had been made due to the IFA no longer being in operation.

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Latest news on PIP breast implant litigation

Latest PIP News

In the PIP breast implant litigation our French lawyer has now confirmed that the appeal has been successful. However, the case must be heard again. At the moment we are awaiting further advice on the procedure and how long this will take. We will notify our clients of developments once we have a fuller picture…

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