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Where do most workplace accidents happen?

Where do most workplace accidents happen?

The following industries carry a higher accident rate than others:


This can involve the use of machinery, and operating vehicle systems. The most common manufacturing-related injuries include:

  • Injuries from machines: Mechanical faults and the improper handling of machinery can lead to accidents including fractures, burns, crushing and even death.
  • Harmful chemicals: Workers can be exposed to harmful chemicals which can lead to breathing issues and skin irritations such as industrial dermatitis.
  • Handling injuries: The movement of heavy objects is often involved in manufacturing. This can lead to manual handling injuries due to employees adopting awkward postures to lift, carry or drag, heavy or awkwardly shaped objects. Or through the repetitive movement of arms, legs and back, leading to an injury or making an existing injury worse.


Construction workers are more likely to experience a fall from a height or be struck by a moving/falling object than in other industries. Construction accident claims can arise from:

  • Work-related illness: It is not just physical injuries that construction workers are at risk of in the workplace but also work-related ill health such as industrial dermatitis, occupational asthma and HAVS.
  • Contact dermatitis: Carpenters, joiners, painters or decorators are more likely to suffer from contact dermatitis than in other industries.
  • Asbestos illness: Roofers are at a higher than average risk of developing works, due to their possible past exposure to asbestos.
  • Occupational Asthma: Metal workers, welders, and joiners are at risk of developing occupational asthma due to the airborne particles that they breathe in.


Working in kitchens can be a dangerous environment due to the intense heat, chance of spillages, and risk of being burnt or cutting yourself. Kitchen accidents can happen as a result of:

  • Cuts: Kitchens are full of hazardous sharp equipment such as knives, food processors and graters.
  • Burns: Working amongst ovens, boiling water and flames can pose a serious risk of burns.


The most common types of farming accidents  include:

  • Machinery accidents:  Mechanical faults and failure to operate the machinery safely can lead to serious accidents.
  • Vehicle accidents: Tractors and quad bikes are frequently used on farms to carry out tasks. Human error can lead to accidents.
  • Animal incidents: Animals are unpredictable, kicks and bites from livestock can lead to serious injury.
  • Falls from height: Falls from working at height in barn lofts or warehouses.


Nurses are prone to accidents and handling substances that can irritate the skin. Nurses are commonly affected by the following injuries:
Falls: Caused by slipping on wet surfaces and tripping over objects left lying around.
Cuts: Through pricking skin on sharps or needle sticks.
Assault: Nurses are at risk of being assaulted by patients or their family members.
Lifting Injuries: Especially back injuries are common amongst nursing staff, due to having to lift and move heavy patients.

Delivery Drivers
Delivery drivers are particularly at risk of being involved in road traffic accidents due to the high mileage on unfamiliar roads.       

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