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Worried about your chest? Here’s some quick advice about checking your health

November 14, 2018
Check your health in the cold

As the weather gets colder more people notice chest problems. However too many people ignore signs which could be the start of serious disease or cancer. Corries are specialist asbestos claim solicitors. We work for victims of asbestos disease and cancers. Call us FREE on 0800 083 7839. Read here about some practical and sensible…

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GDPR and medical records – are the new rules hurting your compensation claim?

November 5, 2018

New GDPR rules introduced in May 2018 were meant to help easier access for us all. We ask the question though – has it made things worse? And what can we do to solve the problems? Corries are a leading personal injury practice. We have helped thousands of people every year get the compensation they…

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Latest news on PIP breast implant litigation

October 10, 2018
Latest PIP News

In the PIP breast implant litigation our French lawyer has now confirmed that the appeal has been successful. However, the case must be heard again. At the moment we are awaiting further advice on the procedure and how long this will take. We will notify our clients of developments once we have a fuller picture…

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Not sure if you have a claim? Read about what to ask and how we can make it easier for you

August 17, 2018
choosing the right solicitor

Thousands of people in the UK need advice every day to make claims for compensation. With so many claims firms and lawyers out there how do know if you have a claim and if the lawyer is right for you? Read below about some practical ways you can make sure you have got the right…

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Asbestos cancer scheme numbers show asbestos curse is far from over

August 16, 2018
asbestos scheme numbers

Updated numbers for an asbestos cancer scheme show that asbestos cancer deaths remain high. Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS) The DMPS was set up in April 2014 in response to pressure from charities and lobbyists to get compensation for asbestos cancer (mesothelioma) victims. The scheme was set up to help those who could not otherwise…

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Sepsis deaths up by one third- how to spot the danger signs and save a life

August 7, 2018
Sepsis deaths up one third

Death due to sepsis in hospitals have jumped by one third up to April 2017. Read here about how more deaths are being blamed on sepsis and what you can do. Sepsis deaths can be avoided if  found earlier and treated. We can help you and your loved ones if the worse happens. Corries are…

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Asbestos lung cancer claim win – make sure you don’t slip through the net

August 6, 2018
asbestos lung cancer claims on the increase

An Asbestos lung cancer claim win is good news for a retired pipe fitter following a successful claim and surgery. His story may help others who might not be aware that they too could claim thousands of pounds in compensation. Corries are asbestos claim specialists.  No one tries you tries harder to get you what…

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End of life Supreme Court Decision- how does this affect you if you are ill?

August 1, 2018
end of life care should be clearer

A Supreme Court decision means that legal permission is no longer needed to withdraw treatment from patients in a permanent vegetative state. Thousands affected by life changing conditions can now have food and liquids withdrawn to avoid prolonging their suffering. Here we set out what the judgment says and how it will affect victims and…

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Persistence pays for asbestos pleural thickening claim

July 30, 2018
asbestos pleural thickening found

Persistence has paid for an asbestos pleural thickening victim who has suffered for many years. Corries are leading specialist asbestos compensation solicitors.  Our dedicated legal team will work with you to get compensated you deserve.  Call us now on (0800) 083 7839 or click on a link here to see if we can help you…

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Work disease victims given costs warning by Court of Appeal

July 27, 2018
work disease costs warning

Work disease claims for thousands of victims of industrial illness may be wiped out following a Court of Appeal judgment. The decision may wipe out compensation claims for victims who have worked for more than one employer.. Corries are leading industrial disease claim specialists.  No one works harder to get you the compensation you deserve. …

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