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Companies that used asbestos!

We have had successful claims and/or are considering asbestos claims against some 3,500 companies where exposure took place and that list continues to grow. We continue to check and update the list to help our clients.

Please view our list of companies below and if the company you worked for is on there then please call us.

(The) New Cheshire Salt Works Ltd
A & B Engineering Co (Liverpool) Ltd
A & P Appledore (Falmouth) Limited
A & P Appledore (Tyne) Limited
A & P Falmouth Limited
A & P Tyne Limited
A A Stuart & Sons (Contractors) Limited
A A Underwood (Electrical Engineers) Limited
A Anderson Electrical Contractors
A B Anderson Ltd
A E Crass Ltd
A E Monks (1968) Ltd
A E Tate
A G Barr Plc (Tizer Limited)
A H Willcocks
A J Dunning & Sons Ltd
A J Miller Insulation Ltd
A J Sulman (Caulking Contractors) Ltd
A L Curtis (ONX) Limited
A L Hazeldine
A Lee & Son Limited
A M Mining Services Limited
A Mason (Contractors) Limited
A Mason Building Contractors
A Milburn & Co Ltd
A Milburn & Company Limited
A P S B Realisations Limited
A P Taylor Roofing Limited
A R Brownlie & Co
A R Hancox Ltd
A Rutherford & Co Ltd
A Smith & Sons (Heating) Ltd
A Smithson & F Littlewood
A T Marston & Co Ltd
A W Wanless & Co
A.E. Crass & Co Limited
A.E. Crass & Sons
A.P Newall & Co
A.P.S.B Realisations Limited
ABB Automation Limited
ABB Industrial Systems Limited
ABB Lummus Crest Limited
ABB Nitran Limited
ABB Power T&D Limited
ABB Process Automation Limited
Abbots Insulation Co Ltd
Aberdare Cables Limited
Aberdeen Foundries
Aberdeen Trawler Owners & Traders Eng. Co Ltd.
Aberfab Welding (Aberdeen) Limited
Abex Engineering Products Ltd
Able Construction Limited
Acalor 1948 Limited
ACE Mining
ACME Piper & Steel Fabrications Limited
ACME Tool Co Ltd
Acton Engineering Co Ltd
ACV (services) ltd
Adam Eastwood & Sons Limited
Adams and Adams
Advanced Laundries
AE Goetze Automotive Limited
Ailsa-Perth Shipbuilders Limited
Aiton & Co Ltd
AJS Services Limited
Akzo Coatings Public Limited Company
Akzo Nobel (ANL) Limited
Akzo Nobel Coatings (Holdings) Limited
Akzo Nobel Coatings Limited
Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings Limited
Akzo Nobel Films (Holdings) Limited
Akzo Nobel Limited
Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings Limited
Akzo Nobel UK Holdings Plc
Akzo Nobel UK Limited
Akzo Nobel UK Plc
Akzo Powder Coatings Limited
Albert Draper & Son Ltd
Albert Evans Ltd
Albion Motors Ltd
Albright & Wilson Limited
Albright & Wilson UK Limited
Alcan Aluminium UK Limited
Alex Birrell (KDY) Limited
Alex Dunn Limited
Alexander & Company (Coachbuilders) Limited
Alexander Arthur & Sons Limited
Alexander Birrel & Sons
Alexander Burke
Alexander Findlay & Co Ltd
Alexander stephen & Son
Alexandra Overalls Manufacturing Limited
Alexandra Workwear Manufacturing Limited
Alfred Bird & Sons Limited
Alfred Dexter Limited
Alfred Holt & Son Steam Ship Co Ltd
Alfred Langleys
Alfred McAlpine Plc
Allan Electrical Services (Newmilns) Limited
Allied Building Society (Services)
Allied Domecq (holdings) PLC
Allied Domecq Public Limited Company
Allied-Lyons Public Limited Company
Alltech Limited
Alnwick Construction & Engineering Ltd
Alstom Controls Limited
Alstom Power Construction Limited
Alternaterealm Limited
Altitude Steel
Altona Petrochemical Company
Alvin Morris & Co
AM & GP Hodges Construction Limited
Amalgamated Construction Co Limited
Amalgams Company Limited (The)
AMCO Limited
Amec Engineering Limited
AMEC Utilities Limited
Amka Builders Ltd
Amos & Smith Limited
AMP of Great Britain
Anaplast limited
Anchor Insulation co Ltd
Anderson & Brown (Bishopsgate) Ltd
Anderson Bros Engineers
Anderson Brothers (Shopfitters) Ltd
Anderson Construction Company Limited
Anderson Firmin & Collins Limited
Anglo Swedish Limited
Ango-Swedish Eng & Welding Limited
Angus McDougall Builders
Ani Bradken Limited
Ani Edgar Allen Limited
Anjok 31 Limited
Apedale Hall Colliery Co Ltd
Apedale Hall Mine Limited
Apex Insulation Company Limited
API Group
APPH Precision Products
Appleby Frodingham
Appledore Shipbuilders Limited
Applied Industrial Roofing Co Ltd
APV (No 10) Limited
APV Baker Limited
APV Corporation Limited
APV Hall Limited
APV UK Limited
Araglen Constructia
Archibal Lowe Ltd
Archibald Brown & Company Limited
Archibald Low & Sons
Archibald Watson & Dundas Ltd
Archibold Johnstone Limited
Arco Atholl Limited
Ardon (Painting Contractors) Ltd
Argyle Shipbuilding
Armitage Shanks - Glasgow
Armstrong World Industries Limited
Arnold Sharrocks Ltd
Arnolds of Marlow
Arthur Heaton & Company Limited
Arthur Hill & Co
Arthur McKay & Co Limited
Asbesteel (North Staff) Ltd
Ashby & Horner
Ashby Warner & Co
Ashington Urban District Council
Ashmore Benson Pease& Company Limited
Ashrange Limited
Ashwell Scott Limited
Ashwood Piling Services Ltd
Aspull Engineering
Associated British Ports
Associated Electrical Industries Limited
Associated Electrical Industries Ltd
Associated Metal Works Limited
Associated Steels & Tool Co Ltd
Astral Caravan Co Ltd
ASV Construction Limited
ATI Distribution Limited
Atkins & Sons (Birmingham) Ltd
Atlas & Automatic Sprinkler Co ltd
Atlas Aggregates Limited
Atlas Insulations Co Ltd
Auricon Holdings (UK) Limited
Austin & Pickersgill Limited
Auto Coat Limited
Auto Heating (Newcastle) Limited
Automatic Heat Installation
Automotive Electrical Engineers Limited
Aven Building Maintenance Services Limited
Aven Building Maintenance Services Limited
Aven Roofing Limited
Avingrade Engineering Limited
B. C. One Limited
B.A. Storage Limited
BA Aluminium Limited
Babcock & Wilcox (Operations) limited
Babcock & Wilcox Co Limited
Babcock and Wilcox
Babcock and Wilcox
Babcock Construction Limited
Babcock Design & Technology Limited
Babcock Energy Limited
Babcock Energy Services Limited
Babcock International Group PLC
Babcock Materials Management Limited
Babcock Ped Limited
Babcock Power Limited
Babcock Rosyth Defence Limited
Babcock Rosyth Engineering Limited
Babcock Support Services Limited
Babcock Thorn Limited
Babygro Limited
Bacal Constructions (North East) Ltd
BAE (Run Off) Limited
BAE Systems Avionics (Management) Limited
BAE Systems Marine (YSL) Limited
BAE Systems Marine Limited
BAE Systems PLC
Baildon Combing
Bailey & Whites (Southern) Limited
Baileys (Bristol) Limited
Bain Davies PLC
Baines Heating Engineers
Baird Bros Civil Engineering
Bairds & Scottish Steel Limited
Baker Perkins
Baker Perkins Holdings Plc
BAL 1996 Limited
Baldwin Landscaping Limited
Balfour Beatty Building (Northern) Limited Sambaro
Balfour Beatty Building Northern Limited
Balfour Beatty Construction (Northern) Limited
Balfour Beatty Construction Limited
Balfour Beatty Construction Northern Limited
Balfour Kilpatrick Limited
Balfours Limited
Ballard (Winchester) Ltd
Banana Republic Safari Clothing Co
Band Construction Ltd
Bank Line Limited (The)
Banner Holdings Limited
Bannerman garments
Bannister Mills Ltd
Bar B right Limited
Bar Equipment & Refrigeration Co Ltd
Barber & Coleman Limited
Barber & Heron Limited
Barclay Curle
Barclay Curle Limited
Barling Invicta Holdings Limited
Barlow & Young Limited
Barmac Limited
Barnet & Morton-Hayfield Works
Barnet Insulation Co Ltd
Barnsley District General Hospital NHS Trust
Barr & Co (Brassfounders) Limited
Barr Holdings Limited
Barras & McGuinness Limited
BBA Three Limited
BBA Two Limited
BCL Limited
BCM Heating Co Ltd
Bead Engineering Company Limited
Beale & Cole Limited
Beardmore Ceilings Ltd
Beattie Brothers Limited
Beaver Engineering
Beazer Homes Limited
Beck, Keller & Co
Bective Electrical Co Ltd
Bective Electrical Co Ltd
Bective Electrical Co Ltd
Bede Engineering Limited
Bedlington & District Coaches
Beeby & Cox Ltd
Beeston Boiler Company Limited (The)
Bell Millar Limited
Bells Asbestos & Engineering Limited
Ben Liner Steamers Limited (The)
Ben Wright & Co Ltd
Benfield & Loxley Limited
Benlox Holding Limited
Benlox Holdings Public Limited Company
Benlox Plc
Bennison (Birtley) Limited
Bennison Group Limited
Benson Construction Limited
Benson Group Limited
Bentley Motors Limited
Berger (UK) Limited
Berger Cuprinol Limited
Berger Paints Licences Limited
Berger Paints Limited
Berk Co Ltd
Bernard Hastie & Co Ltd
Bernard Howarth & Sons
Bernard Sunley Limited
Bestobel Engineering Products Limited
Bestobel Insulation Limited
Bestobell Insulation Limited
Bet (No. 68) Limited
Beverley Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd
BICC Limited
Biddle Bros
Bingley Mills Limited
Birds Commercial Motors Ltd
Birmingham Battery & Metal Co Ltd
Birmingham Heat Pumps Limited
Birmingham Heating and Pipework Limited
Birmingham Heating Limited
Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company Limited
Bitumastic Limited
Bitumastics Plc
Biwater Valves
B-J Construction (Ceramics) Ltd
B-J Construction Limited
BJF Developments Limited
BLA 928 Limited
Black & Edginton
Blackburn Aircraft
Blacket Charlton
Blacks Refactories Limited
Blackwall Engineering Limited
Blackwell & Mineral & Mining Co
BOCM (Pauls Ltd)
Boiler & General Cleaning Services Ltd
Boiler Insulation & Chemical Co Ltd
Boiler Maintenance Limited
Boiler Maintenance Ltd
Boland holdings Limited
Bonar Long Limited
Bond M Mouldings Ltd
Bone Group Limited
Bone Steel Limited
Bone, Connell & Baxters Limited
Bonnecar (General Engineers) Limited
Bonnington Castings Limited
Booker Line Limited
Booker McConnell Plc
Booker Plc
Booth Wade & Company
Boothroyd Stuart Co Ltd
Borax Europe Limited
Borden (UK) Limited
Borden Chemical UK Limited
Border Construction Limited
Border Demolition Limited
Border Engineering Contractors Limited
Borrows Engineering Ltd
Boston Deep Sea Fisheries (UK) Ltd
Boston Deep Sea Fishing Ltd
Boundary Heating & Ventilation Ltd
Bourse De Vin Limited
Bouygues Offshore - UIE Limited
Boving Newton Chambers Limited
Bovis Construction Limited
Bovis Lend Lease Limited
Bow Insulating Co
Bowater-Scott Corporation Limited
Bowden & Jackson Ltd
Bowey Construction Limited

Bowling Mill
Bowrie Contracts (Scotland) Limited
Bowry Contracts (Scotland) Limited
Bowthorpe plc
Boyd & Co (Metal Workers) Limited
Boyston System Buildings Ltd
BP + Amoco UK Limited
BP Amoco Limited
BP Amoco Plc
BP Chemicals (International) Limited
BP Chemicals (UK) Limited
BP Exploratiion (Vietnam) Limited
BP Exploration Company Limited
BP Limited
BP Plc
BP Shipping Limited
BPS Limited
Brackendale Spinning Co Ltd
Bradken North British Limited
Bradley Fabrications Ltd
Brady Bros (Roofing) Ltd
Braketing, Centering and Lathing Ltd
Bramely Harvey & Co
BRB (Residuary) Limited
Brecon Construction Company Limited
Brefco (UK) Limited
Brickhouse Dudley Manufacturing (Fareham) Limited
Bridge Engineering Limited
Bridge Walker (Builders) Ltd
British Aluminium 1996 Limited
British Aluminium Company Limited (The)
British Aluminium Limited
British Anzani Eng Co (Manufacturing) Ltd
British Arc Welding Company (Bristol Channel) Limited (The)
British Belting and Asbestos Limited
British Bitumen Emulsions (Scotland) Ltd
British Cellophane Limited
British Coal
British Die Casting
British Energy Plc
British Enka
British Fuels Limited
British Gas Limited
British Gypsum Limited
British Hoist & Crane Co Ltd
British Insulated Callender’s Cables Limited
British Marine Equipment Services Limited
British National Electrics
British Nuclear Fuels Limited
British Nylon Spinners Limited
British Oxygen Company Limited (The)
British Paints Limited
British Petroleum Grangemouth
British Pipecoaters/Bredero Price (UK) Ltd
British Polar Engines Limited
British Rail (Steam Ships)
British Rail Carriage Works
British Rail Engineering Limited
British Rail Limited
British Railways Board Limited
British Rayophane Plc
British Ropes Limited
British Ship Research Association
British Shipbuilders
British Shipbuilders (Southwick) Limited
British Steel Corporation Limited
British Sugar Plc
British Tanker Company Limited
British Technical Cork Products Limited
British Telecom
British Telecommunications plc
British Titan Limited
British Titan Products Company Limited
British Transport Hotels Limited
British Uralite Plc
British Vita PLC
British Waterways Commission
British Wheeler
Britparts Limited
Brittains Tunnelling Limited
Brittal Galvanising Ltd
Broadway Chronium Plating Works Ltd
Broady Valves Limited
Brogden & Wilson Limited
Brown & Co Ltd
Brown & Hood Limited
Brown & Hood Ltd
Brown & Root McDermott Fabricators Limited
Brown & Sharpe Ltd
Brown & Tawse
Brown & Wicks Limited
Brown and Adam Ltd
Brown Bayleys
Brown Boveri Kent PLC
Browns & Wick Ltd
Building & Property Repairs (Lanesfield) Limited
Bulls Metal and marine
Burdette & Co Ltd
Buries Markes Ltd
Burke Howden Limited
Burley Valley Colliery Limited
Burmah Castrol Trading Limited
Burmah Oil Trading Limited
Burnside Machinery Limited
Burnsmith Limited
Burntisland Engineering and Fabricators Ltd
Burntisland Shipbuilding Co Ltd
Burrows Buildings Limited
Burrows Engineering Limited
Burt Allen
Butco Heating (Quinton) Limited
Butters Cranes
Buxton Asbestos Removal Services Ltd
BXL Limited
By Direction (No 2) Limited
By Direction (No 3) Limited
C & H Supplies Limited
C & S Insulation
C A Parsons & Co Ltd
C Backhouse Fabrications Limited
C Barraclough (Soft Drinks) Ltd
C Caswell Engineering Services Limited
C D Holmes & Co Ltd
C H Bailey Plc
C H Gillam
C Home & Co Ltd
C I Contractors Ltd
C J B (Projects) Limited
C J Ellmore & Co Ltd
C J Kings Tugs Limited
C J Norrington (Industrial Roofing Ltd)
C L Whittaker & Co Ltd
C Meadows & Co (Sheffield) Limited
C Morris & Sons
C N Oil Burner Co Ltd
C S Whitelaw Coopers
C V Buchan Limited
C Watson & Sons Limited
C Websters Ltd
C&A Hanson (Rendering Specialists) Ltd
C. A. Parsons & Co Ltd
C.I.E. International Limited
C.V. Yarns & Fabrics Limited
Cable Bolting Technology Ltd
Cadbury Schweppes plc
Cadihayes Services (No 3) Limited
Cadihayes Services (No 3) Plc
Cails Bitmo
Calcutt Ceilings & Partitions
Calderdale Council
Calders Ltd
Caledonia Joinery Company Limited
Caledonian Boiler Scaling Co Ltd
Caledonian Engineering Limited
Caledonian Foundries
Caledonian Shipping Company Limited
Calford Seadon Partnership
Calor Transport Limited
Calyton Mining
Candy Tiles Ltd
Canterbury Sheet Metal Works
Cape Building Products Ltd
Cape Building Services Limited
Cape Contracts Limited
Cape Contracts Limited
Cape Darlington Limited
Cape Distribution Limited
Cape Estates Limited
Cape Industries Limited
Cape Industries Plc
Cape Insulation Limited
Cape Insulation Products Limited
Cape Limited
Cape Plc
Cape Scaffolding Limited
Cape Universal Building Products
Capeline Limied
Capper Neill PLC
Capper Pass and Son Limited
Capper Pipe Services Company Limited
Capper-Neill General Fabrications Limited
Capper-Neill Industrial Products Limited
Caradon Friedland Ltd
Cardiff City Council
Cardiff Insulation Limited
Carillion Building Limited
Carillion Construction (Contracts) Limited
Carpenter & Sons (Carpenter & Mckay Ltd)
Carry Masters Limited
Carry On Grit Blasting Limited
Carsons Insulation & Sealing Co Ltd
Carter-Horseley (Engineering) Ltd
Cascade Insulation Services Limited
Cascade Services Limited
Castle Controls
Castlelaw (NO.8) Limited
Castlemere Limited
Castles of Plymouth Limited
Caterpillar (U.K) Limited
Caterpillar Tractor Co Limited
Catplant Limited
Caxios Group Limited
Caxios Limited
Caxios Realisations Limited
CBI Constructors/ Ayrshire marine
CBR Commercial Cleaning Limited
CC Pre-Insulated Buried Pipelines Ltd
CDC Capital Partners Limited
CDI International Limited
Cecil M Yuill (Construction) Limited
Cellucotton Products Limited
Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB)
Central Heating Developments
CH (UK Realisations) Limited
Chaincourt Limited
Chalder Engineering
Champdown Limited
Champion Coachworks (Newcastle) Limited
Chapman Brothers
Chapman Shipping Limited
Charente Limited
Charente Steamship Co Ltd
Charles Brand (Dundee) Ltd
Charles Connell & Co
Charlton Leslie Engineering Limited
Charnley, Purvis & Newby
Chas A Critchley (St Helens) Ltd
Chas Tate (Builders) Ltd
Chase Norton Construction Ltd
Chemical and Insulating Company Limited (The)
Chemical Engineering Wittons
Cheshire Contract (Shoplifting) Ltd
Chieftain Group plc
Chisholm & Co Ltd
Chloride Batteries
Christian Salvesen
Circle Insulation Co Ltd
Ciroreel Limited
City Hardware & Security Ltd
Citytry Public Limited Company
Clan Line Steamers Limited
Clarence Erection Company Limited
Clark Andrews Construction Limited
Clark Hunter
Clark Kincaid Limited
Clarke Chapman Limited
Clarklift Southeast
Clayton Mining
Clelands Shipbuilders Limited
Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company Limited
Cleveland Offshore Limited
Cleveland Structural Engineering Limited
Clickwards Insulation Services Ltd
Clickwards Ltd
Clifford Ceilings Limited
Cloathbond Limited
Clocktower Scaffolding Limited
Close & Illingworth Limited
Cloudburst II Plc
Clough Smith Rail Limited
Clow Group Ltd
CLS Realisations Limited
Clyde Foundry
Clyde Iron
Clyde Pipeworks
Clyde Rubber Works
Clyde Structural Steel Co Limited
Clydebridge Steelworks
Clydedock Engineering Limited
CMT (London) Ltd
CMT Engineering Insulation Ltd
Coats Holdings Limited
Coats Limited
Coats Mill
Coats Paton Limited
Coats Plc
Coats Viyella Plc
Cochrane Shipbuilders Ltd
Cole Insulation Company Limited
Coles Cranes Limited
Colin Bird, Price Waterhouse Coopers
Coloroll Carpets Limited
Colville Clugston Shanks Ltd
Comben Longstaff & Co Ltd
Combustion Engineering Limited
Communications Installations Technology Limited
Compactom Ltd
Comyn Ching Limited
Cook Welton & Gemmell Shipbuilders
Cooper & Reid (or Manson Construction)
Cooper and Rowe (Contractors) Limited
Cooper Tools Limited
Co-Operative Wholesale Society Limited
Cooperheat (UK) Limited
Cope & Cope Limited
Copeland Borough Council
Copes-Vulcan Ltd
Corey Tugs Limited
Cork Insulation - Glasgow
Cork Insulation & Asbestos Co Ltd
Cork Insulation Company Limited
Cork Reclaimers Limited
Cormach Marine Engineering
Cornwall Insulation Limited
Corrail Limited
Corrimore Realisations Limited
Corus Plc
Corus UK Limited
Cosmopolitan Energy Conservation & Maintenance Ltd
Costain International Limited
Costain John Brown
Costain Limited
Cotleigh Engineering Co Ltd
Courtaulds Films & Packaging (Holdings) Ltd
Courtaulds Films (Holdings) Limited
Cousins Brothers Automatics Limited
Cowal Engineering Co Ltd
Cowpen Dry Docks & Shipbuilding Company Limited
Cox & Wright Limited
Cox & Wymans
CPS (Northern Ireland) Co Ltd
Crance & Hoist Limited
Craven Tasker (Sheffield) Ltd
Crawford & Co
Creany Planthire Ltd
Creeds (Liverpool) Limited
Cresswell’s Asbestos Company Limited
Crighton & Wright Limited
Crittal Hope Engineering
Crittall Galvanising Limited
Crombie Woolen Manufacturers
Crookhall Coal Co
Crouch Mining Limited
Crown Berger Holdings Limited
Crown Berger Limited
Crown Engineering Plc
Crown House Engineering
Croxley Paper
Crozier (Construction) Ltd
Crudens Building & Civil Engineering Limited
Ctrco Limited
Cumberland Cloth
Cummins Power Products Limited
Cumnock Knitwear Holdings Limited
Cunard Brocklebank Limited
Cunard Steampship Company Limited
Cunningham & Foster Limited
Cussins (Contractors) Limited
CWS Engineers
Cygnet Joinery Limited
Cyril Hanson Limited

Dalweb Ltd
Dalzell Steelworks
Damp & Decay Europe Limited
Daniel Doncasters
Daniel Henderson (1953) Ltd
Darchem Contracting UK Limited
Darchem Engineering Limited
Darchem Engineering Limitefd
Darchem Weir Limited
Darham Industries Ltd
Darlington Insulation Company Limited
Darlington Structural Linings Limited
Dartford Portable Buildings
Data Microwave Limited
Davenport Construction Limited
David Auld Valves
Dawnmyth Limited
Dawson International Public Liability Limited Comp
Dawsons Pipe Fitters
Day Impex Ltd
De Facto 390 Limited
De La Rue Overseas Limited
Dea Brown & Sharpe Limited
Dean & Brook Ltd
Deanpast Limited
Deborah Grayston Scaffolding Limited
Deborah Scaffolding (Aberdeen) Limited
Deborah Scaffolding (Fife) Limited
Deborah Scaffolding Limited
Deborah Services Limited
Deborah Services Offshore Limited
Deborah Services Public Limited Company
Debra Insulation Co Ltd
Delaney Galley Limited
Dellaney Gallery
Delta Cables Limited
Delta Fabrications Limited
Delta Plant Hire Limited
Dendee Boiler Covering Co Ltd
Dennison Manufacturing Co Ltd (Dennison Plc)
Dent & Hellyer Sanitation Limited
Denton & Duffy Limited
Denwood Engineering
Department of Trade and Industry
Derby Specialist Fabrications Limited
Desmond Robinson & Co (Electrical) Limited
Desoto Titanine Public Limited Company
Devalake Limited
Devebeam Limited
Devon General Bus Co
Devonport Royal Dockyard Limited
Dexion Ltd
DHA Freight Limited
Diack & Morton
Dialtone Trading Limited
Diamond Drilling Limited
Dicks Asbestos & Insulating Company Limited
Dicks Eagle Insulations Limited
Dicks Limited
Dine Electrical
Directorate of Claims & Legal Claims 3
Discus Research & Method Limited
Dixon & Mills Ltd
DJM Engineering Ltd
Donnington Castle Caravans
Donovan Engineering (Cardiff) Ltd
Dorman Long
Douglas Plastics Limited
Dover Stevedoring Company Limited
Dovetail Press Limited
Dow Corning Limited
Dowding & Mills Plc
Dowset Engineering Construction Limited
Dowson Engineering
Draftsele Limited
Drake & Gorman
Drake & Scull Group Limited
Drake and Scull Engineering (UK) Limited
Drake and Scull Engineering Limited
Drake Limited
Drayton Controls Limited
Drove Steam
Drypool Engineering and Dry Dock Company
Drysdale Pumps
Ductwork Ltd
Dufay Titanine Public Limited Company
Duncan Johnston Limited
Dunlop Company Ltd
Dunlop Limited
Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd
Dunlop Semtex Limited
Dunn Engineering (Midlands) Limited
Dunn Engineering (North East)
Dunn International Limited
Durastic Floor Layers Limited
Durastic Limited
Durham Metal Technology Limited
E & E Kaye Limited
E & P Heatley
E Clare & Son
E Dixon Barker & Son Limited
E Graves
E Green & Son (Castings) Limited
E J Mort & Son Ltd
E M Douglas
E Martin Limited
E Nelson & Sons (Transport) Limited
E T Hire Limited
E W Adams & Son
E W Lucas
Eagle Oil Shipping Limited
Earls Court Limited
East of Scotland Water
East Riding of Yorkshire County Council
Eastern Coach Works Ltd
Eastern Electricity Retail Limited
Eastern Scottish Omnibuses Limited
Economic Forestry Group Plc
Economic Forestry Limited
Eden Construction
Edgar Allen Limited
Edgar Allens
Edgar Fitton & Co Ltd
Edgar Phillips Limited
Edgar Smith (Thermal Insulations) Limited
Edmund Nuttall Limited
Edward Gibbon & Sons Limited
Elliot Valves
Elliott Brothers (London) Limited
Ellis (Kensington) Limited
Emcor Drake & Scull Group Plc
EMI UK Holdings
Empire Stone Limited
Enbild Limited
Energlyn Building Co Ltd
Energy & Marine (Wearside) Limited
Engineering Service Installations Limited (ESIL)
English China Clays Ltd
English Electric (Foundry)
English Electric Co Ltd
EPI Limited
Equitas Limited
Eremys Limited
Ernest Lynch (Bradford) Limited
Ernest N Wright Ltd
Escol Panels (S&G) Limited
Essex Insulation Limited
Esso UK Plc
Etns Strip Products
Europa Mining Limited
European Thread Mills
Evans Glass
Evans Picon Limited
Everton Engineering Works Limited
Evode Limited
Exbrims & Co Limited
Expanded Metal Company (MFG) Limited (The)
Expanded Metal Company Limited (The)
Express Insulation Ltd
Express Roofing Company Limited
F Brown & Son Ltd
F C Naylor & Son
F C Naylor & Son Limited
F Clifton Limited
F Evans & Sons
F Fradley & Son Ltd
F G Minter International (now Russell Cawberry)
F G Minter Limited
F H Wheeler & Co Ltd
F Hills & Sons Limited
F J Baynes & Co Limited
F J Reynolds Ltd
F Leeroy & Son
F Leroy & Company (Manchester)
F McNeill & Co Ltd
F P A Finnegan
F P Hurley & Sons Limited
F P Leach & Sons Ltd
F Paramores Limited
F Perkes & Son Ltd
F Pratt Engineering Corp Ltd
F R Fradley & Sons Limited
F Shew Transport Limited
F T Everard & Sons Limited
F W Cook & Co (Southampton) Ltd
F W Cook (Mechanical Services) Ltd
F. Leroy and Company Limited
F.C. Naylor & Son Limited
Fabians Bay Electrical Limited
Fabricom (UK) Limited
Fairburn Engineering Limited
Fairclough Mining PLC
Federal Steam Navigation Co Ltd
Federal-Mogul Acquisition Company Limited
Federal-Mogul Bradford Limited
Fenning Decoratoes (Doncaster) Ltd
Ferguson Ailsa Limited
Ferguson Foster Limited
Ferguson Industrial Holdings Plc
Ferguson International Holdings Plc
Ferguson International Plc
Ferous metals Limited
Ferriers Ltd Precision Engineers
Ferry Marine Limited
Fescol Limited
Feugar & Evans
FGS Industrial Security Services Ltd
Fibrecrete Limited
Fielden & Rigg
Fields Painting Contractors
Fife Group PLC
Fife Indmar PLC
Fineturret Limited
Finsham Insulation Limited
Fionmell Ltd
Fire, Coal & Clay Mining Co
Fireplaces & Fittings Limited
Firestone Tyre & Auto
Firmin & Collins Limited
First Claremont Shelf Company Limited
First Engineering Limited
Firth Brown Castings Limited
Firth Brown Engineering Limited
Firth Brown Limited
Firth Brown Tools
Firth Brown Tools Limited
Firth Rixson Special Steels Limited
Fisher Controls
Fisher Controls Limited
Fishers of Chorlton
Flare Group Plc
Fleming & Ferguson
Fleming Brothers Structural Engineers Limited
Fletchers Wharves
Flex Mill
Flowplus Public Limited Company
Flowtem Services Limited
Forbo-Nairn Limited
Ford Motor Company
Forest Products Research Laboratory
Formica Limited
Forrest Fabrications
Foster and Done Limited
Foster Wheeler (JJB) Limited
Foster Wheeler (London) Limited
Foster Wheeler (Scotland) Limited
Foster Wheeler Limited
Foster Wheeler Power Products Limited
Fosters Power Piping Ltd
Fosters Wheelers
Fowler Brothers Limited
Fox Diving Limited
FPA Pitchmastic Ltd
France Fenwick Ltd
Frank Bowtell Limited
Frank Bowtell Ltd
Frederick Smiths Wire Works
Freeman Heating Co Ltd
Freeman King & Sons Ltd
Freeman Morrison Limited
Freemanco (No 9) Limited
Freemans Chemicals Ltd
Frengers Ceiling Limited
Frido Limited
Friskies Holdings (UK) Ltd
Froggat & Pryor Limited
Frost Asbestos Removal Ltd
Fujitsu Services Holdings Plc
Furenss Shipbuilding Company Limited
Furness Shipbuilders Limited
Furness Shipbuilding Company Limited
Furness, Withy & Company Limited

G N Haden & Sons Limited
G P Pidduck Limited
G Piccuck & Co Ltd
G R Everson & Sons Limited
G W Skinners
G Wiggs
G. Jackson (Plumbers) Limited
G.m Hay 7 Co limited
G.T.W. Motors Limited
GA Group Limited
Galbraith & Winton Limited
Galliford Try Plc
Gandy Belting Limited
Gandy Limited
Garfield Lewis Limited
Gartcosh Strip Products
Gartrell & Company Limited
Gartsherrie Engineering Limited
Gateway Foodmarkets Limited
GBI Industrial Services Ltd
GEA Airexchangers (NI) Ltd
GEC Limited Kent
Genec Limited
General Erections Services Limited
General Foam Products Ltd
General Metallurgical & Chemical Limited
General Motors
General Refractories Ltd
General Terminus Steelworks
Gennor Engineering Limited
Genyk Products Limited
Geo & Jas Paton (Engineering) Ltd
George Gibson (Heating & Plumbing) Ltd
George Hammond (Shipping) Limited
George Hammond Plc
George London & Son Limited
George M Bilclough Limited
George Pearson & Co (Steamfitters) Limited
George Pidduck (Insulation)
George Robinson & Co (1936) Ltd
George Rogerson Limited
George S Hall Ltd
George T Robinson Ltd
George Wimpey & Co Engineering limited
George Wimpey & Co Ltd
George Wimpey UK Limited
George Wrigley
Geralde Davis (Liquidator)
Gibons Gas Tankers Limited
Gibson Contracts Limited
Gigley Wright
Gilbert Ash Group Limited
Gilbert Ash Scottish Holdings Limited
Gill Demolitions Limited
GKN Holdings Plc
GKN Kwikform Limited
GKN Mills Building Services Limited
GL Rexroth
Glamorgan County Council
Glasgow Glazing Co Ltd
Glaxo Smithkline Plc
Glaxosmithkline Plc
Glenfield & Kennedy
Glengarnock Steelworks
Globe Boilers & Ship Repairing Co
Globe Engineering Ltd
Gloster Saro Limited
Gloucester Aircraft Company
Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Company
Gloucester Timber Company
Gluttons (Landagents)
Gnitrow Limited
Gold & Gems Limited
Golden Gems
Golding and Ansell Limited
Go-Northern Limited
Goodman for Steel Holding Limited
Goodmayes Insulations
Goodyear Dunlop Tyres UK Limited
Gordon (Thermal Insulations) Limited
Gordon Bell Limited
Gordon Sydworth Petroleum Supplies Ltd
Gosforth Joinery Works Ltd
Gourock Ropework/Pipework Company
Govan Limited
Govan Shipbuilders Limited
Govan Shiprepairers Limited
GPT Reliance Limited
Gradelimade Ltd
Grahams Dairies Limited
Grayson & Rollo Limited
Grayson Rollo & Clover Docks Limited
Green & Silley Weir
Green & Smith Ltd
Green Site Services Ltd
Greenock Bulk Handling Co
Group 4 Security
Grovemetal Manufacturing Co. Limited
Guardshaws Foundry
Guest & Chrimes
Gullpar Limited
Gulton Europe Limited
Gulton Limited
Guncast of Caerphilly
Gutspur Engineering
Guy Temple Contractors Limited
H & R Brown Ltd
H A Harben & Co Ltd
H A Smith & Son Limited
H A T (Number 1) Plc
H B Pearce (Contractors) Limited
H Braithwaite & Co Ltd
H C Stringer & Sons Ltd
H Camm & Co Ltd
H Clarke & Sons
H E Allen (Farnworth) Ltd
H Everatt & Sons Ltd
H Fairweather & Co Ltd
H G Miller Liverpool Limited
H H Robertson (UK) Limited
H H Woods Ltd
H Hammond & Sons
H Humphrey & Co Ltd
H J Heinz Company Limited
H L Stott (Shopfitters) Limited
H Lomas (Salford) Limited
H Medley & Son
H Mills & Son Ltd
H Pannett Limited
H Pape & Sons
H T Robertson & Co Ltd
H W Tiley
Hackremco (No 1379) Limited
Hackremco (No. 482) Limited
Hackunlimco (No 21)
Haden & Young Limited
Hadfields Steels Limited
Haigh & Ringrose Limited
Hall & Co Limited
Hall & Hague Limited
Hall & Tawse Scotland Ltd
Hall and Kay Electrical
Hall E Kay Limited
Hall Russell & Co Limited
Hall Thermotank Limited
Hall Thermotank Marine Systems
Hallam Group of Nottingham Public Limited Company
Hallam Transport Limited
Hallamshire Heating Company Limited
Hallamshire Heating Company Limited
Hallside Strip Products
Hall-Thermotank Limited
Hamble Group Limited
Hamilton & Forbes Ltd
Hamilton Brothers (Edinburgh) Limited
Hammond & Mile
Hampshire Ceilings & Partitions Limited
Hampton Gold Mining Areas Limited
Harkirk Administration Ltd
Harland & Wolf Public Limited Company
Harland Engineering Co Limited
Harvey Plant Limited
Hastie D Burton Limited
Hastie Insulation Limited
HAT contracting
Hat Lorne Stewart Plc
Hatfield Heating Company Limited
Hatfield Steels
Havelock Manufacturing Co Ltd
Hawkins Constructions (Southern) Limited
Hawthorn Leslie (Buildings) Limited
Hawthorn Leslie (Shipbuilders) Limited
Haydon Group Ltd
Hayes & Barnard (Liverpool) Limited
Hayes Distribution Centre
Haywards Shop Fitters
HBM Polymer (Scotland) Limited
Head Wrightson Processes Limited
Heat Efficiency Ltd
Heaton Power Limited
Heaton Tabb & Co Ltd
Heatrae Sadia Heating Limited
Hedgehog International Limited
Hedgemask Limited
Henley Cables Ltd/AEI Cable Ltd
Henry Boot & Sons Public Limited Company
Henry Boot Plc
Henry Crossley (Packings) Limited
Henry Gibbons & Sons Ltd
Henry Lister & Sons Ltd
Henry Musker & Co Ltd
Henry Robb Limited
Henry Stones
Heortness Engineering Co Ltd
Heppell Shops & Interiors Limited
Heppell Shops & Interiors Limited
Hepworth & Grandage Limited
Hepworth Iron Co Ltd
Hessle Foam Products (Dissolved)
Hewden Stuart Heavy Lifting Limited
Hewden Stuart Lifting Services (UK) Limited
Hewden Stuart PLC
Hewden-Stuart Plant Public Limited Company
Hexagon Metrology Limited
Hicks & Johnson Ltd
High Duty Alloys Limited
High Mead Engineering Company Ltd
Hill & Lang
Hill Thomson
Hillingdon NHS Primary Care Trust
Hillsdown Oldco Ltd
HM Naval Dockyard
HM Prison
HMG 3 Limited
Hobson Construction Co Ltd
Hobson Engineering & Construction Co
Hodge Pipework Limited
Hodges Bros
Hodges Constructions Co Ltd
Hodgkins & Sons Ltd
Hodkin & Jones Limited
Holbrook Engineering Co (Accrington) Ltd
Holden & Brain Limited
Holland Hannen & Cubits
Holland Hannen & Cubitts Northern Limited
Holliday Hall Limited
Houghton Engineers
Houlder Brothers & Co Limited
House of Fraser (Stores) Limited
How Engineering Services Limited
How Group (Northern) Limited
How Group International Limited
How Group Limited
How Investments Limited
Howard Doris Structures
Howard Rotovators
Hudson Brothers Trawlers Ltd
Hudson Steamship Company Limited
Hudson Timber (Dewsbury) Limited
Hudswell Clarke & Co Ltd
Hugh Smith Engineering
Hugh Young & Son
Hughes & Ellison Ltd
Hughes Bolchton Limited
Huhtanaki Tay Limited
Hull & East Riding Transport Company Limited
Hull Fishmeal & Oil Co Ltd
Humber Graving Dock & Engineering Company Limited
Humber St Andrews Marine Engineering Co Ltd
Humphreys & Glasgow Limited
Hunslet Engine Company Limited
Hunslet-Barclay Limited
Hunter Watson Demolition Limited
Hunterston Strip Products
Hunting Painting Contractors (Marine) Limited
Huntsman (UK) Limited
Huntsman ICI (UK) Limited
Huntsman ICI Petrochemicals (UK) Limited
Huntsman ICI Polyurethanes (UK) Limited
Huntsman Petrochemicals (UK) Limited
Huntsman Polyurethanes (UK) Limited
Huntsman Tioxide
Hutchins & Hull Limited
Hutchison & Co Glasgow Limited
Hutner & Smallpage
Hydromation Engineering Co (UK) Ltd
Hydropower Services Limited
Hyster Limited
Hystona Limited
I.H. Borland (Contractors) Limited
I.H. Borland (Marine) Limited
Ibstock Scottish Brick Limited
ICC Oil Services Plc
ICI Chemicals & Polymers Limited
ICI Limited
ICI Petroleum Development Limited
ICL Public Limited Company
Ideal Cleaning Services Limited
Idwal Fisher
Illingworth Ingham (Manchester) Limited
Imatra Stampings Limited
IMI Yorkshire Fittings Limited
Imperial Chemicals Industries Plc
Imperial Metal Industries
Impkemix (No 18) Limited
Inchgreen Engineering
Incomesurvey Limited
Indescon Electrical
Indespension Limited
India Tyres
International Combustion Limited
International Marine Contractors
International Paints Group Ltd
International Time Recording Co Ltd
Interserve Plc
Invar Engineering Services Limited
Inverhouse Distillers
Invicta Bridge Limited
IPT (UK) Limited
Irish Arc Welding Co Ltd
Irland Molyneux Ltd
Isaac Webster & Sons Limited
ISL Contracting Ltd
Isometal Engineering
Ivensys APV Systems Limited

J & C Harrison Ltd
J & D Insulating & Company Limited
J & E Hall Limited
J & J Goodacre Ltd
J & JS Mackay
J & R Aitken Ltd
J & R Killick Limited
J & R Woods (Builders) Ltd
J & S Bickley Ltd
J & T Lawrie Limited
J & W Henderson Limited
J A Welch Plant & Vessel Ltd
J B Bebbington
J B Hill & Sons
J B Jackson & Partners Ltd
J B Johnson & Co Ltd
J B McGurk
J B Rogers (Erimus) Limited
J Bibby Sons
J Braithwaite Ltd
J Bream & Cooper (Bury St Edmunds) Ltd
J Brooks Baker
J Brown Boilermakers
J C Hitt Limited
J C Spooner & Son Limited
J Charters (Marine) Limited
J Charters Marine
J Cook & Co
J D Ainsley & Co Ltd
J D Insulating Co
J D Tighe & Co Ltd
J Emlyn Williams Limited
J F Finnegan & Co Ltd
J F Foord Limited
J F Robertsons
J F Simpson
J G Proger & Sons Ltd
J Gordon Alison & Co
J H Gilbert Ltd
J H Hayman
J H Wheeler & Company Limited
J Hammond & Co Ltd
J Hayes (Northern) Limited
J Hudson Builders Limited
J Humphrey Jones & Co
J I Thornycroft & Co
J Kirkaldy & Son Ltd
J L Pinder & Sons
J L Rawsthorne Limited
J Lyons & Company Limited
J M Accoustics Limited
J S Whites Shipyard
J Samuel White
J Samuel White
J Sanders & Co
J Saunders & Co Limited
J Scott & Son (Joiners) ltd
J Shaw Limited
J Shevill
J Smart & Co (Contractors) Plc
J T Henderson Marine & Industrial Contractors Limited
J T Henderson Shipboard Maintenance
J T Lawrie
J T Meredith & Co Ltd
J T Meredith & Co Ltd
J Tomlinson & Son Limited
J Townsend (Builders) Ltd
J W Anson & Sons Limited
J W Cowards & Heating Company Limited
J W Greaves & Sons Limited
J W Stanley (Insulations) Limited
J W Taylor Limited
J W Thompson & Sons (Plumbing & Heating) Ltd
J Walker & Co Ltd
J Warren (Boiler Scalers) Ltd
J. Collis & Sons Limited
J. Danskin & Company Limited
J.H. Carruthers
Jack Atkins
Jack Dunphy Industrial Roofing
Jackson & Bunn Ltd
Jackson & Gocher Limited
Jackson Brothers Limited
Jacksons Insulations Ltd
James A Jobling Co Ltd
James Adams & Company Limited
James Adams & Sons Shiprepairers Limited
James Bell Hill & Sons
James C Boyd & Son Ltd
James Christie & Co
James Dunkerley Steels Limited
James H Lamond & Co Ltd
James H Lamont & Co
James Horn Ltd
James Howden & Co Ltd
James Hunt Dix (Insurance) Ltd
James Laidlaw & Sons Limited
James Laing Shipbuilders
James Lamont & Co
James McCready Ltd
James McKenzie Limited
James Mitchell & Son (Greenock) Ltd
James Paxton & Co Ltd
James Phillips Contractors Limited
James Scott & Sons
James Shaw & Co (Insulations) Ltd
James Sutherland & Co
James Tankard Ltd
James Walker & Co Limited
James Walker Group Limited
James Warren Holdings Plc
James Williamson & Son Limited
Jamieson Building Contractors
Japan Oxygen (UK) Limited
Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Jarrett, Pyra & Armitage
John & Robert Harvey & Co Limited
John Agnew Jnr & Co Ltd
John Atkinson & Son Ltd
John Barron & Sons
John Brown & Son Limited
John Brown Engineering (Clydebank) Limited
John Brown Engineering Limited
John Brown Land Boilers Limited
John Brown Land Boilers Ltd
John Brown Lane Boiler Limited
John Brown Limited
John Brown Offshore Engineering limited
John Brown Public Limited Company
John Cameron
John Carr (Sheffield) Limited
John Carr D.I.Y. Sales Limited
John Colliers
John Crowthers
John Dalgleish & Sons Limited
John Davies (Liverpool) Ltd
John Dore & Co Ltd
John Drummond & Sons
John Emsley Limited
John ford (Engineers) Plymouth Ltd
John Fyfe Limited
John G Kincaird
John Garner & Co (Roofing Contractors) Ltd
John Gibbs & Sons Ltd
John Glennie Joiners
John Greenwood Limited
John Hall & Son (Oldham) Limited
John Harker Limited
John Hastie of Greenock
John Hudson (Birmingham) Ltd
John I Fearne (Agricultural) Limited
John Inshaw Limited
John Laing
John Laing & Sons
John Laing Construction Limited
John Legg & Sons Limited
John Lewis & Sons Ltd
John Livingston Co Ltd
John M Henderson & Co ltd
John Makin
John McCallum
John McMillan & Co Ltd
John McNeill Ltd
John Mowlem & Company Plc
John Newman Ltd
John Penfold & Sons
John Readhead & Sons Limited
John S Shearer & Co (Edinburgh) Limited
John Shewan Limited
John Spencer Limited
John Swire & Sons Limited
John T. Schofield & Sons Limited
John Taylor Dunford
John Taylor Dunford & Company Limited
John Thompson (Watertube Boilers) Limited
John Thompson Limited
John Thornton (Wrexham) Limited
John Thornton (Wrexham) Limited
John Turner & Sons (Preston) Ltd
John Wallace
John Watney & Co
John Woodrow & Sons (Construction) Ltd
Joseph & William Henderson Limited
Joseph L Thompson
Joseph Lucas Ltd
Joseph Nadin Contracting Limited
Joseph Nadin Limited
Joseph Nadin Spousal (Midlands) Limited
Joseph Rawlinson & Sons Limited
Joseph Redford (Asbestos Removal) Limited
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Standish
Joy Manufacturing (UK) Limited
JTC Mining
Jyman Limited
K C Insulation Limited
K C Ives
K Porter Company (GB) Limited
K Realisations Limited
K. Insulations Limited (in Liquidation)
Kaczan Plant & Welding
Kaye Goodfellow
Keatway International Plc
Keencoin Public Limited Company
Keeton, Sons & Co Limited
Keir Group
Kelda Group Plc (Yorkshire Water)
Kelsall (Demolitions) Ltd
Kelsey Roofing Industries Limited
Kelvin Constructions Co Ltd
KEM (Birmingham) ltd
Kemkleen Birkenhead Limited
Kendrick Computing PLC
Kenkast Ltd
Kennedy Fisher Limited
Kenneth Ross Liquidator
Kent Instruments Limited
Kent Meters
Kentallen Mechanical Services Limited
Kenure Developments Ltd
Kerrison Developments Limited
Kestral Ceilings and Partitions Limited
Kestrel Marine Limited
Kestrel Tayside Marine Limited
Key Warehousing & Transport Company Limited
Kidlington Insulations Ltd
Kiljok Limited
Kilter Systems Limited
Kimberly-Clark Limited
Kincaid Limited
King Taudevin & Gregson Furnace Engineers
King Taudevin & Gregson Limited
Kings of Hull
Kingston Marine Construction Limited
Kinloch Electronic
Kitsons Byalex
Kitson’s Insulation Contractors Limited
Kitsons Insulation Products Limited
Kitsons Insulations Limited
Kitsons’s Sheet Metal Limited
Knowsley Borough Council
Kuwait Oil Company
Kvaerner (Clyde) Limited
Kvaerner Constructions (Regions) Limited
Kvaerner E&C Plc
Kvaerner Energy Limited
Kvaerner Govan Limited
Kvaerner John Brown Holdings Public Limited Company
L W Yates
L Whittaker & Co
L Wynne & Co (Manchester) Limited
L.C.P. (Insulations) Limited
L.E.F Bishop Ltd
La Mont Steam Generator Ltd
La Porte Titanium Limited
Lafarge Aggregates Limited
Lagfast Environmental Services Ltd
Lagfast Insulation Services Limited
Laing Mowlem AVC
Lambert Fenchurch Insurance Group Limited
Lambert Forge
Lambhill Engineering Limited
Lambourn Trailers Ltd
Laminated Engineering Products Ltd
Lamond & Murray
Lamport & Holt Line Limited
Lanarkshire Bolt Limited
Lanarkshire Galvanisers
Lanarkshire Steelworks
Lancashire Tar Distillers Limited
Land & Sea Maintenance Limited
Lankester & Son Ltd
Laporte Amalgamations Plc
Laporte Industries Limited
Lapwood & Jolley Limited
Larkhall Foundry
Laval Engineering Limited
Lavishtrack Limited
Law Brothers
Lawrie (Furnishings) Limited
LCL Knightsbridge Limited
Leabridge Motors
Leach & Sons (Pontefract) Limited
Leadbeater & Scott
Learmonth Hotels Limited
Learmonth Hotels Limited
Leasedouble Limited
Leather & Watson
Leavlite Limited
Leck Construction Limited
Leda Chemicals Ltd
Lee Bright bars
Leeds City Council
Leeds Engineering Limited
Leggat Building Services Limited
Leigh Environmental Limited
Leith Cardle & Co
Lemnian (Builders) Limited
Lennig Chemicals Ltd
Lesley (Decorators) Limited
Lesney Products plc
Leveltone Limited<
Lewston International Limited
Lewston International Limited
Lilley PLC
Lindsay Parkinson
Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd
Lines Bros (Ireland) Limited
Link-Miles Limited
Linkmuir Limited
Lithgows (Holdings) Limited
Lithgows Limited
Liverpool Central Oil Co
Liverpool City Council
London Insulations (Plaistow) Limited
Long John Distillers
Lonsdale (Tees-Side) Ltd
Lonsdale Bros Ltd
Lookcontroll Limited
Lord Line
Lorne Stewart Group PLC
Lorne Stewart Plc
Lostock Hall Fabrications Limited
Lothian Buses Limited
Lothian Buses PLC
Lothian Region Transport Limited
Louis London & Sons
Low & Bonar Public Limited Company
Low Valley Engineering & Shotblastnig Ltd
Lowland Tanker Co Ltd
Loynes (Belfast) Limited
Lubricants UK Limited
Lucas Metal Working Co Ltd
Lummus Crest Limited
Lustre Metallics Ltd
Lycidas (129) Limited
Lyndon Scaffolding Hire Limited
Lyndon Scaffolding Plc

M & M Industries Limited
M Anderson Plant Limited
M Aynsley Ltd
M Fairweather & Co Ltd
M J Cooksey Ltd
M J Cosgrave (Contractors) Limited
M J Gleeson Group Plc
M M & S (2156) Limited
M M Conveyors
M W Gleeson Group Plc
M W Kellogg Limited
M W Swinburn & Co Ltd
M W Swinburne & Sons Ltd
M&M Control Services Limited
M/A-Com Sales Ltd
MacDonald Air Tools Limited
MacDuff Distillery
Machinery Installations
MacKenzie & moncur
MacWhirter Limited
Madden (Insulation) Limited
Madden Steel Erectors Limited
Maddock & Wright Ltd
Magnatex Limited
Magnox Electric Plc
Malcolm Mercer & Sons
Manchester Dry Docks
Manchester Slate & Sheeting Company
Mannings (Southport) Limited
Manor Bakeries Limited
Mansco (MSC) Holdings Limited
Manufacturers Liverpool Limited
Marchwiel Plc
Marconi Aerospace
Marconi Marine (VSEL) Limited
Marconi Marine (YSL) Limited
Marconi Plc
Marcroft Wagons Ltd/Morris James Industries Ltd
Marflow Greet-Cards Limited
Mark IV Instruments Limited
Markey Site Services
Marl International Limited
Mary Cook & Sons Limited
Massey & Coggins Ltd
Massilly Packaging
Massplant Limited
Mastertrack Limited
Matchreason Limited
Mather & Platt Alarms Limited
Mather & Platt Ltd
Matthew Hall & Co Limited
Matthew Hall ltd
Matthew Keenan & Co Ltd
Matthew Swain Ltd
Maurice Dalton Limited
Maurice Hill Limited
Maurice Hill Limited
Mavor & Coulson
Mavtrade Limited
Mayfield Street Limited
MBP Limited
McAndrew Wormald & Company Limited
McCall Munro
McCalls & Co
McComb MacPherson
McCrindle Piping Limited
McCulloch Pairman Limited
McDermott Aberdeen
McDermott Scotland Limited
McEwan Insulators
McFarlane Engineering Co Ltd
McGill Insulation Company Limited
McLean Buchanan &co Limited
McMillan Offshore (Scotland) Limited
McNeil Routes Agency of Ballow Ltd
McNeill Group (NI) Ltd
McRoberts & Armstrong
McTay Engineering (Pipelines) Ltd
Meadowsky Limited
Mears Bros (Contractors) Limited
Measurechange Public Limited Company
Medway Dry Dock & Engineering Company Limited
Meechans Limited
Melbourne Engineering Company Limited
Melling Insulations Co Ltd
Mellowford Services Limited
Melton Land Limited
Melvin & Gillespie Limited
Melvin Motors Limited
Melving & Gillespie Ltd
Menzies & Co Shipbuilders & repairers
Mercantile Dry Docks Company Limited
Merchiston Foundry
Mergebrand Public Limited Company
Merino Mill
Mersey Automation Limited
Mersey Docks & Harbour Company
Mersey Insulation Company Limited
Merseyside & London Timber Preservations & Dampcourse Company Limited
Merseyside Insulation Company Limited
Merseyside Plumbing Company
Merseyside Steeplejacks Ltd
Messrs A Lee & Sons
Metricon Design and Development Limited
Metro-Cammell Limited
Metrochart Public Limited Company
Meyer International Softwoods Ltd
Millars Machinery Limited
Miller & Buckley
Miller & Hornsey (Electrical Contractors) Limited
Miller & Pyecroft & Arnold
Miller Brothers Limited
Miller Contracts Ltd
Miller Engineering
Miller Insulation & Engineering Company Limited
Miller Insulation Company Limited
Miller Insulation Limited
Millers Engineering Company Limited
Millington and Ramstedt Limited
Millombriar Limited
Millspaugh Limited
Milngavie Motors Limited
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Public Building & Works (The)
Mintex (Exports) Limited
Mintex Don Clutch Facings Limited
Mintex Don Limited
Mintex Limited
Mitchell Construction Company Ltd
Mitchell Construction Kinnear Moodie Group Ltd

Mitchell Engineering
Mitchell services
Mitchell Swire
Mitchells (Fraerborough) Limited
Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited
Mitsui Babcock Energy Services Limited
MJN Limited
Mobil Exploration and ProductionUK ltd
Mobsix Limited
Modaire Limited
Modern Heating (Merseyside) Ltd
Moller Line (UK) Limited
Moller Line Limited
Monks Construction
Monks Limited
Moore & Paragon
Moray Based Services
Morgan Asbestos and Insulation Co Ltd
Morphy Richards Limited
Morrington Quarries Limted
Morris Jacobs
Morrison Dunbar Ltd
Mossend Engineering
Mossend Engineering Strip Products
Motherwell Bridge Holdings Limited
Motherwell Machinery
Mountstuart Dry Docks Limited
MSM (Tynemouth) Limited
MTD Cranes Limited
Muckno Construction Limited
Multiserve Ltd
Munro & Miller
Munro Engineering and Contracting Limited
Murmac Engineering Co Ltd
Murray & Paterson Ltd
Murray Pipework Limited
Musgrave & Co
N E I Parson
N I Transformers (UK) Limited
Nabisco-Frears Biscuits Limited
Nairn Floors Limited
Needwood Rogers & Jackson Limited
Neepsend Limited
NEI Clarke Chapman Engineering Limited
NEI Clarke Chapman Limited
NEI Combustion Engineering Limited
NEI International Combustion Limited
NEI Parsons Limited
NEI Reyrolle & Co
Nelson Roofing Limited
Nelson Thorn Industrial Ltd
Nelsons (Keighley) Ltd
Nene Valley Mobile Homes Ltd
Nerz & McLennan
Nestgrace Limited
Nestle Purina Holdings (UK) Limited
New Pro Foundries Limited
New Western Engineering Limited
New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd
Newalls Insulation - Glasgow
Newalls Insulation Company Limited
New-Ark Limited (The)
Newcastle City Council
Newland Construction
Newton Chambers & Company Plc
Newton Chambers Engineering Limited
Newton Chambers Management Company Limited
Newton Chambers Pension Trustees Limited
Newton welding (Structural Engineers) Limited
Newton welding Co Ltd
Nickeloid Limited Limited
Nicoc Tools
Nicol & andrew Limited
Niloc Tools
Noel Clay Limited
NOR Engineering Limited
Norblast Metal treatments
Norbury Insulation Company Limited
Nordlaw Trailers Ltd (formerly Golding & Answell Ltd)
Norec Engineering
NOREC Engineering
Norgine Limited
Norris Warming Company Limited
Nortec Contracting Limited
North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire
North British Steel Group Limited
North East International Marine Ltd
North East Shipbuilders Limited
North Eastern Marine Eng Co Ltd
North Sea Marine Engineering & Construction Co Ltd
North Tees Power Station
Northern Arc Electric Welding Ltd
Northern Brick Co (Belfast) Ltd
Northern Buses
Northern Coach Builders
Northern Electric Plc
Northern Insulation Company (Stockton) Limited
Northern Insulation Limited
Northern Ireland Sheet Metal Works Limited (NISM)
Northern Ireland Sheet Metal Works Ltd
Northern Mercantile & Investment Corporation Limited
Northern Paviors (Teeside) Ltd
Northern Plasterers
Northern Trawlers Limited
Northumbrian Engineering Limited
Northumbrian Water Group PLC
Oates Sawmills
Oceanic Offshore
O’Connor & Davies Limited
O’Connor (Builders) Ltd
Ogden Builder Limited
Oldhams (Watford) Limited
Olivetti Typewriters
Olympia Limited
Omec Engineering Ltd
Onan International Limited
Ondeo Services UK PLC
Onix Construction Limited
OPL Instruments Ltd
Orangemouth Dockyard Limited
Ord Brothers
Ord Brothers
Orderopen Limited
Oregon Steamship Company Limited
Oretto Services Limited
Organically Coated Steel Limited
Oriel Central Oil Company
Oriel Training Services Limited
Osbourne Limited
Osiris Cresco Ltd
Otford Holdings Limited
Otis Elevator Co Ltd
Oval (787) Limited

P & O Ship Management Limited
P & S Welding & Engineering
P & W Offshore services Limited
P Burman (Electrical) Limited
P C Richardson & Co (Middlesbrough) Limited
P Hamer & Sons Ltd
P J Kelly Plant Hire (Liverpool) Limited
P J Kelly Plant Hire (Liverpool) Ltd
P McCallum & Son Limited
P McFarlane & Co
P P Taylor (Doncaster) Ltd
P&C Garnett Limited/Garnett Bywater Limited
P&O European Ferries (Dover) Limited
P&O Ferries Limited
P&O Stena Line Limited
Pacific Shelf 208 Limited
Pacific Steam Navigation Co
Pains Fireworks Ltd
Painting Enterprises
Palm Line Limited
Palmer & Wilson
Palmer Timber Limited
Palmers Hebburn
Palmers Limited
Palmers Scaffolding
Palmer’s Travelling Cradle & Scaffold Co Ltd
Panda Press Limited
Parex (Engineering) Ltd
Park Drift Mine Limited
Parker Bros
Parkhead Forge
Parkinson Cowan Limited
Parsons Marine Company Limited
Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Company Limited
Parsons Marine Turbine Company Limited
Parsons Peebles (NEI)
Parsons Power Generation Systems Limited
Parsons Turbine Generators Limited
Partridge Wilson & Co Ltd
Peek, Frean & Co Limited
Peel Holdings plc
Pembertons (Gateshead) Ltd
Penman & Co Limited
Percy Bilton Limited
Peret Traders Limited
Perfectair Limited
Perforations Ltd
Perkins & Spencer Limited
Perkins Engines Limited
Permanite Limited
Peter Allwood Ltd
Peter Holdings Plc
Peter Houston (Joiners) Limited
Peter Johnston & Co (South Shields) Ltd
Peter Patrick & Son (Otley) Ltd
Peter Spence & Sons Plumbers
Pheonix Electrical
Philip Mann
Phillip Bruce Timber
Phoenix Engineering Ltd
Pickering Shopfitters Limited
Pig Buildings Limited
Pigment Manufacturers
Pilkington (Glass Technologies) Limited
Pilkington Brothers Plc
Pilkington Glass Limited
Pilkington Glass Products Limited
Pilkington Plc
Pilkington Tiles Group Plc
Pioneer Concrete
Pipework Engineering (Ped) Limited
Pirelli Plc
Pittentrail Limited
Planned Equipment Ltd
Planned Maintenance Engineering Ltd
Plant Erection & Maintenance (East Anglia) Ltd
Plant Landing Services Limited
Playtex limited
Plean Precast Limited
Plenty Limited
Plumefern Limited
PO Telecommunications HQ
Pollock Bros
Pollock Brothers (London) Ltd
Polyfun Limited
Polymer Scotland Limited
Pool Lorrimer & Tabener Ltd
Port of London Authority Limited
Port of Tyne Authority
Portishead ‘B’ Powerstation
Portland Catering Equipment Ltd
Post Office Limited
Postans Limited
Powell Duffryn Shipping Limited
Power Distribution Systems
Power Gas
Power Insulating Co Ltd
Power Products (UK) Ltd
Power Speciality Company Limited
Powerjets Limited
Powertrend Limited
Prater Holdings Limited
Pretty Polly Limited
Price Bros & Co (Penarth) Limited
Priest Furnaces Limited
Priest Furnaces Limited/Priest Holdings Ltd
Priest Furnaces Ltd/Priest Holdings Limited
Priest Holdings Limited
Priestleys Contracts (Gloucester) Ltd
Processed Fibres Ltd
Procladd (Scotland) Limited
Proctor Ceilings Limited
Proctor Shwartz limited
Prospect Engineering Limited
Prouds Engineering Co Ltd
Pryheat Limited
Prysmian Cables
Pudney & Son Ltd
Pyman Bell & Co Ltd
Pyrotenax Limited
Qualter Smith
Quantip Ltd
Quarryknowe Fabricators Limited
Quickreach Limited
R & E Heatley
R & H Paving Services
R & J Bryant
R & W Lusty
R A Davison Limited
R B R (Scotland) Limited
R B Stirling & Co
R B Stirling & Co Ltd
R Benbow & Co (Modern Shopfitters) Ltd
R Blackett & Son Limited
R Blackett Charlton & Co Ltd
R Brown & Sons (South Shields) Ltd
R C Williamson Ltd
R Costain & Sons Limited
R D Simon & Co Ltd
R Davidson Ltd
R F Morrison & Co Ltd

R Finlayson & Co (Caithness) Ltd
R Greenwell & Co Ltd
R H Catterall (Preston) Limited
R H Douglas Group of Companies
R Halliday & Co
R Hill Civil Engineering Services Ltd
R J Bray & Co Ltd
R J Galloway
R Jordan Limited
R L Martindale Supplied Ltd
R L Rae Limited
R M Cain Ltd
R Marriot
R O Sanders
R Paterson & Sons Ltd
R S Hayes (Pembroke Dock) Ltd
R S McColl
R Smith Liquidator, KPMG Peat Marwick
R V McNeilly & Co Ltd
R W Chapman Ltd (Builders & Contractors)
R. & H. Green and Silley Weir Limited
R. & H. Green Limited
R. Blackett Charlton (Vessels) Limited
R. Blackett Charlton Limited
R.B Tennent Limited
Rankin & Blackmore Limited
Ransomes & Rapier
Rapid Conveyors
Rashleigh Phipps & Company Limited
Rashleigh Phipps Electrical Limited
Rashleigh Phipps Limited
Raspdire Limited
Ravenscraig Strip Products
Rawlings Brothers Limited
Ray Bennett
RC Hilton & Co Ltd
Reacis Limited
Readysight Limited
Reaking Construction
Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
Redditch Hosiery Needles
Redger Engineering Limited
Rediffusion (North East) Limited
Redland Aggregates Limited
Redland Tile & Brick Limited
Redlands Magnesia Limited
Redpath Brown & Co Ltd
Redpath Dorman Long Limited
Redpath Engineering Limited
Reed Board Mills
Reed Cranes & Plant
Reed International Limited
Reed, Stock & Co Ltd
Rees & Kirby Ltd
Reeve Burgess
Reg Hill Plumbers Limited
Regional Manufacturing Co Ltd
Reid Wire Limited
Reliance Descaling Co Ltd
Relyon Heating Engineering Ltd
Renfrew District Council
Rentokil Ailsa Environmental Limited
Renton & Fisher
Reppac Pipes Limited
Repton Foundry
Resinous Chemicals Ltd
Revel Engineering (Scotland) Limited
Revelpower Limited
Reynolds & Brown
Reynolds Plant Limited
RGC Offshore
Rhodia Consumer Specialities Limited
Rhodia Reorganisation
Rhodia UK Limited
Rhomdda Metal Co Ltd
Rice & Son Ltd
Richard Crittall & Company Limited
Richard Dunston (Hessel) Limited
Richard Dunstone (Hessle) Ltd
Richard Hodgson & Sons Limited
Richard Irvine & Sons limited
Richard Lees Steel Decking Limited
Richard Pickersgill & Sons Limited
Richard Sizer Ltd
Richards Limited
Richardsons Westgarth (Hartlepool) Limited
Richardsons Westgarth Plc
Rigblast Limited
Rilmac Limited
Rindale Limited
River Thames Shiprepairs Limited
Robert Hyde Castings
Robert McCrundle
Robert Rome & Sons (Plumbers) Limited
Robert Williams & Sons Contractors
Robinson & Baker Limited
Robinson Baker (Heating) Limited
Robinson Insurance
Robinsons of Winchester
Rockware Glass Limited
Rogers & Jackson Limited
Rollins Hudig Hall Ltd
Rolls Royce Industrial Power (India) Limited
Rolls Royce Ltd / Rolls Royce (1971) Ltd
Rolls-Royce Plc
Rolpine Limited
Roman Mosaic Limited
Ronald Lyon Investments Limited
Roof & Lining Construction Limited
Ropner Shipping Company Limited
Roskel Contracts Limited
Ross Properties (Arnside) Limited
Rosser & Russell
Rosyth Royal Dockyard Limited
Rothervale Construction Limited
Rothervale Joinery
Rothervale Joinery Limited
Rothes Cooperage
Rowan & Boden
Rowlaw No 7 Ltd
Rowntree MacIntosh Confectionary Limited
Rowntree MacIntosh Limited
Roxby Engineering International Limited
Roy Hipkiss Construction Limited
Roy Limited
Roy Turner (Painting Contractors) Ltd
Royal Ordinance Factory
Roydon Pipefitters Limited
RPZ Pillar Holdings Limited
RTB Landore
Ruberoid (Realisations) Limited
Rudd & Tanner Ltd
Rumbelows Limited
Runblast Limited
Ruscador Shipyard Limited
Russel Corp UK Limited
Russell Coal Limited
Russell Europe Limited
Ruston & Hornsby Limited
Ryans Civil Engineering
Ryders & Son Ltd
Rye Arc Limited
Rye Arc Limited
Rye Engineering Ltd
Ryearc Ltd

S A Monk
S C Cheadle Hulme Limited
S F Aire Treatment Limited
S F Gerrie
S I V Coatings Limited
S L D Olding
S Pinder & Son
S Smart & Co
S Wernick & Sons Limited
S. T. Taylor and Sons Limited
Samuel Elliott & Sons Ltd
Samuel Gratrix Limited
Samuel Williams & Sons Ltd
Sangamo Weston Controls Limited
Sao (Anglesey) Limited
Saracen Limited
Saro Products Limited
Satchwell Control Systems Limited
Satchwell Sunvic Ltd
Satulink Limited
Saunders & Taylor (Manchester) Limited
Saunders & Taylor Limited
Saunders Engineering & Shipyard Ltd
Saunders Roe (Anglesey) Limited
Sauter Automation Limited
SBG Engineering Limited
SBP Developments Limited
SCA Recycling Limited
Scaffolding (Great Britain) Limited
Scandura Limited
Scapa Tapes Europe Ltd
Schlumberger Evaluation and Production Services (U
Schlumberger Exploration and Reservoir Services (U
Schreiber Industries
Scomagg Limited
Scotboats Limited
Scotrail Ltd
Scotstoun Marine
Scotstoun Shipping Co Ltd
Scott Bros (Civil Engineers) Limited
Scott Limited
Scott Lithgow Limited
Scott Lithgow Limited
Scottish & Southern Energy
Scottish Brick Corporation Limited
Scottish Bus Group Limited
Scottish Galvanisers
Scottish Grain Distillers
Scottish Iron & Steel Works
Scottish Lion
Scottish Lion Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Limited
Scottish Omnibuses Limited
Scottish Power
Scottish Ship Management Limited
Scottish Stamping Limited
Scottish Transport Group
Scottish Water
Scotts Engineering Company 1969 Limited
Scotts Engineering Company Limited
Scotts of Greenock (Est.d 1711) Limited
Scotts of Greenock (Estd 1711) PLC
Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limite
Scotts Shipbuilding Company 1969 Limited
Scotts Shipbuilding Company Limited
Scotweld Employment Services Limited
Scruttons (Cargo Services) Ltd
Scruttons Maltby Limited
Scruttons Plc
Seagram distillers
Seaguard Limited
Searchfollow Limited
Searle Manufacturing (Suter Environmental Ltd)
Seden Limited
Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council
Shanks Engineering (Coatbridge) Limited
Shanks Group PLC
Shape Engineering Limited
Shaw & Evans Ltd
Shaw Brother (Kimberley) Limited
Shaw Mcinnes
Shaw Petrie Limited
Sheet Metal Products Ltd
Sheffield Fire Service
Sheffield Forgemasters Limited
Sheffield Insulating Company Limited (The)
Sheffield Insulations Group Plc
Sheffield Newspapers Limited
Sheffield Smelting Co
Sheffield Telegraph & Star Ltd
Shell Mex and BP Limited
Shell Tankers (Uk) Limited
Shell UK Limited
Shepherd Construction Limited
Shepherd Scrap Metals (Newcastle) Limited
Shepherds Grove Limited
Sherbrooke Joiner Limited
Shieldfort Limited
Shillington (Heating & Plumbing) Ltd
Shillito Engineering & Sons Limited
Short Brothers Limited
Shrewsbury Borough Water Authority
SHSEGL (Realisations) Limited
Sidney Flavel & Co
Siebe Environmental Systems (Europe) Limited
Siemens Communications Limited
Silent Channel Products Ltd
Silica Firebrick Co
Silver Line Limited
Simcon (UK) Limited
Simcon Engineering Ltd
Simms & Simms Ltd
Simon Engineering Limited
Simon Handling Engineers Limited
Simon UK Ltd
Simons Engineering Company Limited
Simons Lobnitz & Co Ltd
Simpkin & Machin
Simpkin Machin & Company Limited
Sims McIntyre
Sinclair & Clarke (Engineering) Limited
Sinclairs Steel Erectors Limited
Singer Company (UK) Limited (The)
Singer Link-Miles Limited
Sir James Laing & Company Limited
Sir James Laing & Sons Limited
Sir James Whittaker & Others
Sir Robert McAlipine Limited
Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Limited
Sir Robert McAlpine Limited
Sir William Halcrow & Partner
Site Erection Services (Northern) Limited
Site Erection Services (Western) Ltd
Skanska Construction (Regions) Limited
Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil Limited
Skelro Limited
Slater Walker Ltd
Sleight Diesel Electrical Co
Small & Parkes Limited
Smallman Construction Limited
Smiths ShipRepairers North Shields Limited
Smurfit Packaging Limited
Smyth Mills Ltd
Solair Thermal equipment Limited
Solent Mechanical Electrical Services Ltd
Solid Arc Limited
Solutia UK Limited
Somerfield Stores Limited
Somesystem Limited
Somewatch Limited
Sorbo Ten Limited
Sorbo Twelve Limited
Sorrell (York) Ltd
South Bank Engineering Co Ltd
South Bank Insulation Company Limited
South Durham Steel and Iron Co Ltd
Southern & Redfern Limited
Southern Brothers
Spare IPG21 Limited
Spears & Jacksons
Specialist Mining Services
Spillers Ltd
Spooners-Vicars Group Limited
Spousal (Midlands) Limited (in receivership)
Springbank Sand & Gravel Company Limited
Springvale Business & Industrial Park
Sprotborough Castings Limited
St Annes Board Mill Co Ltd
St Martins Property Corp Ltd
St Mary’s (Plant Hire) Limited
St Nicholas Finance Limited
St Vincent Street (101) Limited
Stadium Group Plc
Stainless Steel Vessels
Standard Telephones & Cables/British Standard Telephones Ltd
Stanhurst Engineering Limited
Stanley Butterworth Ltd
Stanton Brothers Limited
Star Ceilings Limited
Staveley Vessels Ltd
STC International Computers Limited
Stead Summersgill & Sons Ltd
Steadfast Scaffolding Limited
Steam & Mining Limited
Steam Heat Insulation Company
Steel & Garland
Steel Scaffolding Holdings Limited
Steelcraft Precision Tools Limited
Steels Engineering Installation Limited
Steels Engineering Limited
Steels Engineering Services Limited
Steetley Magnesia Company
Steetley Magnesia Products Limited
Steetley Mineral Limited
Steetley Quarry Products Limited
Steetley Refractories Limited
Stephenson Clarke (Shipping) Limited
Stephenson Clarke Shipping Limited
Stephenson Maintenance Limited
Stephensons Demolition
Stephensons Developments (Huddersfield) Ltd
Sterling Cables
Sterling Foundry Specialists Limited
Sterling Moulding Materials Limited
Stone Platt Scotland Limited
Stone-Dri Ltd
Stonewall Works International Limited
Strawflame Limited
Strco Limited
Struckman & Partners Limited
Structural Painters
Stuntbrand Mail Steamship Company Limited
Sturdilux Ltd
Stylacraft (Plastics) Limited
Sugar Line Limited
Sulzer (UK) Limited
Sulzer Bros (UK) Limited
Sun Ventillation Co Limited
Sunbeam Electronic Limited
Sunbeam International Limited
Sunderland Forge Limited
Sunderland Forge Services Limited
Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited
Supahomes (Wythall) Ltd
Superheater Company Limited
Surface Specialties Limited
Surface Specialties Plc
Swains Packaging
Swale Insulation & Scaling Co Ltd
Swan Engineering Co Ltd
Swan Hunter (Dry Docks) Limited

Swan Hunter (Tyneside) Limited
Swan Hunter Group Plc
Swan Hunter Limited
Swan Hunter Limited
Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Limited
Swan Hunter Shipbuilding & Engineering Group Limited
Swan Hunter ShipRepairers Tyne Limited
Swansea NHS Trust
Sweatfield Limited
Swift Fabrication Co Ltd
Swifts of Scarborough Limited
Swinney Engineering Limited
Syncro Limited
T & E Warrington Ltd
T B Bilton & Sons Ltd
T Boland & Co Limited
T Bridges and Company Limited
T C Savage & Sons Limited
T Clarke (London) Limited
T D Bruce (Eastern Heating) Ltd
T G Stewart & Sons
T Griffiths & Son Limited
T H Kenyon & Sons Limited
T Hornby & Son
T J Newton
T S L Thermal Syndicate Plc
T Sutcliffe & Son
T W Broadbent Limited
T W Robinson & Co ltd
T W Ward Limited
T Ward Engineers
T&N Limited
T.E.C Limited
Tamar Plant Hire
Tandem Group Plc
Tannochside Brick
Taptrip Limited
Tarmac Aggregates Limited
Tay Textiles Limited
Taylor Milner (Shopfitters) Limited
Taylor Woodrow Construction Limited
Taylors Builders
TBAC Limited
TDE (1980) Limited
TECC Limited
Tees and Hartlepool Port Authority
Teesbase Engineering Limited
Teeside Bridge & Engineering Co Limited
Teeside Crane & Constructions Co Ltd
Telemeter Installations Limited
Telemetre Installations
Telfer Foods Limited
Temple Iron Works
Templeton Carpets
Tenneco International Holdings Limited
Tennent Caledonian Breweries Limited
Tennent Caledonian Brewers Limited
Tenon Contracts Limited
Terex (1984) Limited
Terex Equipment Limited
Tersons Limited
TESA Metrology Limited
TG Investments Limited
Thames Board Mills
Thames Welding Limited
THC Fabrication Limited
The Abbott Insulation Co Ltd
The British Petroleum Company Plc
The British Vegetable Parchment Mills Ltd
The Brocklebank Line
The Cape Asbestos Company Limited
The Chebsey Estate Limited
The Chebsey Estate Limited
The Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company Limited
The Construction Industry Training Board
The Crushed Brick & Stone Co Ltd
The Cunard Steam Ship Co Ltd
The Darlington Insulation Company Limited
The Department of the Environment
The Direct Raincoat Company
The English Electric Company Limited
The Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Compnay
The Firth of Clyde Dry Dock Company Limited
The Greenock Dockyard Company
The Home Office
The Kellogg International Corporation
The Lanarkshire Welding Company (bridge erection s
The Learmonth Property Investment Company Limited
The Manchester Ship Canal Company
The New Northfleet Paper Mills Ltd
The North Eastern Marine Engineering Co Ltd
The North Eastern Marine Engineering Company (1938) Limited
The Peninsula & Orient Steam Navigation Co Ltd
The Petro Engineering Co (Ellesmere Port) Ltd
The Prenton Brick & Tile Co Ltd
The Rocket Trading Estate
The Rotalac Company
The Scottish Aluminium Company Limited
The Sheffield Twist, Drill & Steel Co Ltd
The Shields Welding Co Ltd
The Sunderland Forge and Engineering Company Limited
The Sunderland Shipbuilding Dry Docks & Engineering Co Ltd
The Superheater Co
Thermos Limited
Thermotank Limited
Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd
Thomas Boag & Co Ltd
Thomas Boag limited
Thomas Broadbent & Sons Limited
Thomas Brothers
Thomas Clements & Sons Ltd
Thomas Coggon & Co Ltd
Thomas Dutton Limited
Thomas Feather & Co Bradford Ltd
Thomas Hood & Co Ltd
Thomas Marshalls
Thomas Mcdowell Limited
Thomas McKee & Son Ltd
Thomas McMillan
Thomas Muir Haulage
Thomas Ness Limited
Thomas Pickles & Son
Thomas Scott & Co (Mancester) Ltd
Thomas Seager Plc (formerly Ltd)
Thomas W Ward Limited
Thomas Wilkinson & Sons (Builders) Ltd
Thomas Wragg
Thompson Insulation Services Limited
Thomson (Heating & Ventilation) Limited
Thomson Welding Inspection & Engineering Co Limited
Thorncliffe Retentions Limited
Thorne Benham Limited
Thorne Brothers Limited
Thornton Engineering (Oretto Services) Limited
Thos Storey Ltd
Thos W Ward Limited
Three Valleys Water Plc
Thrustbore Construction Ltd
Thurrock Borough Council
Thyssen (UK) Limited
Thyssen Garfield Limited
Thyssen Mining and Technical Services Limited
Thyssen Tunnelling Limited
Tilbury Douglas Limited
Tilbury Douglas Plc
Tilbury Group Public Limited Company
Tilbury Investments Limited
Tilcon (South) Ltd
Tilhill Economic Forestry Limited
Tilhill Forestry Limited
Timber Construction Limited
Timber Units (Glasgow) Ltd
Timex Corporation Plc
Timex Limited
Tin Farms Ltd
Tioxide Europe Limited
Tioxide Group
Tioxide Investment Holdings Limited
Tioxide Overseas Holdings Limited
Tioxide UK Limited
TMD Friction Limited
TOD (Civil Engineering) Limited
Toffolo Jackson
Tolag Engineering Co
Tollcross Cooperage
Tom Finney Acoustics Ltd
Tom Swan Or Thomas Swan
Tompkinsons Investments Ltd
Transformation Limited
TransTec plc
Trebor Bassett Limitd
TRF Plant Ltd
Tridyne Engineering
Trist Draper Holdings Ltd/
Trist Draper Hydraulics Limited
Tritonsmooth Limited
Trollope & Colls Holdings Limited
Trunan Limited
Truscon Limited
Trushelfco (No 2524) Limited
Trushelfco (No. 2577) Limited
TSL Group Plc
Tucker Electrical Co Ltd
Tudor Accessories
Tulloch PLC
Tungsten Carbide Developments Limited
Turnbull Forgings
Turner & Brown Limited
Turner & Newalls Limited
Turner Brothers
Turners Asbestos & Construction Limited
Turners Eternt & James waugh
Turriff Construction Limited
Tweed Shipyards
Twinback Limited
Twyford Limited
Tyco Electronics UK Ltd
Tyne Dock Engineering Company Limited
Tyne Shipbuilders (Naval Yard) Limited
Tyne Stevedores Limited
Tyne Tees Contractors Limited
Tyne Tees Tunnelling
Tyne Truck & Trolley
Tysol Engineering Limited
Tysol Limited
Tysons Building Contractor
Tysons Construction Plc
Tysons Plc
U.E Cairns
UBM Mollett Limited
UCB Cellophane Limited
UCB Films Plc
Ugland International Limited
Ugland Quality Systems Limited
UIE Scotland Limited
UIE Shipbuilidng (Scotland) Limited
UK Construction & Engineering Limited
UK Constructions Limited
Uk Optical Limited
Uni-Heating & Engineering Co Ltd
Unilab Holdings Limited
Unilever Group
Union Carbide UK Limited
Union Carbide UK Limited
Union Castle Line Limited
Union Insulation Company Limited
Union Insulation Limited
Unit Construction
Unit Sheet Metals
United Baltic Corporation Limited
United Biscuits
United Kingdom Automic Energy Authority
United Utilities Electricity Plc

Vauxhall Motors Limited
Veeder-Root Limited
Venper Ceilings Limited
Verichrome Plating Services Limited
Versil Limited
Versil Limited
Vetco Gray
Vic Hallam Holdings Limited
Vic Hallam Limited
Vic Hallam Public Limited Company
Vickers - Armstrongs (Engineers) Limited
Vickers - Armstrongs (Shipbuilders) Limited
Vickers Armstrongs Limited
Vickers Defence Systems Limited
Vickers Engineering PLC
Vickers Group Plc
Vickers PLC
Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering Limited
Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited
Victor Dillon Limited
Victor Woolf Ltd
Victoria Steelworks
Victory Installation Limited
Victory Kidder
Victory Woolf
Vinci Plc
Vinci Plc
Vopak Terminal Teesside
Vosper Thornycroft UK Limited
Vowels Brothers Ltd
VSEL Birkenhead Limited
W A Church & Son Ltd
W A Ellis & Partners
W A Stead & Co Ltd
W A Watts & Son
W Badger Limited
W C Thompson & Co Ltd
W Churches & Son Limited
W F Knight & Sons Ltd
W G Cannon & Sons Ltd
W G Spittle Limited
W H Allen & Sons Co Ltd
W H Baker
W H Blake & Co Ltd
W H Joce & Sons Ltd
W H Lunt & Co Engineers Ltd
W H S Limited
W H Smith (Electrical Engineers) Ltd
W H Taylor (Derby) Limited
W Hyde & Co Ltd
W I Martin Limited
W J Brooker (Northern) Limited
W J Brooker Ltd
W J Cooper & Sons (Phoenix Works) Limited
W J Dodwell & Co
W J Dominick Ltd
W J Furse Limited
W J Page & Son Ltd
W J Roberts & Son (London) Ltd
W J Simms Sons & Cooke (Northern) Limited
W J Simms Sons & Cooke Limited
W J Smith (Insulations) Limited
W L Chalmers Limited
W M Ayton Ltd
W M Hutchinson (Yarns) Limited
W Skidmore Limited
W T K Engineering Ltd
W V Patrick (Builders) Ltd
W Y Stewart & Sons Limited
W. Gibb-Stewart
W.W.H Oscar Limited
Wabtec Rail Ltd
Wadebrook Sheeting Company Limited
Wades Ceramics
Wailes Dove Bitumastic Plc
Wailes Dove Coatings Plc
Wailes Dove Contractors Limited
Wailles Dove Bitumastic(s) Limited
Wales Gas Limited
Walker Bros (CE) Ltd
Walker MacLeod Fabrications Limited
Wallsend Slipway Engineers Limited
Walter Alexander (Falkirk) Limited
Walter Homes Limited
Walter Ripley &* Sons Limited
Walter Wilson Limited
Ward & Davidson
Ward & Payne Limited
Waresilk Limited
Warmflo Ltd
Warren PS Limited
Warren PS Ltd
Waterhouse & Sons (Bolton) Ltd
Waterloo Ozonair Ltd
Waterlow and Sons Limited
Watson & Dundas Contractors Ltd
Watson Norrie Limited
Wayahead Fuel Services Ltd
WBF Realisations Limited
Weatherhead & Blackie
Webster Engineering Services Limited
Weir Paper Products Limited
Welded Structures (Construction Engineers) Ltd
Weldmear Limited

Weldtite Engineering Limited
Wellworthy’s Engineering Ltd
Welsone Limited
West Auck No 1 Limited
West Auck No 19 Limited
West Cheshire Construction
West Coast Controls
West Coast Stevedoring Co Ltd
West George Street (391) Limited
West Instruments Limited
West of Scotland Metallic Works Limited
West of scotland Shipbreakers
West Shropshire Water Board
West Yorkshire Foundries Limited
Westberg Limited
Westclox Limited
Westcroft Foundry (Foundries) Ltd
Western National Omnibus Co
Western Power Distribution (South West) Plc
Western Ship Repairers Limited
Westline Engineering & Constructions Co
Westscott Insurance Brokers Limited
WFEL Realisation 1 Ltd
Whartons Limited
Whatlings (West) Limited
Whatlings Caledonian Limited
Whatlings Developments Limited
Widd Signs Limited
Widney PLC
Wight Construction Ltd
Wild-Barfield Electric Furnaces Ltd
Wilkinson Building Co (Leeds) Ltd
Willard Works Limited
William A Barnes & Son (Builders) Ltd
William Bain Fencing Limited
William Baird & Son Limited
William Baird Group Plc
William Baird Mining Limited
William Baird Plc
William Beattie Hill & Company Limited
William Cameron & Co
William Caneron & Co (Contractors)
William Cookes
William Denny & Brothers Limited
William Doxford & Sons (Shipbuilders) Limited
William Doxford & Sons Limited
William E Cairns & Co (Port Glasgow) Limited
William E Cairns & Co (Port Glasgow) Ltd
William Ferguson & Sons
William Forsyth (Building Contractors) Limited
William France Fenwick Shipping Co
William Freer Limited
William G Boaker & Son Ltd
William Gibson & Son Limited
William Gibson & Son Ltd
William Hamilton & Sons, Limited
William Hume & Co Limited
William Irwin & Co Ltd
William Kenyon & Sons Limited
William Lawson Distillers
William Lawson Plumbers & Heating Engineers
William Makin & Sons Limited
William Mallinson & Sons
William Matthews Mechanical Services Ltd
William McCrindle & Son
William McKinnon & Co Ltd
William Mills Sheffield Ltd
William Mitchell (Shopfitting) Limited
William Monk Limited
William Nash Plc
William Nicholson & Son (Leeds) Ltd
William Nicholson Limited
William Press & Son Limited
William Rae
William Reid & Sons (Wireworkers) Limited
William Reid (Forres) Limited
William Tomkinson & Sons Ltd
William V Fleming & Co Ltd
William Ward & Son Ltd
William Wilson & Co (Aberdeen) Limited
William Wilson Limited
William Wright & Sons Limited
Wilmott Taylor limited
Wilson Walton Engineering Limited
Wimpey Asphalt Limited
Wimpey Construction UK Limited
Wimpey Plc
Wincott Limited
Windsor Engineering (Hull) Ltd
Winstanley & Lambert
Wire Ropes Limited
Wirral Automation Limited
Wirral Thermal Insulations Limited
Woodhall Duckham Construction Limited
Woodham Bros Ltd
Woodlane Colliery Limited
Woodworking Machines (Birmingham) Ltd
Wool Industries Research Association
Wormald Ansul
Wright Brothers Partnership Limited
Wright ruffell Limited
Wyre Tidal Energy Company Limited
Xenopride Limited
XYZ Developments Limited

Yarrow & Co Limited
Yarrow Public Limited Company
Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited
Yarrows Limited
Yeldon and Gardiner
Yew Treet Colliery
York Health Services NHS Trust
York Linings (Insulation) Limited
York Linings (International) Limited
York Linings (South) Limited

York Linings Limited
York Stone Products (UK) Limited & Africa Aggregates Ltd
Yorkshire Electric Power Limited
Yorkshire Electricity Group Plc
Young Austen & Young Limited
Youngs Bus Service Ltd
Yuill Heritage Homes Limited
Z D Berry & Son Limited

Even if your company is not on the list, it may be that it is one we have not heard of. If so, we would appreciate any information you may have. This might help others who may have claims in the future.

In our experience workers who were exposed to asbestos as long as 60 years ago are still at risk of developing the asbestos disease. Even if the company in question may no longer be trading, has changed its name or nature of the business or has been acquired or merged with other organisations we may still be able to help. We might be able to trace a pathway to who is responsible for the claim or an insurer to meet it.

When a company no longer exists there is often very little hard information. Frequently records have been destroyed long ago and, as you may expect, insurance companies are not helpful in volunteering information.

The Government is currently seeking a review to only hold companies' records for six years. Corries Solicitors firmly oppose this plan as it would deprive many thousands of asbestos victims from finding out about their former employers and their insurers. This could deprive them of compensation.

Corries have a great deal of experience in tracing employers of defunct businesses and their insurers. We have developed techniques to trace employers and their insurers through company records, fellow workers, the H.M. Revenue, local authority records, newspaper reports and other sources.

Our determination on our client’s behalf has often achieved great results. Sometimes this may be achieved by one phone call or a letter.

Corries are committed to going that extra distance for you and your family.

Corries will never turn a case down until we have exhausted every option. Call our team now on 0800 083 7839 for a free no obligation discussion.

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£28,000 - Asbestos Claim

Gloria Langton, Thirsk.

“I don’t think I could have coped without you and your professionalism especially on the day of the final inquest which was particularly harrowing for me. Your kindness and patience towards my father, whilst he was ill, was also very much appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend you to friends, colleagues and family for your services."

£11,240 - Road Accident Claim

Mr Cawthon, Copmanthorpe.

“I thank you most sincerely for all the effort you put in on my behalf. I hope your employers are proud of the fact you work so efficiently and to such high standards.”

£19,000 - Pension Claim

Ms Meakin

“I am very happy that this claim is now finally settled and thank you so much for the service you provided. It was exemplary. And you have been most patient with my numerous phone calls.”

£130,000 - Asbestos Claim

June Abbott, York.

“Thank you for handling Peters claim and getting settlement.”

£19,000 - Work Accident Claim

Kevin Ashton, Huntington.

“Thank you for the cheque for £19,000 in settlement of my claim. Fingers crossed there will not be any further accidents; however I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you dealt with my accident claim. The most important part of a solicitor's job is communication and I must thank you for the way you kept me updated on what was going on.”

Industrial Disease Claim

Ian Lawson.

“Just to update you. The cheque has arrived. Many thanks for all the hard work you put in to bring things to a positive conclusion. It was refreshingly straight forward and easy to work with you during a challenging time for us all. Thanks for your empathy, help and support.”

Asbestos Claim

Sue & Roy.

"I have to say the service provided by you was excellent, being able to keep in contact and have that professional support is not something we often see and from my experience not a service provided by all solicitors. The last 12 months have been difficult but having your support has made the journey easier. Please pass on our thanks to Howard."

Road Accident Claim

Lori & James.

"Thanks to you and your staff for all your work and time you have given our case. Thank you for your service and I would recommend your company to anyone who asked."

Pension Claim


"Thanks again for all your efforts and I am sure you will realise from my reaction how happy my family are with this fantastic outcome. Your service has been fantastic from start to finish"

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