Plastics worker widow wins asbestos mesothelioma claim to offer help to others in the future

Our asbestos claims team have won nearly £200,000 for the widow of a former plastic worker in a case which will help others suffering with this terrible asbestos disease.

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Plastics and asbestos mesothelioma

We were approached by Mr J in late 2022. He had just been diagnosed with mesothelioma. His doctors were puzzled how this had happened. Mr J had worked in the plastics industry for much of this working life and ran and owned his own companies in the later part of his life.

As a rule most mesothelioma victims tend to come from industries where asbestos was widely used, like insulation, construction or ship building. However, over the years we have seen an increasing range of workers from many other industries being affected by the condition.

It was with this in mind we looked into this. Our firm has great experience of a wide range of occupational claims like this one

Face to face meetings – the only way to deal with a claim

Corries pledge to meet all our malignant disease clients (and those with other diseases) face to face. The earlier in the claim the better. This allows us to fully prepare and properly ask the right questions. Our team travel to see you at your home where you feel comfortable.

Our solicitor spent over four hours with Mr J and his family to talk about his working life and how the disease was affecting him and his family. Because of this we had lots of notes to draw from to draft his evidence.

From this we got a very detailed statement from Mr J. We found out he had been exposed to a lot of asbestos but had not realised it. The plastic production used hot ovens which were covered with asbestos and which needed repair and replacing. He used hot plastic welding techniques which needed asbestos protection as well. Thirdly, he went out to laboratories and installed equipment where asbestos fume cupboards were being used. Fourthly he installed plastic units in roof and ducting spaces where asbestos had to cut or moved.

it was no wonder that he had been exposed to asbestos over the 11 years from 1961 to 1972. No protection was given to him.

Asbestos plastics – the sad decline

Sadly, Mr J became unwell and within three months of instructing us he died due to the mesothelioma. However, due to the strong evidence we were able to carry on the claim with his widow and executor.

We were disappointed not to be able to settle the claim for Mr J in his lifetime. He expressed his confidence in us during his last weeks of life. Our team were determined to fight on.

Having an experienced solicitor tipped the scales in favour of this former asbestos plastic worker mesothelioma victim

Asbestos and plastic workers – let the evidence speak for itself

Very often experts called occupational Hygienists are used to support a claim for compensation and to argue that employers should have taken steps to protect the asbestos victim. It would have been easy to do that here.

Contrary to what others might do our view was that his evidence was so robust and strong that we thought the case could stand on that evidence alone. We put the case to the traced defendant insurance company.

Plastic became fantastic

Consequently the case went to the insurers. They could raise no argument to the evidence we had worked so hard on. They quickly started negotiations and a very good settlement has been achieved.

Mr J’s widow has got life changing monies which should make the rest of her life easier.

Asbestos plastic mesothelioma claim- comment

Corries Director Howard Bonnett who won this case commented:-

In 33 years in asbestos disease work some things change and some things remain the same. The victims of asbestos are coming from a broader spectrum of working life. Relying on the usual industry workers is no longer the norm.

This case proves that our pledge to visit and spend proper time with the victim and their family bears fruit. This is never wasted time and allows us to get to know our client and their families and win their trust.

It is important that asbestos victims know there are people like us who can help them and ask the right questions to get the truth. Our team never turn a claim down and will do all that we can to help.

Mrs J would rightly swap the monies we got to have her husband back. Sadly we cannot do that. However, she has money which will help the quality of life that she has left and allows her to help her family as well

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