Adult Injuries- An adult guide to a real problem

Adult injuries sustained during sexual activities are more common place than you would think. This is our adult guide to those who have suffered such injury.

As Solicitors we are often asked what it is that we do. The answer is usually simple – we help people who are injured.In all sorts of ways.

Adult Injuries – The Media

On an almost daily basis there are news articles in national papers about injuries caused sexually.  In The Mirror this week, Stephen Makinde a Clinical Director of a London based osteopath said

“Many patients are too ashamed to admit how they hurt themselves, meaning doctors cannot treat them properly”.

The article is here

The article highlights how important it is for those who have suffered an injury during a sexual practice to be honest and clear about it. This helps the doctor, and, if it is someone else’s fault- it can help a claim too.

Our Experience

We act for a wide range of people suffering accidents, diseases and poor medical treatment of poorly designed medical products.

Our firm is front and centre in dealing with very personal health claims. These have involved hip replacements, PIP breast implants and other devices. In many claims we have to talk about the affect injuries or disease have affected that person’s sex life. We see differing levels of comfort in talking about injuries of a more intimate or adult nature. We are skilled in dealing with these matters in a proper manner.

It is the same logic that applies with injuries caused sexually. Injuries caused by sex toys or adult toys can be very traumatic. We have dealt with such claims before including internal injuries caused by ball bearings breaking loose, removal of foreign objects from inside people and profound skin problems caused by lotions.  Stopping to snigger is not an option when the person affected is concerned about their future fertility. Worries about requiring further surgical investigations and interventions are all too real.

adult injuries

Adult injuries need an adult response

Establishing a Claim

We make claims against manufacturers of faulty products which have caused injuries to people.  These products are either poorly designed or poorly made and have resulted in injuries to people. We consider carefully the consumer law, law of contract and negligence. Claims can be complex. But we have great experience and can tell you quickly if you have a claim or not.

We have to be careful to prove the difference between injuries caused by a fault with an adult item and an injury caused by simple misadventure or over exuberance.  In cases of misadventure there is no legal recourse. However, in cases where a product has been used within the guidelines set down by a manufacturer, then investigating a claim for product liability against the makers of that toy should be made.


Adult injuries are common place. We are adults and we will treat you as one too. A claim for a sexual injury is no different to any other form of personal injury.

We understand that you may feel embarrassed and reluctant to pick up the phone or fill in a form online. What we can promise you is that if you are adult enough to pick up the phone then you can be sure you will spoken to professionally and properly. If we can help we will. And if we cannot then you will have lost nothing.

So it is over to you. If you have been injured and think you might have a claim then do not suffer in silence. Call us FREE on 0800 655 6550.