Corries asbestos national campaign continues

Corries are advertising in the national and local media throughout England and Wales to highlight the plight of asbestos victims.

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The Advert

Our firm runs a national advertising campaign to flag up important issues affecting thousands of asbestos victims.

The main issues we are seeking to flag up are

  1. The Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme
  2. The Pleural Plaque register and;
  3. Lung cancer and asbestos

The Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS)

The DMPS scheme has been in place since 2014. Sadly it is not publicised and we take calls from people all the time who have missed out on vital compensation because they were not told of the scheme.

At Corries we want more people to know about the scheme and make sure they do not miss out.

Here is a link to our article about the scheme and how it might affect you

The Pleural Plaque register

Since the insurance industry put massive resources into stopping compensation for asbestos related pleural plaques in 2005 then many in the industry have simply forgotten about it.

At Corries we think there are potentially millions of people born before 1970 who have pleural plaques. These victims in England and Wales cannot get compensation.

Whilst this is the case many victims simply do not keep a record and many go on to die without recording when and where they worked.

For this reason Corries are one of the few people in the UK who keep a register for pleural plaque victims. It is FREE and helps to make sure you have done your best to help you and your loved ones if you get poorly due to asbestos disease in the future.. Click here for more details

Asbestos and Lung cancer

Some 40,000 people a year are diagnosed with lung cancer.

About 10% of these may have the condition due to asbestos exposure. Sadly all to few are told about this by their doctors, nurses or G.P’s. Many thousands of people each year are missing out on compensation as there is no one to help them.

Read here about what we can do to help you if you have been diagnosed with lung cancer

Corries Pledge

Corries Director and manager of the leading asbestos claims team Howard Bonnett comments:-

We are often asked why we advertise like we do and why we bother – particularly for pleural plaques victims where compensation is not available

My team are here for everyone with asbestos disease. Far too many times my team are taking calls from people that we simply cannot help because they did not know they could claim. It’s heart breaking for them and us.

People have three years to claim and must act if they have asbestos disease – even if it is not with us. I implore anyone with a diagnosis to always get advice.

For these reasons we need to keep banging the drum and to remind people there are people like us to talk to and to try and help. In an ideal world I would hope that everyone got access to all the support they need. With an asbestos time bomb ticking for another 20 years at least my team and I will keep these issues alive and help those that really need it”

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