Asbestos cancer council worker family get six figure settlement after death

The family of a retired council decorator killed by asbestos cancer have got a six-figure settlement in a case fought on every front by his employers.

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Asbestos council worker – case facts

The family of Mr H came to us shortly after he died.  He was born in 1946.  They told us he started work at his local Council in the midlands in 1963. He was an apprentice painter and decorator. He stayed with that council until he was 51.

Mr H became ill in the summer of 2015. Sadly the doctors were not sure of his condition and he died within a few months. Whilst in poor health he told his family and friends about his exposure to asbestos in his work for the council.

From the doorstep onward

At Corries we promise to put a lawyer on your doorstep if we think you have a claim. We sent one of our solicitors as quickly as we could. He spoke to Mr H’s widow and his family and other various friends.  In our lengthy visit we found out about Mr H’s exposure to asbestos on many different Council premises throughout the local area.

Painters and decorators are often forgotten about when asbestos disease is mentioned. However at Corries we have made many claims for people in this field of work. Here is our list of the many different occupations we have looked into

We used this information and put it into statements. We used this to get an expert to provide supporting evidence to support the case.

Asbestos council worker-medical issues

There was an immediate problem in that in life Mr H’s treating doctors could not confirm he had mesothelioma. After his death there remained confusion. Our team picked up the baton and arranged for his post mortem tissue to be assessed by a nationally recognised pathologist.

He confirmed Mr H had died due to mesothelioma. The defendants used their own expert hoping he could say it was not mesothelioma. Our expert stood firm

The long hard fight

The case was handled by the council’s insurers. They argued about whether there had been enough exposure to asbestos as a painter and decorator to have breached health and safety rules.

There were lengthy argument between the defendant insurers and our team.

We were determined to win the case.

Asbestos council case – the road to court

Court proceedings were needed to force the case on. We worked with the family and kept them up to date. The possibility of going to trial was a realistic one for quite a while. Our team had no worries that the family would provide great evidence and that they should win the day.

The case went through extensive court proceedings steps in gathering documents, witness evidence and other expert evidence.

The defendants at various points told us we could escape proceedings and walk away. We kept our nerve and pressed on.

The insurers got the message. Eventually, after negotiations were held and a six-figure settlement was offered to Mrs H. She has accepted this and her financial security has been agreed. 

The defendants will also pay Mrs H’s legal costs.  There will be no deductions from her monies.

Case comment

Asbestos claims solicitor Charlie Bradley who won the case confirmed

“As lawyers we like to show off about cases when we win them quickly and without fuss. Sometimes fighting asbestos council cases is about keeping your faith in a case. This was a long standing and pleasing case to win.  I was particularly concerned I was not going to let the council off the hook in this case.  It was clear that they had exposed Mr H to exposure to asbestos during his life. Whilst I was never fortunate enough to meet Mr H and to get his evidence first-hand the evidence of his family and friends was clear.  He was given no protection whatsoever.

Councils have been and remain large employers in many towns and cities throughout the UK.  The standards applied by many of them over the years left a lot to be desired.  Sadly I suspect Mr H will be one of many further asbestos victims in the future

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