Asbestos Compensation Claim win for kidney patient

An asbestos compensation claim has secured five figure settlement for a man with severe kidney disease.

Asbestos Compensation Case Facts

Our client Mr B came to us at the age of 77. He been diagnosed with diffuse pleural thickening. This had been found during scans he had for his major health issues.

Mr B had worked at the Chatham dockyard from 1955 to September 1962 as an apprentice and then qualified boilermaker. During the course of his work he was regularly exposed to large amounts of asbestos dust and fibres. He was not exposed to asbestos anywhere else. He thought he would escape asbestos disease.

Sadly about five years ago he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He requires constant dialysis. His activity is much reduced. However investigations by his doctors found asbestos related difuse pleural thickening.

What did we do?

We got to work finding a medical expert to prove that this thickening was causing additional disability. The expert accepted this and produced a report.

However the expert thought that Mr B would not have very long to live at all. We did not accept this and worked with the Claimant and his treating doctor. We got together evidence which helped our expert to project a longer life expectancy for him.

As a result we were then able to put this evidence to the defendants. From this we have achieved a five figure provisional damages settlement. This means that if Mr B gets worse in the future he can come back for further damages.

asbestos compensation

Asbestos compensation can still be paid even if you have chronic other health problems

Case comment

Howard Bonnett, Director and Manager of Corries specialist team commented

“This was a pleasing asbestos compensation win. Mr B is sadly one of far too many former naval dockyard workers suffering with asbestos disease.

The key issues in this case was to make sure that

  1. Firstly we were able to prove that he was disabled due to asbestos and;
  2. Secondly by being able to show that his life expectancy was not affected by his other conditions meant that we could better discuss with and negotiate with the defendant for more money and a provisional damages settlement. This will protect him and his family should he ever get cancer due to asbestos.

The case has been useful to remind asbestos lawyers we have to be careful to look at all aspects, question our own experts and work with our client and their treating doctors to make sure we get the best result.”

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