Asbestos claims can be difficult to make. Howard Bonnett of Corries reports on a recent claim where a man diagnosed with mesothelioma five days before his death was able to have a claim settled in his honour by his family.

The Claim

The late Mr F worked as a Gas Board fitter in the 1950’s. He then moved into other work and spent over 35 years abroad before returning to England three years before his death.

He suffered with poor health. His doctors could not get to the bottom of the cause until five days before his death when he was informed he had mesothelioma. His son lived 200 miles away.

During a long telephone discussion the son took the time to talk to his father about his diagnosis. He took his father through his working history and how he had been exposed to asbestos. Mr F had at first denied any exposure to asbestos to his doctors as he had forgotten about his early work in the gas industry.

Mr F sadly died. His death certificate confirmed Mesothelioma.

His son picked up the claim. Corries’ investigated it with him. No other witnesses could be traced. Using our best efforts we presented the case to the Defendant. The case was resisted but after lengthy negotiations a compromised settlement was reached.


Howard Bonnett, who settled the case said

“Solicitors tend to brag about the cases that do well. However we  are often instructed to make claims after someone has died or with very limited information.  In this case Mr F’s son had the foresight to speak his father about his asbestos exposure. It was this evidence that convinced the defendants to pay the claim.

I am pleased for the family that we got them some compensation for something which had been affecting their father in his last few months of life”

Asbestos Plan

Our Asbestos Claims Five Step Plan

Five Step Plan

If you have a family members you may have been exposed to asbestos we recommend the following five step plan

  1. Take the time to speak to your family member about their exposure to asbestos
  2. Write down when and where they were exposed and if they can remember the names of any employers and any places they can remember
  3. Date the document
  4. If at all possible get the person to sign it
  5. Keep that document in a safe place

Corries Solicitors have an asbestos questionnaire which can be sent to families free of charge. Call us on the Freephone number below.

Corries also keep a FREE Pleural Plaque register. This is for people who have been exposed to asbestos but not yet developed a condition we get can get compensation for.

Should you or a family member have been affected by asbestos disease in the last three years then telephone now on Freephone 0800 083 7839 to see if we can help you.