Asbestos electrician claim wins £300,000 settlement for mesothelioma

Corries leading asbestos claims team have won £300,000 for the devastated widow of a former electrician who died due to mesothelioma.

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Asbestos Electrician – the case background

Our team were contacted in Summer 2021 by Mrs R when she walked into our offices. Her husband had died due to the asbestos cancer mesothelioma. At his diagnosis and during his four month illness before his death in 2020 Mr R talked about making a claim but never did it.

Our team sat with Mrs R and interviewed her at length.

Her late husband had worked as an electrician in North Yorkshire for the North Eastern Electricity Board. He had started as an apprentice in the mid 1960’s. During his work he was exposed to asbestos in several ways including the handling, installing and repairing of electrical storage heaters. These were very popular in the 1960’s and he installed thousands of them in the York area.

He also was exposed working in loft spaces, boiler houses and on ceiling tiles which were made of asbestos.

Like many thousands of electricians he worked in dusty jobs not knowing of the dangers of the deadly dust.

Exposure to asbestos for electricians is surprisingly common

Mesothelioma cases – the problems

Cases where we do not have a live victim to give evidence are usually much harder to prove.

We have previously written about failed cases involving electrical products:-

In this case the description of the work rang true. We needed something to spark the case into life. Our team instructed an asbestos expert engineer to help us firm up the case.

We were greatly helped by statements we took from Mr R’s old work mates. All of them supported his case and gave clear evidence of exposure. We felt much more confident we would win the day.

Asbestos Electrician – the quick ending

Armed with good quality evidence we formulated a claim and put it to the Electricity Board’s claims handling team.

Within a few weeks the defendants had made an offer of £300,000 plus legal costs. It was accepted and Mrs R is delighted with the result.

Mesothelioma cases – comment

Howard Bonnett, Corries Director, Solicitor and Manager of the Asbestos team commented

“This was a particularly pleasing case to win. Cases without firm evidence from the victim are harder to get over the line. Having been such a popular man and with good former work mates to help I was able to get the evidence to cross that threshold and secure a strong and clear and quick outcome.

Many thousands of former electricians worked near or with asbestos products for many years. Sadly, I suspect many many more will continue to be affected by asbestos disease and many will die because of it.

The asbestos timebomb – as it is known in York – will sadly continue ticking for years to come.”

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