An Asbestos lung cancer claim win is good news for a retired pipe fitter following a successful claim and surgery. His story may help others who might not be aware that they too could claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

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Our client Mr S approached Corries in late 2016 after health problems. He had started to suffer with rib and chest pain.  Tests and investigations showed that he had a tumour in his left lower lung.  This was found to be lung cancer.

He underwent a partial pneumonectomy to remove part of the lung with the tumour. The surgery was done to try and avoid any further spread of the tumour.

Fortunately the surgery was a success.  However he was left with less lung function. Understandably he was concerned about what the future might bring.

He did not claim any benefits or seek any compensation. He was not given any advice about this.

Asbestos lung cancer claim – asbestos and smoking

Mr S was born in 1941 and had worked in the late 1950’s as a pipe fitters mate for G N Hadens.  In this job he would strip off asbestos lagging with a hammer and his bare hands.  He would work close to laggers who would re-lag what had been taken off.

He worked for other companies such as C.W Evans and then Richard Crittalls as an improver pipe fitter.

From there he went to Richard James of Westminster for some years in the 1960’s. Then in the 1970’s he worked for William Press & Sons on pipework in telephone exchanges and boiler houses.

At Corries we knew and had sued some of these companies before. We found that In none of these jobs was Mr S ever provided with any sort of protection from the asbestos dust.

Mr S had been a cigarette smoker before moving on to a pipe which he then gave up when he retired.

He had previously been diagnosed with asbestos pleural plaques in 2007 so always knew that asbestos had made some impact on his body. he saw our advert and made an enquiry about a claim.

Asbestos lung cancer claim – what did we do?

At Corries we are aware that many victims of lung cancer can have this condition due to asbestos disease.  It is thought that 4000 people per year are affected. However nowhere near enough victims are advised or look into a claim for compensation. We have a strong track record of winning these cases as this  link here shows. We even have won cases other firms or unions have turned down.

To prove a claim for asbestos lung cancer requires a medical expert with experience in this field.  We went one of the leading experts in the country.  In September last year he met and examined Mr S. He then produced an very thorough and strong report commenting on the hefty exposure to asbestos and the connection to his lung cancer.  The doctor formed the opinion that the prospects for recovery and in particular surviving a five-year period were very good. He found that because the surgery been done early the amount of reduction of lung function and general effect on life should not be too significant.

Based on this we were able to put a value to the claim.

We also helped Mr S make a claim for benefits which he shall receive for the rest of his life.

The Defendants

With five defendants gathering together the different companies and their insurance was a difficult job.  Eventually one of the insurers managed to coordinate the defendants.  Sadly Mr S lost out on about 15% of his compensation. This was because that percentage of recovery could not be traced against either a company or insurer (as many of the former companies had gone bust and some insurance could simply not be traced).

Consequently we were able to persuade the defendants to make a joint offer for a significant large five figure sum of compensation which Mr S accepted.

With his settlement monies he is putting into hand investments to protect him and his family. He is delighted with the result of his asbestos lung cancer claim.

Asbestos lung cancer claim comment

Corries specialist asbestos claim solicitor Charlie Bradley who won the claim for Mr S commented;

“It would have been so easy for Mr S to have slipped through the net. At first he was not aware he could make a claim for compensation.  Fortunately he saw our advert and instructed us to look into a claim for him.  At an early stage I thought his case was a strong one due to his exposure to asbestos over the years.  However you also need to show that the case can stand up medically.  We secured the services of one of Britain’s leading chest asbestos specialists. In his report and his report of over 40 pages it made it very difficult for the defendants to wriggle out of this case.

The gathering together of different defendants for a case is never easy.  I would commend the insurance claims adjuster in this case to the extent who tried to get everyone together as quickly as they could.

In this case both Mr S and the defendants have reached a settlement which has avoided expensive court proceedings. Mr S can now hopefully enjoy it for the remainder of his life and hopefully for many years as his surgery was done early and so well”.

Do you know someone has been diagnosed with lung cancer?  Could asbestos be the cause?  If you or they have any such suspicions it might be connected and give us a call.  We are happy to talk to a free no obligation basis.  Don’t be one of those that slips through the net. Call us NOW 0800 083 7839