An asbestos ventilation claim win for a former heating,ventilation and air conditioning worker has shown how widespread asbestos remains in buildings and work places throughout the UK.

Our asbestos claim team have won significant damages for a retired worker with asbestos pleural thickening.

Asbestos ventilation case facts

Our client Mr S, is 76 years old.  He worked throughout his life for a company called Henry Hargreaves. His work was in heating,ventilation and air conditioning installation.  His work took him throughout the country working on a wide variety of buildings. This included factories,schools,public buildings and power stations. All manner of commercial buildings were worked on throughout the UK. He also worked on government and military buildings.

In his work he was mostly exposed to asbestos from his own work with asbestos rope/string, gaskets and from the fitting of the the equipment. In addition and more apparent was the asbestos in the confined and high areas in which he worked. His work disturbed asbestos lagged pipes. Asbestos was in roof voids and other confined places.

Mr S had enjoyed good health until the last few years. He has noticed he was getting more breathless and with less energy.He thought something was wrong.

What did we do?

Mr S’s former employers had dissolved. We made enquiries and found insurance for 88% of the time of his employment. We wrote to that insurer and set out the case in very clear terms.  Some of the exposure was disputed therefore we provided further evidence in support of the case.

Using a leading chest physician we proved he had asbestos pleural thickening. That thickening caused 40% of his total 50% estimated disability. There should only be very slow progress of that disease. His risks of other diseases due to asbestos are very small.

Presented with this comprehensive case the defendants conceded. We have settled the case for a significant five figure sum for the claimant.

asbestos ventilation

asbestos in ventilation work was very common and much of it remains

Asbestos ventilation case comment

Maria McMurray, specialist asbestos lawyer, who handled the case commented

“This is a significant and enlightening case.  It is not realized sometimes that those in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry can be exposed to a lot of asbestos. Not only were asbestos products used but crucially they worked in a contaminated area most of the day. Working at height where asbestos lagged pipes and other asbestos lined areas was common place. Mr S has an excellent memory and detailed a huge variety of buildings in which asbestos was present.

What also was alarming in that such asbestos will still be in many buildings that people will not know about. The dangers of asbestos from these unnoticed areas will be ignored by most of us. Sadly this can be the source of exposure which may cause any of the asbestos diseases. This can be especially relevant for office workers or those where asbestos may not be in their minds at all”

Case summary

In this case we were fortunate in that Mr S only worked for one insurer from 1959 to 1994.  Unfortunately many other people work for many employers. Piecing together the different employers and exposure needs lots of work. Not everyone can remember work details from so many years ago.

By way of practical advice we suggest if you have worked near or with asbestos then:-

  1. Write out a list of places and sites where you worked
  2. List the different companies you worked for and
  3. Tell your family or friends about the list and keep it in a safe place
  4. Make sure you investigate your chest health to see if you have asbestos disease.

Because of this Corries offer a free pleural plaque register service. First of all we will get your HM Revenue schedule which will confirm your different employers. Then we check with you where you were exposed. We keep those documents and we make sure that your future rights are secured. If, in the unfortunate event you develop any of the asbestos disease which attract compensation – we are ready straight away to help you. See further information here

If you have been diagnosed with asbestos disease and think we can help then call our friendly team now FREE on 0800 783 7839.