Naval dockyard worker asbestosis claim protects his future

Corries Asbestos claims team have secured five figure provisional compensation settlement for a former naval worker after a long battle with his previous employers.

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Asbestosis – The case background

Our client Mr C was born in Scotland in 1946 but moved to Kent as a young boy.  First of all he started working the Chatham Naval Dockyards as an apprentice boilermaker.

After years of extensive exposure to asbestos he then went to work for P & O at sea. In addition he continued work repairing and maintaining the boilers on ships.

From there he went to work for Darchem Engineering where he was involved in stainless steel insulation.  He worked with asbestos insulation on pipes and other equipment.

Consequently he had suffered a hefty dose of asbestos exposure during his working life.

Asbestosis – the inevitable problems

After retirement Mr C started to suffer with chest problems. Following investigations in 2016 his doctors grew concerned that his cough, difficulty clearing his chest and breathlessness must have a root cause.

He undertook investigations at Guy’s and Thomas hospital and was told that he had asbestosis.

Mr C saw our advert and asked us to look into a claim for him. We took a full and careful work history.  It was obvious that he had been exposed to a lot of asbestos in his working life.

The dose of asbestos

So why is how much asbestos you have been exposed to an important matter?

This is important because asbestos is a divisible disease. This means any defendant is only liable for their share of the dose of asbestos they caused the victim. Where exposure is higher with one employer than another they typically argue about who should bear the greater share.

We prepared the case and evidence. We drafted a lengthy statement and asked our medical expert to help us. Our team made a schedule of exposure and how the case should be shared. This was put to the defendants and we invited them to agree the claim with us.

There followed a lengthy argument about exposure to asbestos with the companies.  Getting this right was important for two reasons:-

  1. To make sure we chase the right companies
  2. To ensure that the compensation preserves future rights for compensation if the victim gets worse

After an 18 month battle our lawyers were able to secure five figure compensation close to £50,000. This settlement is for Provisional Damages. This means Mr C can come back for further compensation should his asbestosis get worse or if he gets asbestos cancer

Asbestosis case comment

Maria McMurray, asbestos claims specialist who won the case commented:

“There was no doubt that Mr C had a tremendous amount of exposure to asbestos during his working life.  It is a testimony to his underlying fitness that his body is able to withstand this toxic assault and to keep functioning.  He has seen many workmates succumb to asbestos disease already.  He is understandably worried about what the future may bring.

Carving out and properly agreeing a schedule apportionment of exposure and settlement has now given him comfort of knowing that his future is protected should the worst happen

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