B P worker in significant asbestos claim win

Corries have helped an 86 year old man win six figure compensation for asbestosis.

As Corries advertise in the national media here is a story of how we helped a man get justice.

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The case facts

We were approached by Mr D. He had worked at the Isle Of Grain site for B.P for ten years in the 1960’s. He had then gone on to do do a variety of jobs.

In his mid life he took up running and became very fit and healthy. He ran marathons and did other ultra runs and walks both in England and abroad. He carried on with part time work into his 80’s.

However in 2014 onwards he noticed he was not as fit as he had been. Investigations started but it was not until 2017 that the possibility of asbestosis was raised.

The following year he got in touch with Corries

The medical issues

Because he had been so fit the issue of whether Mr D has asbestos disease and how it affected him compared to others of his age took some resolving.

We sent him for a battery of tests privately and with some of our panel doctors. This took some time but it became clear that he had asbestosis and that it was getting worse.

We finally got the evidence to confirm that he was 40% disabled and that this was going to get worse for his last years.

Back to the Defendant

We put the case to the defendant but they simply would not agree to meet the claim. No positive case was put forward. In light of his age we took his case to a specialist asbestos claim system at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The case was defended by B.P’s lawyers. They did not admit any part of the claim and tried to argue it was out of time.

Usually the court system gives early judgments in asbestos cases. Sadly in this case B.P were allowed to defend the claim.

Back to reality

We went through the case and argued that the case was brought in time and that there was no reason that B.P should not pay up. A very lengthy statement was drafted. This was served with a review of the medical records and their arguments were put back to them.

Their lawyers soon backed down and after some negotiation the large settlement was reached.

Asbestos claim summary

Corries Solicitors Director Howard Bonnett who won the case commented

“This was a pleasing case to win. Mr D has monies now to help make his life and that of his family more comfortable as his condition sadly will get worse. Knowing he was right and seeing the change that it had on a such a fit man makes it an even more acute and important win.

I was disappointed that the court allowed a case to continue when it should have been given short shrift. Lessons have been learned if we get the arguments again.

We tried really hard for Mr D and got a good result. His case gives us inspiration to do well and even better for others in the future”

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