BAAPS Annual Audit

Yesterday saw the release of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)’ annual audit[1]. As we discussed in our last blog, our C4W team came from the PiP implant scandal and so this was a very interesting moment for us as a team. In 2012, there was a very minor increase in cosmetic procedures throughout the UK by only 0.2% but there had been a decrease in the amount of breast augmentations which took place[2]. This coincided with the PiP breast implant scandal. In 2013 the amount of people having breast augmentation increased by 13%.
ba6950 more cosmetic surgeries took place in 2013 than in 2012. Although a lot of emphasis is placed upon breast augmentation being back on the increase, there was a significant rise in the amount of  liposuction procedures taking place – an increase of 41% on the figure in 2012.


Alongside the increase in cosmetic procedures we have also noticed a rise in the enquiries for cosmetic surgery claims. Similar to the balance of figures in the audit, the majority of our enquiries are in relation to breast augmentation. As females account for 90.5% of all cosmetic surgery we find our role as an all female department becomes even more important. We will ensure that we continue to offer a trusting, understanding approach and will work hard to gain the best results possible for our clients. When women are at their most vulnerable we offer them a professional relationship they can depend upon.

If you have been affected by a cosmetic procedure ‘gone wrong’, call our all female team today on 0800 043 6662 or visit our website. You can even join us on Facebook or Twitter!