Difficult Road Accident Claim

The Corries4Women team have recently settled a road traffic accident case which involved difficult issues about pain caused by the accident.

Our client, Mrs Z, was 35 years old at the date of her accident. She was 39 when the case settled. She had a pre-existing neck condition and had suffered bouts of pain since pregnancy with her 3rd child. The accident aggravated this pain. Her evidence was that if pre-accident pain was 3-4 out of 10, post-accident the pain was 9 out of 10. She had attacks of severe pain shooting down between her shoulder blades and up into her head. The pain was so severe that she felt suicidal at times and felt she was a burden to her husband and young children.

Whilst liability for the accident was admitted there was a significant dispute over medical evidence and the value of the case.

The Difficult Aspect of the Case

Corries 4 Women gathered evidence that the accident had made symptoms far more severe. The evidence confirmed it was not until 4 years after the accident that they returned to their pre-accident level. This required a course of intensive multi-disciplinary pain clinic treatment.

The defendants argued that the post-accident symptoms were much the same as those before the accident and would not have been made worse for more than a few months.



Pain following an accident can be hard to resolve


The claim involved court proceedings and got to within a few months of trial before settling for £38,000. This settlement was made up of compensation for her pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life as well as treatment costs and some care and assistance.


Women Solicitor Emma Kirkland commented:

“This was a long and difficult claim. My client and her family had been greatly affected by this accident and the affect it had on her. I found experts to deal with this. I was involved in arranging treatment to help her recovery.

It is easy for lawyers to concentrate on compensation alone. As a mother of young children my client needed real and practical help on a day to day basis to try and get her life back to normal. As a mother with young children myself, I understood this.

This case was particularly rewarding. My client needed support and sympathetic handling of her case and was grateful for this support”

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