Corries Female Mesothelioma Claim Victory

Corries Mesothelioma Female Claim Victory

Corries Solicitors Ltd have settled an asbestos claim for a former female shop worker who was diagnosed with the asbestos cancer, Mesothelioma.

Our client, Mrs M, came to Corries in 2015 following her diagnosis of mesothelioma. We started investigations and established that she had been exposed to asbestos whilst working for the now-defunct BHS group of companies. She worked in different shops from 1962 to 1974.  In particular she worked as part of a team that would train the staff when a shop was being renovated. This meant that she would be working in the shops when renovation works were ongoing.


Female Mesothelioma victims numbers are on the increase


Unfortunately Mrs M died before the case could be concluded. However with robust evidence from her and her family we were able to get the defendants and it’s insurers to settle the claim.

Mesothelioma Female Claim Comment

Howard Bonnett picks up the story.

“Mesothelioma is mostly thought of as a man’s disease. However my work shows a sadly increasing number of female victims of this terrible scourge. As many as one in six victims are now female. This exposure can be from shop, factory or even office work where the client has had to walk on the factory or shop floor. A great number of women have been contaminated with asbestos from washing asbestos contaminated overalls.

My client was not able to settle the case while she was alive. However she did see that we had made great progress. We were able to settle the case in her honour. Her family are very pleased with the result. It helps to provide comfort.

In my opinion it also shows that other women affected by this awful condition may be able to make claims in the future

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