Corries support charity call for "car dooring " campaign

A campaign to reduce injuries from carelessly opened car doors is in the spotlight. Corries have welcomed a call for a campaign by Cycling UK for greater public awareness of the dangers of “car dooring”.

Where a car door is opened it can lead to injuries. Cyclists,pedestrians or motorbikers make up the 8 fatalities and  3,118 injuries between 2011 and 2015.

Cycling UK, a charity for cyclists, have written to the Transport Minister Jesse Norman MP (himself a keen cyclist) to seek a public campaign to raise this issue.

A number of recent cases in the media have highlighted the real dangers and severe consequences of a carelessly opened car door.

The “Dutch Reach” System

A proposed solution is to introduce more broadly the “Dutch Reach” method of opening a car door. This method involves using your opposite hand to reach for the door handle. This more naturally makes you look behind before opening the car door. it also limits how far the door opens.  This system is known to work well in the Netherlands where it was first advocated.

It is possible to be prosecuted for “car dooring” under the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. The fine limits are currently £1000 even in the event of death.

The BBC article which refers to various recent case studies is here

car dooring

careless car door opening can be fatal

Welcome News

Cycling UK and its efforts to encourage the Department of Transport to launch a safety campaign are welcomed by Corries.

Our Road Traffic Accident Manager Lee Jones commented

We act for a variety of people who are injured in road traffic accidents. Persons such as cyclists, pedestrians or motorcyclist injured by opened car doors can suffer severe injuries.  Any measures which raise public concern and instil good methods when getting in and out of vehicles are to be welcomed.

Because we work for many driving instructors we are aware of this danger. They tell us of good habits such as the “Dutch reach” but that there is much to do to raise this issue. I hope the Government picks this up and invests in a broader campaign to increase drivers and passenger awareness.

A link to the Cycling UK website with helpful information can be found here

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