Corries win compensation for power station worker turned down by other lawyers.

York personal injury solicitors, Corries have secured a large five-figure compensation for the family of a deceased CEGB power station worker in a case turned down by other lawyers.

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The Facts

Our client Mr B had worked in the power station industry.  After his apprenticeship, he left to work for different companies working at power stations that were being built in the Midlands area during the 1960s and early 1970s.  He worked his way up to supervisory roles.

In the last few years, he noticed problems with his chest.  Investigations by his doctors suggested that he had asbestosis.  He went to a firm of asbestos claim solicitors who looked into his case. They took a statement about his working life.  They then instructed an expert in asbestos engineering who did not think that Mr B had suffered enough exposure to asbestos to have caused the asbestosis.  His claim was turned down and Mr B was left without compensation.

The Helsinki criteria

Different asbestos diseases can be caused by different levels of exposure. Whilst low amounts of exposure can cause the worst of conditions- mesothelioma – higher levels are needed to prove cases of asbestosis and lung cancer.

Typically in such cases, we need to prove 25 fibre ml years of exposure. This typically needs one year of very heavy exposure from say a lagger of 1 to 5 years of work close to or involving asbestos work. The spectrum of work this involves is wider and often hard-fought.

In Mr B’s case the lawyers acting for him decided not to take any further action. His evidence was not challenged nor considered again by a barrister.

Corries to the rescue

Soon after this disappointment, Mr B saw our advert in national media. He thought he might give us a try.  Our team hate to see any asbestos victims denied compensation. We offered to look into the case for him.  We got hold of his previous solicitor’s file of papers.  We did not think that they had gone far enough. Our team were sure there was more that could be done.

Picking up the fight

We sent a lawyer out to visit the Client at home.  Using our knowledge of many CEGB cases we were able to extract more information about his work and conditions which the previous lawyer and expert had not looked into.

We brought in one of our panel of equally determined barristers and tried the case with another expert.

With this broader information, we consulted the new expert who confirmed that there was sufficient exposure to asbestos to meet this recognised Helsinki criteria.

The Defendants and spreading the load

With this new evidence, we could secure a medical report and revisit the value of the case.

Our team put the case to the CEGB legal team…

It became apparent that they had to accept the case but were keen to bring in the later employers as well. This was understandable and we sought to plot to get the other defendants on board. Sadly in the meanwhile, Mr B’s health deteriorated and he died. 

In the months afterwards (and with COVID slowing down much of the legal community work) we worked with his family to carry on the case instead. 

After several months of negotiations with the CEGB and the other lawyer’s settlement has been reached.


Corries Director and solicitor Howard Bonnett who manages Corries asbestos team commented

“This was a particularly pleasing but slightly tinged victory.  Mr B had gone to what he thought were robust asbestos lawyers.  However, they simply did not give his case the full review it needed.  It was clear that it needed more work and I am delighted that the defendants have not been let off the hook.

Whilst I am sad Mr B never got to see the settlement when he was poorly we spoke and he knew I had his case firmly on my radar. I hope he took some comfort from that. His family have the comfort of knowing that they did their best for their father – and you can’t put a price on that

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