Knee implant cases could soon take over as the next large patient litigation. There has been a lot of discussion and coverage of the on-going DePuy International Pinnacle hip failure case. The litigation has just finished and judgment is awaited.

Of great interest is the decision of DePuy Synthes, another Johnson and Johnson company, to recall on of its knee implant products.

DePuy Synthes have recalled the Sigma HP PFJ Cemented Trochlear Implant. This is a voluntary recall. Depuy say that the reason for the recall is “based on elevated revision rates”. The wording of this Field Safety Notice bears great similarity to the much discussed DePuy ASR hip recall.

Knee implant -The background

Knee replacement surgery is increasingly common in England and Wales. There were almost a million such surgeries occurring between 2003 and 2016. There are three main kinds of knee replacement surgery:

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) – this is the most common form of knee replacement surgery. This is the most invasive form of surgery. It involves replacing the joint surfaces of the thigh bone and shin bone. It can also involve replacing part of the kneecap. Depending then on the implant chosen it can be fixed in place. This can be done with a special type of medical cement. Alternatively the implants can be textured and coated to encourage (what is called osseointegration) bone to grow onto and cover the implants which makes them fix in place;

A Partial Knee Replacement (PKR) – this is called a Unicompartmental knee replacement. This involves a smaller incision than a total knee replacement. A partial knee replacement is suitable for those who have pain or arthritis only in one part of their knee. This can be either the interior or exterior of the knee. Most involve the interior part. This surgery is more common with younger patients who have stronger leg structures. These patients will most likely need a total knee replacement in later years. The PKR however preserves bone structure; and

A Knee Cap Replacement – this is termed a patellofemoral replacement. This is a resurfacing of part of the kneecap only and is not suitable for all patients.

This recalled Depuy Knee implant

This particular recalled knee part was used in partial knee replacements and knee cap only replacements.

The notice issued by DePuy Synthes states that it was sold 7500 times worldwide. Figures published by the National Joint Registry indicate that it was used in at least 1000 procedures in England and Wales alone.

What can failure of the knee implant cause?

Problems with knee replacements can result in problems such as:

Failing to ease the pain that the surgery was designed to;

  • Increased pain;
  • Bone fractures;
  • Stiffness;
  • Reduced mobility;
  • Instability or dislocation of the knee;
  • Loosening of the knee replacement;
  • Damage to blood vessels and ligaments; or
  • Wearing out of knee replacement products.

What should you do if your knee operation has not worked?

If you think that you have been fitted with this DePuy Synthes knee product or are experiencing any of the above symptoms then you need to act.

It does not matter what implant you have received you should seek immediate medical attention at the earliest time. Whist there are great pressures on the NHS these should not affect your treatment.

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