Essure Implant Advice – have you been affected?

Essure Implant advice if you have been affected by this product.

Essure is a form of permanent female birth control akin to sterilisation. It has been used in the UK since 2009.  The product was suspended from UK use in August 2017 due to concerns about performance.

Essure – The Background

It is thought that around 750,000 women have been fitted with these irreversible implants. However serious investigations are being made about the safety of this sterilisation method  after increasing reports of serious complications.

When it was launched, Essure was described as being a non-surgical alternative to traditional surgical sterilisation. Typically a ‘day case’ procedure. The benefits were described to patients including:

  • No General Anaesthetic required;
  • A quick procedure, taking less than 30 minutes and typically only 12 minutes;
  • Fast recovery, an ability to leave hospital within 45 minutes to 2 hours after the procedure;
  • No surgical scarring and;
  • A quick return to work, typically only needing a day or so off work following the procedure.
Essure claims

Essure claims could follow if problems are proved

Essure – The Problems

Serious investigations are being made about the safety of this sterilisation method  after many reports of serious complications.

One of the worst reports are of the Essure Implant causing ectopic pregnancy.

Women fitted with the device have been complaining of chronic pain. Doctors are assessing how the Implant is causing this pain. Individual reactions by women to the combination of nickel and plastic that forms the coil-like implant is one possibility. Every case is different.

The Implant has been recorded to perforate the fallopian tube. Other problems occur when the implant itself falls out of position. This leads to it lodging elsewhere in the body. This causes wider spread damage and anxiety for the victim.

The implant is attached to the fallopian tube. The only method of removal is by performing a hysterectomy. This is a highly invasive surgical procedure. This has resulted in a number of women requiring full hysterectomies to have the implant removed.

Corries – How we can help

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Having a lawyer with experience is important when you have a claim. If you have suffered due to a faulty or unsafe product a compensation claim is an option.

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