Express asbestos claim service for former railway man

Corries asbestos compensation team have won a claim for compensation in just six months for a former railway man stricken with asbestos disease.

Exposure to asbestos on steam locomotives in the 1950’s has caused an elderly man disabling disease

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Asbestos Claim – express service

We were approached by Mr S following our national advertising campaign.  He is 83 years old and had been struggling with his chest.  His doctor had been making various enquiries and they considered that asbestos may be causing some of his problems. 

He asked us to investigate. At Corries we pride ourselves on getting stuck into claims as can be seen from our news stories which you can find here

We looked at his medical and work records to get the full picture.

Full steam ahead

Mr S started work for the Great Western Railway in 1951 as an engine cleaner and worked on the plate on steam locomotives until 1960.  He had a spell of national service and returned to the foot plate. However by 1960 he saw that the Dr Beeching axe on railway services threatened his future work so he moved into other work.

We established that Mr S had suffered left sided diffuse pleural thickening.  In particular he had a build up of fluid around his left lung which was making it him for him to breath. This was worse when he exerted himself. Even though the fluid went away he was left with a thickened pleura (lining of the lung) which he found made it harder for him to breathe.

Full steam ahead to medical Support

We chose a medical expert from a railway city. Our team knew he was aware of what Mr S’s work entailed. He examined Mr S and found that he was 15% disabled due to this pleural thickening.  Fortunately his condition should not get worse and his risks of developing any other asbestos disease were very modest.

We put the case to British Rail’s claims handlers.  Within two weeks they had agreed settlement of the terms that we had asked for and we were then able to organise settlement.

In addition we have helped Mr S secure Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. He shall continue to receive additional monies for the rest of his life.

A link to more information about how might get that benefit is here

Asbestos claim- case comment

Howard Bonnett, Corries Director and Asbestos team manager who won the case added:

It is always pleasing to move cases on quickly when you can. I give credit to my medical expert and to the defendants in this case. This was helped as Mr S had a really good memory and gave good evidence. 

People often remember the old steam locomotives with great affection. However they were covered in asbestos and Mr S is one of many who have suffered as a result.

I was concerned that there may be arguments about Mr S being exposed before 1965 but British Rail sensibly realised that this was a case to be settled and at precisely what we asked for.

The railways were a large user of asbestos. Go to any railway town or city and there is a legacy of asbestos illness and death. This is the sad and continuing legacy that asbestos has left behind.

I know Mr S was surprised that asbestos exposure from so many years ago would visit him later in life – but it has. Thankfully he should not get worse

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