Corries Eye Surgery Compensation Claim Success

Corries Eye Surgery compensation claim success

Maria McMurray reports on a recent eye surgery compensation claim victory.

The Background

A claim was started in June 2014 against a leading Laser Eye treatment firm. Our client had visited their outlet wanting to alleviate her need for glasses.

At the consultation she was advised that they had a slot free that weekend. She was told that they would reduce the cost of surgery by 10% if she paid a deposit that day and the full cost of surgery prior to surgery. In order to receive the discount, this appointment was taken. The Claimant was told that after surgery she would require over the counter reading glasses only.

For the first few days following surgery the Claimant was able to see clearer than she had done prior to surgery. The Claimant then began to notice a gritty feeling to the eyes and ghosting and blurring to the vision which gradually got worse.

The recommended reading glasses did not help these symptoms. Our client returned to the clinic for advice and rectification. The Claimant was told this was common after surgery and was due to dry eyes. She was told that the symptoms would settle with time.

Post Surgery Treatment

She attended on a monthly basis for several months post-surgery. She was simply provided with eye drops and told things would settle with time. One day the Claimant went to the branch and it had closed down.

Some 5 or 6 months later, the firm opened a further branch nearby. The Claimant sought further action. She was told that they would look at providing laser treatment to remedy the error with her vision. When she went for corrective surgery she was told she could not have the surgery due to a scratch on her eye.

A month later, at a further appointment arranged with a Consultant in Harley Street, the Claimant was told that she had Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy which should have been detected prior to surgery.

Due to this condition, the Claimant should never have been given any eye surgery. Any further surgery would increase her risk of corneal decompensation.


Maria McMurray of Corries Solicitors, handled the claim for the Claimant, comments;

“The proper checks were not carried out before surgery to detect any condition which would have an affect. The Claimant’s vision has now been impaired and cannot be improved due to her pre-existing condition. The surgery was a waste of time and money with the clinic only getting any really gain,namely from our client’s operation fees.”

Following a lengthy and robust battle for compensation for our client a five figure settlement was achieved.

Maria concluded;

“This was a particularly satisfying case to sort out for my client. She was rail-roaded into surgery which was not done properly or with proper assessment. Whilst she will have these symptoms for the rest of her life she has got great comfort from knowing she has been heard”

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