Faulty Hip implant Court trial to start next week

A hip implant court trial is to start at the Royal Courts of Justice which will affect hundreds of hip operation patients.

Corries Solicitors have the second largest number of cases in what is considered to be the one of the largest UK product liability trials ever. The cases are brought for over 300 patients who have had operations with allegedly faulty metal on metal hip implants.

The case is brought against the manufacturers Depuy. The device that was used was called the Pinnacle Ultamet.

The trial will start on 16th October 2017. It is expected to last until the middle of January 2018.

hip impant court trial

The hip implant trial starts on 16th October

Hip Implant – The Background

Metal on metal hips were the most common device in the early days of hip replacement surgery.

However plastic or ceramic products came onto the market and proved popular. The risks of metal ions being released into the body made these products more popular with surgeons and patients.

In the 1990’s hip replacement patients were recommended to use metal on metal implants. This was because these metal on metal products were thought to be more durable and their larger head sizes were thought to offer a lower risk of dislocation.

Depuy marketed their devices as robust and with excellent survivorship. It was this that led many surgeons to believe that the Pinnacle would last longer than conventional hip replacements.  This would benefit patients having to avoid further surgery or extend the period between those surgeries.

The UK National Joint Registry has confirmed that the pinnacle metal on metal total hip replacements have a failure rate at 10 years that is many times higher than the failure rate of the most commonly used standard conventional components.

Depuy stopped selling the Pinnacle Ultamet device in August 2013.

The Affect

In these cases the victims will show that they have been affected by the release of metal particles and debris from the implants. These particles can go on to cause severe soft tissue reactions and muscle necrosis.   The victims complain of pain, problems with walking and swelling and numbness or loss of feeling in the affected leg.

Each Claimant has had to undergo revision surgery to replace the implant.

Trial Dates

The trial will start on 16 October 27. It is expected to last until the end of January 2018.

Hip Implant Case Comment

Corries Director, Solicitor Mark Dawson, who heads our specialist Hips team said

“My firm has been one of those front and centre in taking these cases forward to trial. We shall be at court while the evidence is presented before the judge over the coming weeks. We hope the outcome gives the claimants the justice they truly deserve”.

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