Hull Asbestos cancer victims get quick government compensation

Two asbestos cancer victims from Hull have received swift compensation with Corries help using an asbestos Government scheme.

Read about how Corries got quick six figure compensation for two former electricians struck down with mesothelioma.

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Asbestos Scheme – the cases

Corries were approached by two clients who have added to Hull’s sad legacy of asbestos victims.

The first client Mr L contacted Corries in November 2018. He was very poorly and medical enquiries confirmed he had mesothelioma.

Our second client Mr I contacted us in April 2019 after getting the same diagnosis.

Hull- the asbestos legacy

People living in Hull will know that asbestos disease is an all too sad legacy in the city. This is due in some part to the rebuilding of the city after the Second World War. In addition many big industries and ports used asbestos which has poisoned many former workers.

Sadly many more will suffer or die due to asbestos in the years to come.

Hull’s legacy of asbestos disease is likely to last another 25 years.

Asbestos cancer case Study – Mr L

Our firm was approached by the family of Mr L. In the first instance they responded because pleural plaques was mentioned during his medical appointments. However it became apparent that he had been diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer called mesothelioma.  He was very poorly.

Mr L was born in Hull in 1932. He started work at the age of 14 as an apprentice electrician at a firm close to where he lived.  He served his apprenticeship and returned to the company after national service.  The employment from 1946 to 1972 was at a pivotal time for the rebuilding of Hull after the Second World War.

Since a young age he was regularly exposed to asbestos.  He worked his way up through the company and in fact bought shares in the company before moving on in 1972.  He remained self-employed for the rest of his working life. His former company went bust several years after he left.

Sadly Mr L died in December 2018. However he knew we were on the case for him.

We tried to find the insurers of the company but no insurer could be traced.

Second case Study – Mr I

This man’s family approached Corries in April 2019 responding to our advert in the national media. By the time they contacted us a clear diagnosis of mesothelioma had been made.

Within a few days we went to see him at his home.

We found out that like Mr L he had worked as an apprentice and then qualified electrician. He worked for local companies and moved around for better money over the years.  He worked all over the country in different hospitals on electrical tasks and in areas where asbestos was rife.

As a result of his skills he was promoted to supervise for some of the later companies.  As health and safety improved the rest of his career was in places where asbestos exposure did not take place.

We tried to find these companies or insurers to pay a claim. We hit the same brick wall as Mr L.

Without our specialist knowledge these men would not have got a penny.

Corries and the Plan B – The Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS)

Until 2014 victims of mesothelioma like this would have only got a modest payment. For men like Mr I or Mr L this would be less than £15,000.

As a result the DMPS was set up in April 2014 to pay claims for men like these who have been deprived because the companies they worked for have gone bust and no insurer can be traced.

Therefore we followed due diligence for both claims and the cases were put to the DMPS case handlers in July 2019. Consequently both men’s cases were accepted and sums agreed and to be paid out in August 2019.

The settlements combined exceed over £230,000.

Benefits – the cherry on the cake

For both men we were able to work with others to secure lump sum payments under the old style Penumoconiosis Act scheme and weekly payments of over £170 per week for as long as they shall live.

In addition Attendance Allowance advice was also given to help pay for care and support.


Corries continue to advertise about the DMPS scheme even if others do not.

Knowledge of all schemes and possible benefits claims is vital for asbestos victims – particularly those with cancer.

Comment and practical points

Corries Director Howard Bonnett commented;

“ First of all I am really proud of my team. In addition I am pleased that we were able to secure compensation so quickly for these men. Hull will sadly continue to see more than its share of people die for many years due to the legacy of asbestos exposure.

I visited Mr L before he died and I assured him I would fight his claim so his wife would be looked after. Mr I knows with his claim settled he can make informed decisions about the rest of his life safely knowing his affairs will be in order.

You cannot put a price on that peace of mind.

My team will always go out and see someone if they are ill. We cannot make you better but we can fight your corner for you to look after those that you love and care for”

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