Local heroes help asbestos cancer victim in six figure claim win

A salesman who developed asbestos cancer after visiting a confectionery factory has local heroes to thank after Corries team won £133,000 compensation for mesothelioma.

Corries team helped a man who came to us with no idea of how he was exposed to asbestos and won life changing compensation.

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Asbestos cancer case facts

Our client Mr C was born in 1935. After a period of time feeling ill in 2019 he was diagnosed with the asbestos cancer mesothelioma.

He had started work in the 1950’s. Following this he had various jobs in offices, the army and driving. Subsequently he started sales work in the 1960’s selling chocolate for a large national firm.

In contrast to many other asbestos victims Mr C had no understanding of his asbestos exposure when first questioned about it.

What we had to do

As a result of his lack of knowledge we took the time to go step by step through his life history. Following lengthy and close questioning he remembered that he would attend training courses for new products. At that time he would be taken through the factory to see how the products were made. Importantly he did know was that deadly asbestos was hanging on pipes and equipment and contaminating the air that he breathed in.

 Mr C went on many courses from 1964 to 1969 and would do the factory tour every time. 

He was able to remember the site but could not comment about how extensive the exposure would have been.

 Asbestos cancer fight – what we did next

Our local claim lawyer Maria McMurray picked up the baton. She made enquiries of people in the factory area. Consequently she found a large number of witnesses. Maria interviewed them and found out a great deal about conditions in the 1960’s and the amount of asbestos in the site.

Following this Maria worked with a barrister and Occupational dust expert to help us firm up the case. Socially distant conferences helped finalise the evidence.

 A body of evidence was put together. Thus within 9 months of instruction we had a strong case to put to the defendants.

Asbestos cancer – the defendants reply

The defendants were struggling from the outset and could not come up with evidence to fight the case. With no positive case they quickly moved to fix a settlement meeting. This was held in a Covid friendly way and after the third offer was made an agreed deal totalling £133,000 plus legal costs was reached.

Our client had no deductions by Corries from his compensation.


Corries lawyer Maria McMurray who won the case commented

This was a case which quickly became dear to my heart. I know many people in the area who worked at the factory. As a result I spent a lot of time outside office hours to track people down. I put together a large factual body of evidence which the defendants could simply not argue.”

 Corries Director Howard Bonnett who worked with Maria on the case said

“I am so pleased for Mr C and very proud of Maria. Some recent case law has meant asbestos victims with low or short term exposure to asbestos will struggle to win compensation. Maria spent a great deal of her own time building the foundations of the claim. Without a doubt this helped the case and helped our barrister and experts to back the case

Ours is not always a nine to five job. I am so proud that my team show time and time again that they will go the extra mile.”

Maria added “Sadly Mr C has mesothelioma. His future is uncertain but with this settlement he can set up his end of life as comfortably as he can knowing he can put his affairs in order

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