Corries medical claims team have won five figure compensation for a man who suffered great pain when his hip fracture was missed by his hospital

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Read how Corries Director Mark Dawson compensation for our client, Mr B, against an NHS Foundation Trust.

Medical claim – case facts

Mr B, who was retired, suffered a tripping accident in March and was admitted to his local hospital. He remained there for a week before being discharged to outpatient care. In the hospital he had a CT scan.

Consequently it transpired that Mr B had suffered a subcapital hip fracture of the neck of the left femur. Despite telling the doctors of his pain the fracture was not diagnosed by the hospital until six months later.

Our team argued on Mr B’s behalf, that had there been a correct diagnosis from the outset, he would have undergone a hip replacement. Most noteworthy is that he would have made a full recovery within a period of 3 to 6 months.

As a result of the delay, Mr B experienced significant levels of pain. He ultimately underwent a total hip replacement. However the delay led to a less successful operation. This of itself resulted in the need for Mr B to undergo a further revision operation after a period of two years.

What we did

Our team made investigations into his medical claim. We secured a report from a leading expert in hip surgery. Armed with this we approached the trust.

We invited them to open discussions with us and hoped they would see sense.

For a change the trust agreed. Following this the discussions were started.

These discussions were both open and constructive. As a result an early concession was obtained from the trust. They admitted that the treatment given to Mr B had not been of a standard he was entitled to expect. They admitted the trust were in breach of their duty to him.

Consequently Corries were able to enter into immediate negotiations and secured damages for Mr B totalling £40,000. 

Medical claim- case comment

Mark Dawson, the Solicitor who represented Mr B commented:

‘I was pleased to be able to secure these damages for Mr B.  There is much emphasis in the media about long delays and obstruction in medical claims.

However this is an example of how thorough investigation and getting the right expert evidence at an early stage is vital. It can lead to constructive discussions with a health authority to secure a just settlement. I hope more trusts see the sense in this approach and avoid lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

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