Thousands of people in the UK need advice every day to make claims for compensation. With so many claims firms and lawyers out there how do know if you have a claim and if the lawyer is right for you?

Read below about some practical ways you can make sure you have got the right solicitor for you.

Finding the right lawyer

Finding and picking a Solicitor to help you with your claim for compensation can be confusing. Many people get worried that even speaking to a lawyer may end up in a big bill!

At Corries we pride ourselves on being open and approachable. Obviously we want more claims as we make our business that way.However we operate all our cases on a no win no fee basis. That means unless we win we don’t get paid. Accordingly it is in our interests to make sure you have a decent claim before we act for you.

Questions you need to think about

Before you think about a claim here is a quick check for you to do. Here are the three simple questions to consider

  1. Have you been injured?
  2. Was it as a result of an accident or disease and;
  3. Did someone who had a duty to look after you cause the damage?

If you have these three bases covered then it is worth picking up the phone or making an enquiry.

Questions you might ask

Before you pick your lawyer you should be sure in your own mind that they have the skills to take the case on. It is perfectly reasonable to ask

  1. Who would be handling my claim?
  2. What experience have they got in the field?
  3. Have they won many cases like mine before?
  4. What supervision or support do they have and;
  5. Are they trained and updated in the law?

Lawyers have a duty to keep abreast of changes and developments in the law. At Corries we have dual qualified staff and As a firm, like many others, we are constantly training our staff to provide a good service to our clients. We have several lawyers who have professionally provided training to other lawyers for many years including ex lecturers.

There is no substitute for experience. At Corries we have over 20 lawyers within the firm with a combined experience in the law approaching 400 years. Our lawyers range in experience from over 10 years to over 30 years. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and have worked in securing many millions of pounds in compensation.

I’m really busy – how can I find out if I have a claim if I cannot speak in office hours?

At Corries we welcome claim enquiries. We tend to follow the maxim “If you don’t ask you don’t get”.

If you think you might have a claim you can contact us in several ways and at all times.Whilst we work office hours we will get back to you as quick as we can and try and help answer your query.

Firstly enquiries can be lodged through our home website page by clicking right here.  When we get your enquiry we promise to get back to you as quick as we can. If this needs to be done over several occasions around your busy life then that is fine.

We are taking on an increasing number of cases from people after long exchanges of e mails at all times of the day and night.

Secondly you can simply email us on We will then pass this to one of our lawyers.  We are happy to enter into a no obligation email exchange with you to get some information and to see if we can help. Some people find this easier – particularly if the topic or the claim is upsetting.

Thirdly give us a call or ask us to call you at a time that is convenient. We can then tailor the time to either get through thing quickly if time is short. If your call needs longer time then we are happy to take the time to get to know you and your claim. Then we can decide together if we can help you. Here is a link to our home page again here with details of our phone numbers


Corries Director/Solicitor Howard Bonnett commented

“The old-fashioned way of going through a phone directory to find a solicitor are on the decline.  In these busy times solicitors have to be flexible in meeting your needs. My lawyers and staff pride themselves on being approachable. If you think you might have a claim then I pledge that my staff will try and help you. We will do our best to see if we can help you.

I promise my lawyers will get in touch with you and help you as much as we can.  If we cannot help we will tell you and if we know someone who can then we will give you some information.

If you come to Corries then we will try and remove as much hassle from the process as we can. That’ s our promise”