Asbestos lung cancer claims specialists Corries have won a claim for a retired shipyard worker who developed asbestos lung cancer only a year after finding out he had asbestos pleural plaques.

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Asbestos Lung Cancer Case Background

Our client Mr G had worked in the shipyards from 1960 to 1974. He worked for various yards in the North East in different gangs. He had hefty exposure to asbestos.

In 2016 his doctors told him that he had pleural plaques. This is a scarring of the lining of the lung due to asbestos. He was told not to worry.

He saw Corries advert and joined our FREE Pleural Plaque register. Details of the register can be found here

We secured Mr G’s work history and kept him in our PLEURAL PLAQUE store.

Asbestos lung cancer – the sudden change

In late 2017 Mr G started to suffer with a cough. He felt tired and had chest pain. Investigations were made. Scans showed he had fibrosis in the lungs and a suspected lung cancer.

Those tests proved right and he was found to have a tumour in his upper lung.

Mr G had been a heavy smoker in his earlier life and was still smoking when he was told of the diagnosis. He was sent for an operation to remove part of his lung – a lobectomy.

Asbestos and lung cancer – the connection

Mr G assumed that his smoking had caused the cancer. However he found our PLEURAL PLAQUE REGISTER card and gave us a call.

We took up the case as experts in asbestos lung cancer claims. Our firm has unique experience and success in these cases.

Our lawyers know that the dangers of smoking and asbestos multiply each other. Even if you have been a heavy smoker if your dose of asbestos is high enough then a claim may be possible.

Here is some more information about asbestos lung disease here

Our team got to work.

Asbestos Lung Cancer – what we did

We got his file out of store and started work. Because we had his work information on file we were able to press on quickly.

Our team were able to draft out extensive evidence about exposure to asbestos very quickly. Four employers had to be traced, approached and then co ordinated.

We instructed one of our panel of medical experts with experience in asbestos lung cancer cases. He got to work, visited Mr G and produced a good report.

The road to asbestos lung cancer settlement

We put the case together and worked out what it was worth. Fortunately Mr G’s cancer has been caught early and his outlook looks good.

The four defendants sent an agent to visit our office to discuss the case. In less than an hour we agreed a settlement we were all happy with. A discount to reflect that Mr G had smoked was argued but agreement was reached.

Asbestos lung cancer – our comment

Mr G’s case of diagnosis of pleural plaques and then lung cancer is quite common. The misconception that just because someone has smoked does not mean that they are stopped from making a claim.

Corries asbestos claim specialist solicitor Howard Bonnett commented

” Corries have invested a lot of time to set up and run the FREE PLEURAL PLAQUE REGISTER. Mr G’s case has proved how helpful it can be. Instead of starting a claim fresh we had a lot of information at the outset and a case that would normally take two years or more was settled in less than 12 months.

My client has money now that will help his day to day life for him and his wife. Most importantly he could very easily have not made a claim.

 That one FREE call to us in 2016 has made sure he has had the best advice on tap”

Corries Pleural Plaque register is FREE and means if you develop further asbestos lung disease then we are there to help – if we can.

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