Teesside claim win for 87 year old asbestos victim

Corries’s asbestos claims team have secured five figure damages for an 87-year-old man with asbestosis.

Asbestos has no sell by date. Read here about how even the eldest amongst us are not free of the curse of asbestos.

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Asbestos Claim facts

Our client Mr H approached Corries in Summer 2018. He was 86 years old and had enjoyed an interesting life.

Mr H had worked in a variety of jobs. In his early life he went to sea in the Navy as a signalman.  In civilian life he spent time at ICI Wilton and then move to the Smiths Dock at South Bank in Middlesbrough. 

He moved on to work for Dorman Long at Warrenby steelworks in Redcar.  He returned to ICI Wilton and was once again exposed to asbestos

His last exposure to asbestos ended in 1980 with British Steel at Lackenby.

Asbestos Facts and Figures

We have recently shown that the latest Health & Safety figures have shown no reduction in the numbers of asbestos victims.

Our recent article explained the ongoing problems this is causing https://www.corries.co.uk/asbestos-disease-latest-figures-show-asbestos-timebomb-is-here-to-stay/

The statistics can be accessed here http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causdis/asbestos-related-disease.pdf

Asbestos compensation – medical issues

Mr H enjoyed a good life and retirement. However he started suffering with a persistent cough and went to see his doctor.  He was sent for a chest x-ray. In addition it was recommended that have a CT scan. Finally following lung function tests his doctor told him he had asbestosis. He was given advice to make a claim.

Asbestos compensation – what we did

Soon after Mr H called Corries and we picked up the case for him.  The fact Mr H was now 86 years old did not put us off. Our instinct was that there would be a viable claim.

We sent one of our lawyers to his home to see him. We took plenty of time to go through his long and varied work life.

Our team helped him with a claim for benefits and helped secure a modest pension for the remainder of his life.  In addition he has received a small lump sum from the Pneumoconiosis scheme.

We carefully went through his work history to trace his former employers.

We use one of our panel of medical experts to produce a report. The expert confirmed that he had at least 10% asbestosis disability due to his work.

We used an Occupational Hygienist expert to help us work out the share of asbestos exposure between defendants.

Armed with all this information with put the case to the defendants.

Asbestos compensation – the end result

It took a while for the different defendants coordinate together. When they did we worked with them to put any issues to rest.

After a brief period of negotiation we secured five figure compensation. In addition the defendants will pay our legal costs.

Asbestos compensation – our thoughts

Maria McMurray asbestos specialist lawyer who won the case commented

Health & Safety Executive figures for 2018 show no reduction in the number of asbestos disease victims. Our team know there is no sell my date for asbestos. 

At 87 years of age Mr H thought that asbestos exposure that had killed his former workmates has passed him by.  Sadly this is not the case.  His remaining life expectancy is affected by asbestos disease. As a result Mr H will not see out his days as he wanted.

Therefore securing compensation to help make his remaining time more comfortable is very pleasing. He can enjoy himself and has said he will give some money to his family.

Asbestos compensation – call us NOW

Asbestos exposure means a lifetime risk of disease like this man. If you have been exposed to this toxic killer you are never free of the danger. It could come back to haunt you.

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