Winter flu warning for asbestos disease victims

Asbestos and pleural plaque victims are recommended to look into the latest NHS offer of a free flu jab.

NHS Offer

The winter flu jab is offered by the NHS for those with health issues who may be vulnerable to the risks of flu.

This year the NHS have some concerns that there could be a large flu epidemic mirroring those in Australia and New Zealand.

The NHS Chief Executive Simon Stephen has raised the alarm in a recent speech. There is a risk that hospitals could have long waiting times. Bed shortages over peak periods may also be a problem.

The current NHS advice is that the vaccine produced is effective against this year’s flu strain.

flu jabs for asbestos disease vitcims

Flu jabs can be very important for those with asbestos disease

How to get the vaccine

The flu jab is free on the NHS. It is usually offered if you are aged over 65, pregnant or have an underlying health condition which puts you at risk.

If you have not had a letter or have concerns then check the NHS website

Comment- Asbestos Disease & Flu

In our experience those affected by asbestos disease often benefit from a flu injection.  Whilst there is nothing certain in life we recommend that you take this up with your G.P. You can balance the risks and make an informed decision. If you have had a letter about this already then you may also wish to discuss it with your family and friends.

We recommend you give this some very careful thought.  We see in medical records that victims of flu and other ailments can often be “triggered” for asbestos disease. In addition it can create difficulties for those with minor or moderate asbestos disease. Some malignant disease victims point to flu symptoms setting off their symptoms.

A BBC article which might help is here

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