Work accident claim for twice unlucky injury victim

A forklift truck driver who suffered two work accidents made a claim for back injuries and has won over £3000 compensation.

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Work Accident Claim – the accident facts

Our client Mr D was employed as a Fork Lift Truck Driver in a food factory. In February 2017 he was reversing his forklift truck when it went over some large potholes in the yard causing his back to jar and suffer a whiplash type injury.

Mr D filled in an accident report and took photographs of the potholes in question. Within two weeks the potholes had been dug up and concreted over.

Mr D visited his doctor was told that he had severe whiplash to his lower back.  He was signed off work for two weeks and then went back on light duties on his return.

The problems with the uneven floor did not help matters when he went back in the weeks and months thereafter.

Work Accident claim -Second Time Unlucky

A second accident happened six months later when in a cold store when an automatic door came down on his neck.

Amazingly his employers suspended him for gross misconduct and escorted him off the premises. The employment issue were eventually resolved and Mr D left his employer.

He was understandably shook up and did not know what to do.

Work accident claim – Corries Step up

Mr D approached Corries to see if he could get compensation for these accidents. He had moved on and did not want go back to his employers.

We took on his case in February 2018 and were determined to put things right. We took the case in the strongest terms against the defendants.

In a short time the Defendants put their hands up and admitted liability for the claim.

We secured medical evidence which showed that at age 56 Mr D was suffering with his back and neck and that the accidents had made this worse for 6-12 months.

The case eventually settled for just over £3,000.00

Mr D has since moved abroad but we were able to deal with the case by phone and e mail and send him his monies at the end of the claim.

Work accident claim -Practical points

Corries Director and Solicitor Mark Dawson who settled the claim added

“ My client had an unfortunate run of luck with an employer who behaved badly. He was unfortunate to suffer with two accidents in a short period of time.  His desire to put things right was picked up by my team and we went into bat for him.

Having presented the facts so clearly and providing clear evidence to frame the case we settled it in less than 9 months from taking it on”

The case goes to show that

  1. You should always seek advice and push for compensation even if you have overlapping employment law issues as one does not rule out the other
  2. Even if you move away from the area or go abroad your right to a claim is not extinguished and can still be made

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