An accident on a ladder at work for a contractor has resulted in a £65,000 compensation claim. Read on and see if Corries could help you

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The case facts

In January 2015 our client Mr R was a contractor working at a supermarket.  After risk assessment and induction he went on site to check some lighting. The supermarket supplied a 2.4 m ladder for the job.

As Mr R got to work the ladder collapsed and he fell to the ground. He was knocked out.


Mr R suffered came round and suffered fractures of his left wrist and three ribs. He had a head injury leaving a “Y” shaped scar.

He also suffered a psychological affect and had blackouts. We knew that the case needed careful handling and proper medical exploration.

Proving the claim

The case was fought on two fronts.

Firstly the defendant would not admit liability. Secondly the actual injuries were disputed.

We got to work chasing documents and getting witness statements to show that Mr R had done nothing wrong. The defendant never admitted liability but gave us a sign that they would not fight that issue.

After that we concentrated our efforts in making sure that Mr R’s medical position was fully explored.

Fortunately his wrist and rib injuries healed and he was able to return to work. However the issue of black outs and the affect on his mental state had to be explored

Mr R was helped by his family and he agreed that we could share information and use them to help us gather information.

We instructed medical experts well versed in head and skeletal injuries to help us.

It should never be underestimated how much help family and friends can bring. We have a duty of confidentiality with all clients. This duty is like that you have with a doctor. However if it is all too much for you then others can help – if you give us and them permission. We did this for Mr R. It helped us to know that someone was there supporting him at home all the way.

As we approached the three year anniversary of his accident we had to issue proceedings under what is known as the “three year rule” of limitation.

Wiring the claim together

Mr R’s work as a Contractor had to be explored. He worked through agencies and getting a clear picture of his wage loss and future risks took some time. We wanted to make sure if his work capability was affected that he was properly compensated. This required help and had to be dealt with by the medical experts.

Proceedings were advanced but the Defendants then wanted to save costs and settle the claim. Negotiations started and eventually after several offers settlement was agreed.

Mr R was saved the trauma of going through a trial to argue the case.

Work accident claim – some practical points

Corries solicitor Charlie Bradley commented on this win

“Making a strong claim is a team effort with the client and the lawyers. Mr R’s good settlement is a touchstone for this.

“This case was a good win for Mr R. In the time after the accident he found the psychological changes hard to deal with and this made moving the case more difficult. He is blessed in having a great family network of support and it was their help that meant we could fight the case strongly for him”

Sometimes an accident or work disease victim can feel alone. They worry that the burden of a case is their alone. They do not.  At Corries we try and take as much burden off the victim as we can.

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