Work Pension Claim Victory

Work Pension Claim Victory

A Work Pension claim for a former mineworker has been won by Corries Solicitors Pension team.

The Case

Our client Mr F, a former miner from Barnsley, was made redundant in the late 1980s. He had paid into and was a member of the Mineworkers Pension Scheme (MPS).

A short time after his retirement he was encouraged by an agent of the Prudential to transfer his pension plan to them.

The client saw our advert and Corries investigated the case.

At first Prudential denied the claim on the basis that they had sent a review letter out to Mr F in the late 1990s. He had not replied. At that time he was suffering ill-health.  Corries were able to show that this ill-health had prevented him from making a proper assessment at that time.

The Prudential accepted that this was “extenuating circumstances” and agreed settlement following an actuary assessment of the loss at £110,000.

Work pension miner claim

Many mine workers may have work pension claims


Corries claims handler Dave Lamb commented;

“My client is now 63 and has suffered ill-health. This is a life changing amount of money for him. He can now look forward to a stable and secure retirement which he otherwise would not have had.

This case is one of many of former workers in the nationalised industries who have transferred their work pensions out to private pensions. They have lost out on many thousands and continue to do so. It is vital to make sure that their cases are properly assessed.

I am certain there are thousands more like my client who are losing out for the rest of their lives.

They need to act quickly or they could lose out for ever”

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