Asbestos scarred pensioner battles to five figure settlement

Asbestos claim Solicitors Corries have settled another pleural thickening case for a retired shopfitter. An 80 year old victim of pleural thickening has won a five figure settlement in a fiercely fought case.

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Here is how we fought the case and won a hard earned victory.

Asbestos claim  – the facts

Our client Mr P came to was when he was 78 years old.  He was struggling with his breathing and felt he was lacking energy.  Investigations suggested he had pleural thickening.  The doctors did not have the time to go properly through his work history. It was suspected that asbestos was one of the possible causes for his symptoms.

What did we do?

At Corries we know that asbestos disease can affect people with different asbestos exposures.  In this case we found out that Mr P had been exposed to asbestos while shopfitting for two different companies. He had worked for eight months each time in the late 1970’s. The work he did was often very dusty and involved long hours and tight deadlines.

We made enquiries into the companies for whom he worked.  Efforts to trace one were successful but not the other. This meant that we could only recover a proportion of the claim’s true value.

asbestos shop fitting

Asbestos in shop fitting was often dusty work


The case was defended on all aspects.  The defendant denied we had sued the right company. A lawyer at Corries carefully checked the different company names.  We proved that we had.

The defendant would not admit that they had exposed Mr P to asbestos exposure very much or to any high levels of exposure to cause his condition. A robust witness statement setting out the exposure was drafted.

The cause of his pleural damage was not accepted. The medical expert was challenged and did not waver in the view he had.

As a result we had to issue court proceedings.  In addition we assured Mr P that we thought the case was a good one.

What happened next?

We pressed on with court proceedings.  The defendants continued to defend the case and took various applications against us to try and have the case struck out.  We resisted and won them all.

Eventually the defendants conceded and opened negotiations with us. We secured a five figure settlement for Mr P.

Our comment

Corries’s claims handler Maria McMurray helped secure Mr P’s compensation and commented

“Our team are finding that cases for asbestos disease are being defended more robustly.  Defendant solicitors use every tool in their armoury to try and the reduce or to strike out genuine asbestos victims claims.

We knew at an early stage that Mr P’s case was a good one and should be fought through to the end.  Like any client he grew a little tired and wavered about continuing the claim.  However we stood shoulder to shoulder with him. We are both pleased with this claim win”

We have won thousands of cases over the years for asbestos victims. Here is a link to a similar story affecting a pleural plaque victim who developed disabling asbestos disease see here for more information

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