Peace of mind for asbestosis victim as Corries win provisional damages victory.

A case securing future compensation and treatment for an asbestosis victim has been won by Corries national asbestos lawyers.

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Asbestosis claim – it is important to be vigilant

Our team were instructed by Mr K. In 2018 he joined our pleural plaque register. He hoped his disease would never develop into other conditions. Mr K had worked in the construction and railway industries and had been exposed to asbestos with many companies.

He had seen many other former workmates suffer with asbestos disease.

Mr K came back to us in 2020 as he felt he had got worse. His treating doctors had found some changes. However, like others, he was bogged down in getting treatment during the pandemic from 2020 to 2022.

Despite our best efforts we could not get a clear diagnosis upon which to base a claim.

Asbestos disease – it can get worse

Over the years Mr K found that his chest health was getting worse. Even after getting this diagnosis he did not feel that the full story had been told.

We took on board what he was saying and helped to organise updating lung function testing and a CT scan.

In 2023 we were able to secure further evidence. This showed that his asbestosis had got worse. More importantly it was now causing him actual disability.

Our instincts to support him was vindicated when the medical expert we used confirmed the results or our work. We worked closely with our expert about the level of the disability and what might happen in the future.

Securing provisional damages compensation means the future is taken care of if the worst happens.

Provisional Damages – Protecting the future

We put the case to the defendants. We only managed to trace companies and insurers for about 35% of his claim. Given the past history and the development of asbestosis we agreed a settlement on a provisional damages basis.

This means a victim gets a lower amount now but preserves their right to return for compensation in the future. This applies if their condition gets worse or if they get malignant disease such as mesothelioma or lung cancer.

Our firm has great experience of securing such settlements as can be seen here

Mr K is now able to come back in the future if either of these situations occur.

Provisional Damages – summary and advice

Corries solicitor Victoria Symonds who got the case to settlement commented:-

This case is a useful display of what needs to be done. Mr K rightly was worried about his health. At this time of his life he hoped he had missed the worse of the asbestos plight. Clearly, he had rightly thought something was amiss.

The pandemic has meant thousands of people with asbestos disease have missed out on a clear diagnosis. Many victims are still reluctant to bother the NHS or their G.P.

This case shows that vigilance by the victim and engaging a determined and connected lawyer is very important. It would be all too easy to ignore older victims, particularly when they reach the age of 80 and older. At Corries we believe that all should get a fair shake from the medical and legal professions.

Mr K has got a modest settlement now. More importantly – in light of his changing situation – the provisional agreement means he has comfort of mind. You cannot put a price on that”

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